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Ascension Report – The Blue Maji King Arthur & Queen Guinevere

by | Dec 30, 2022 | Ascension Report | 0 comments

Ascension Report December 29th, 2022 – 

Return of The Blue Maji King

Beloved Starseed Family, 

We open our crystalline hearts of purity to each one of you and express our deepest divine compassion for all of our family as we continue to move through the planetary changes and current events. 

The Starseed Families and Cloister Races are experiencing deep feelings of displacement from the impact of the energetic frequencies on the Earth which are being caused by a harmonic wave increase. We have recently opened to the Harmonic Universes in dimensions 19, 20, 21 which are causing a restabilization and calibration of the personal light body systems. We are all learning to adjust to the continuing fluctuation of the energies on our sacred Mother Planet. 

We are experiencing and remembering through the soul, monad, and avatar layers of our being. There is a lot of trauma and ancestral miasma coming to the surface through our genetic records and lineages. Many of the Earthseed and Starseed Families are feeling the grief and disheartment from the previous root races that have lived here on the Earth. This ties into the holocaust programming that is being cleared through the collective consciousness, and planetary body.

The 11D Grail Lineage Families have been processing through the trauma imprinting that is being released through the Avebury Stonehenge Stargate Network. This is being felt all over the world. The continuation and removal of the AI Network from the 11D Stargate has been like a giant game of whack a mole. It has been pinpointed to the original infection point and Maji Grail King Arthur had to access his original genetic celestial core to bring in the original source code to blast through an override sequence and to reclaim the 11D Stargate. 

The Blue Maji Azurite lineages are now being initiated into an eternal life force golden codex that is held through their original golden markings on their skin. The glowing golden key codes and markings are being released from a stasis state and into an activation of Grail Kingship – the Solar Christos Dragon Kings. Now the true Grail Kings and Queens are moving through their resurrection, rebirth and awakening from the stasis chambers. One by One 14 Dragon Kings are rising. With King Arthur unlocking his golden signet sparks the return of his beloved Queen Guinevere and an Eternal Hierogamic Union brings forth the Avalonian Garden and the Diamond Elohei Master Builder Races. The Flowering Krystal Sapphire Diamond Ray Blossoms with this news weaving its sapphire tapestry through the Ecka God Worlds through 19D, 20D, 21D.  

Through this resurgence the Christos Guardian Teams have recalibrated the Planetary Staff and Rod Alignment to support the transfiguration for the internal core of the Albion and Cathar Diamond Grail Grid Systems. Through the Cathar and Albion Gateways opening and activating the Planetary Field and through the Universal Architecture this has allowed the Emerald Order and Solar Rishis to initiate the resurrection of the 12D Gruel Points and connection into the 11D Templar Stargate, from inner Earth to outer Earth, through the Lyran Gateway and Avalon our families are beginning to bring forward the lost histories of humanity which is moving through energetic phases of remembering for humanity. We mentioned earlier the deep levels of grief and sorrow that have come up to process through the collective consciousness, this holds deep connections, memories and feelings of our Maji Grail Family.       

We open the Omni Love Field of Diamond Purity and continue to hold and nurture our beloved family that are moving through the darker energies at this time.  May Peace be with you and may you process through these energies in a way that is empowering to your beingness.

The Christos Diamond Ray Elohei Architects and Alchemists opened an interplanetary gateway that is moving through the interplanetary portal gates which now gives access to the Krystal Star Guardian teams and The Interdimensional Free World Councils. The portal systems and gateways are to help the Guardian Forces and Teams coordinate with being able to move in and out through the Solar System while holding a non-dimensionalized time space continuum to further impact the positive changes and alignments for the unity consciousness timeline. These precautions are being taken to make sure that they are not swaying the evolutionary consciousness of the Angelic Human – they are supporting it in being restored to its evolutionary ascension protocol. Thus, the true evolution of humanity is on the precipice of great awakening.

Being able to move through this planetary density without affecting the time and space has been a massive victory for the Guardian Teams and Humanity. We now have access to be able to clear and remove timeline inserts from the planetary body before it can affect or negatively impact the human collective consciousness and growth pattern of the planetary ascension cycle. If we were to remove timelines once they have been opened it can cause a destabilization within the field of time and space. Now that time and space are no longer a concern for the Guardian Teams, it will allow a deeper clearing and removal of all false and fallen timelines that have been broadcast to humanity. With this, humanity is able to heal, transfigure and go through the bifurcation of the consciousness on the planet. 

Humanity is going through a healing of the many holocaust timelines that have occurred on the planet from Atlanteen, Lemurian, and Hyperborean and many others that have affected the earth seeds races and original people. This feeling of loss, suffering, and hopelessness is being cleared through the planetary core and interface. The Planetary Earth Grid Systems and the planetary consciousness is releasing the genetic templates of these events and time stamps of these events that were previously locked in a phase distortion. We know all of you have felt and experienced the level of polarity that we are still moving through on the planet. The polarity synthesis does not indicate you are not awakened or have been unsuccessful on your missions or that we have failed. It is the opposite, the Starseed genetic contracts have been to transmute the density and polarity to bring causational shift for the planet to move through some massive densities that have been trapped within stagnant areas within the Earth body. 

The Krystal Earth’s body is being stimulated with super sonic plasma influxes and hydro-photonic light waves which continue to amplify the releasing of these densities, overlays, and misamic sludge that has been stored within her venous system and facia networks. Our Mother Planet is going through a crystalline fascia restoration and upgrade to her internal crystalline communication systems. With the planet going through these upgrades it means that humanity is also being activated into a fascia network upgrade for our crystal elemental system, compounds, and structures. We are all made up of organic matter and the coding for the matter part comes from the elemental codex of the Mother planet of which we reside on. This means that we all have elemental keys and nutrients that nourish our bodies and help us align to the natural circadian rhythm of the planetary heart. We are moving through a re-coding through the fascia and the magnetization fields are being calibrated to hold a deeper connection to Mother. 

Now many of you have been feeling deep emotions within your heart, or the opposite – feeling completely disconnected from your heart, this is to do with the crystalline diamond upgrades and the magnetic corrections to your fields. There is a stabilization of lifeforce energy that is coming into the bio-rhythmic hara channel to connect the Diamond Lotus Heart, Higher Heart Complex, and Throat Chakra which is also bringing forward a crystalline voice box upgrade. The energetic feeling within the throat, higher heart, and heart has been uncomfortable to move through. We encourage you not to fear, worry, or go into panic, always trust your own discernment, but understand the light body systems as well as your physical bodies are going through an incredible transmutation process from carbon into the crystalline plasma light and diamond body. The crystalline voice box upgrade is going to help with the integration of the heart energies and frequencies as they continue to move into a higher expression of Omni Love. 

Our bodies are truly incredible, the amount of love that we are truly able to hold and expand out into our field to support our energetic environments and increase the frequency, vibration, and resonance is a very sacred gift that we all should honour. The crystalline voice box is activating the heart voice communication synthesis of a higher dimensional frequency and vocabulary that supports the lightwave, sound particle, and crystallization through the Source Field. This means when we speak we will have a deeper reverberation of the energetic impact and activation of our speech. Our voice is untangling and we are letting go of the suppression of speech. We recommend taking some time to meditate and unravel your voice, see it opening and unlocking. Our speech is coming alive energetically. There is a life force energy that is awakening the crystalline codex of thought, word, feelings, and code through our genetic crystalline templates that will be carried through the soundwave field. Now all of these upgrades that are coming in, along with the calibrations, the deep shifting planetary changes, are creating that feeling of confusion for our family as they are all trying to figure out what is what.  

In these times we bring forward the message of love and kindness, being able to witness yourself in its true purity, and to continue to practice your compassion with yourself to increase your self worth and continue to model that compassion out into the world. We encourage all of you to feel your beauty, your intelligence, and your grace, and to invite a level of ease into your being daily. Open up your hearts and allow yourselves to really be present within your lives. Cherish the moments of living and breathing this Angelic Human experience. There is something so sacred that awakens through your breath and our ability to be able to strengthen and deepen the spirit connection of the Omni Love Presence. 

This is a time to deepen our practice. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere and experiencing the cold winter months it is a reminder to go within, to practice, to help yourself restore, rejuvenate, and explore the internal connection to your heart and the Omni Love Living Presence. Take this time that has been given to you. Ask yourself what is it that I am healing and what is it that I am deepening over the coming months? This is a golden opportunity to help yourself align with the natural rhythm of the season. Your bodies are already going through a recalibration of the magnetics to support you with coming in tune with the circadian rhythm of the planet. When you come in tune with the seasonal changes that occur on the sacred land that you live or reside there is a natural opening that occurs within you to allow yourself to receive the support from Mother in your new endeavors or deepened practice. Remembering as a Starseed you are to be the light of the stars as our Holy Father shines bright within you and as a Seed you are the blossom of creation as our Mother grows and flows through you. Feel her love nurturing and awakening your path as you bring your heartfulness to it through your intention and the actions that will awaken will be divinely aligned for you. 

Continue to breathe and trust your sacred breath, Starseeds. This is the synthesizing force that unifies the Star and the Seed – awaken them together within you. We honour you for all that you are moving through. We express our deep gratitude for your service to humanity and we honour you as a sacred brother and a sacred sister. 

May you be well, may you be love, may you be joyful, may you be peaceful, may you be harmless, may you be happy, and may you be free from pain.      

May we all be well, may we all be love, may we all be joyful, may we all be peaceful, may we all be harmless, may we all be happy, and may we all be free from pain.

Please integrate the full gnosis of the transmission into divine perfection as God would have it be in God’s Omni Love perfection of the Christos. It is done. It is done. It is done. May the oneness of love bless your heart, mind, body, and soul. 

Wishing you all a very joyous New Year with peace, love, and kindness as we usher in the new energies for 2023.

With love always, 

Richard and Rosalie

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