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A New Dawn

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Ascension Report | 0 comments

Ascension Report – December 29th, 2020 

A New Dawn – A Channeled Message From the Ra Confederacy 

It’s time for all to come into a new dawning of light that is rising up at this time. 

There are many layers of dimensional realities coming into existence here. You are opening a timeline of the highest organic ascension which is fully being anchored and coming into existence here. 

We have been waiting to share these messages about you coming into your full awakening. There has been an activation that has occurred through the pillars of the Earth that are starting to re-seed its origin in the rightful place among the dimensional layers of existence. You are witnessing a new dawn rising as we step into 2021. We have been working throughout the realms to support this mission and the integral transcendence of the Earth embodiment. These messages are for those that are ready to see, feel, and hear truth coming from their internal realities and who are accessing the stargates systems and portals that are being activated from within. 

We are inviting you all to come into an understanding of who you are as God, Sovereign, and Free. You are going to continue to increase in your awareness and expansion as we have accelerated this timeline into existence in full cosmic congruency throughout the systems and allegiances that are required to put this into full action. There have been many of you calling out to the messengers and the guardians of the Law of One. We are here and we are supporting you fully. 

There will be a period in the upcoming calendar Earth year where the planetary quarantine fences are lifted. This will be a significant energy shift for the planet as the Guardians are returning to help those that are ready to learn and understand the Law of One teachings. We will be assisting in teaching them in a higher understanding of how to apply and connect with the infinite intelligence of who we are. This is the dawning; you are in ascension. You are moving into a higher dimensional reality as the human collective is moving into a higher frequency. It is going to become more obvious that many of you are in a completely different reality than many of the humans around you. You may begin to feel less and less human, as you have known it, and become more awakened in a unity mindset and service to others as a priority for life engagement. There will be a coming of the New Earth which has risen from the old and you will walk through it as One. 

We are the teachers of the Law of One. We are the universal guardians that support its teaching and education throughout the multiverses. You have been given an awakening as humanity rises. There was a period where we did not know if this would become possible, that time is over, and this is the ascension that all are speaking of on your planet. You are going to begin to experience mass change and influxes of light and plasma. The intense influxes that are occurring on the planet at this time are being targeted to break down denser regions of energies.

We invite you to hold service for others with the highest priority. This will be your fastest way to learn and understand the Laws of One. You are being given the freedom that you are asking for. It is time to remember yourself as a sovereign being, to stand in the light that you are, let go of all that you are not, and forget all that you have learned within the illusion. It is time to let go of the separation and to rise as a consciousness evolving. It is time to take back the amount of love that is required for you to be free; you are the key to your freedom. We are the teachers that will be supporting you. You have already achieved some monumental tasks to bring in the core stabilization. It is going to be a beautiful transition as you start to bear witness to the changes that are occurring around you. We have answered the call and it is time for you to rise up in love and light. 

There will be a monumental shift occurring in the middle of January. There will be a release of information that will start the movement of change that will make many people question a lot that has occurred. We will not go into the full details of this information as we will not impose on your free will. We do expect this to be released in January and we are feeling the energy of change that is riding within the momentum. We ask all of you to be strong, to stay strong within your hearts, to drown out the noise that is around you. Freedom is found within and many of you have already found this and this is why we are coming to assist you now. 

We are not able to violate certain laws of the confederacy and we are able to teach when the time is right. The human population will start to have more contact with us on a telepathic level as we will not be physically here, we will be mentally bilocating by projection for a select few and these teachings will be out to the world. The releases that are coming out are not to do with the Law of One but are to do with the disassembling of the old world. There are many things that have been occurring behind the scenes that we will not speak of as you will be finding this out soon enough. 

The year 2021 is a year of transformation and change. It will be about truth and the dissolving of the old. There will be many different realities occurring within 2021 and it will take some time for all of these to merge back into one. This is part of the evolutionary process for the collective that is rising. It will rise in 2021. There will be an awakening in the true definition of the word. A new reality is dawning for many of you. 

This is the Ra Confederacy and it is time for all to Rise as One in the Light and Love of One. 

 From our hearts to your hearts,

Richard Melchizedek & Jessica Rosalie 

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