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A Message For Humanity From The Arcturian Sirian Council

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Ascension Report, Channeled | 0 comments

✨We are the Arcturian Sirian Council✨

Today we come to you with an open heart and a frequency of love. We are feeling the fear consciousness that is coming up through the collective memory of humanity. We encourage each one of you to be open to your highest organic alignments.  Understand that all of you can make choices and decisions that can further impact the collective shifting in consciousness that is taking place on the planet right now. 

We sense the pain and suffering that is playing out through the collective shadow. You can correct and stabilize this field the more you open to your higher awareness and perception of the energy that you are personally creating. 

Each of you has a universal template within your core as a foundational piece of God World Technology and Architecture, which can help you open to a universal understanding. Each one of you has a microcosmic to macrocosmic connection. When Humanity is ready to grasp this understanding that you can all make a difference to sway and shift the energetic tides of your re-evolution of consciousness, you will embrace a unity embodiment. If you can hold this understanding that the separation and divide occurring on your planet is an illusionary perception of control. This perception can be shifted through your internal microcosmic to eternal macrocosmic connection and love for your Families of One consciousness. 

There is an energetic landscape that is unfolding at this particular time. Each individual being has chosen the energy that they are engaging in, and they are creating a field of attraction into this particular resonance that they have chosen. If you hold a universal understanding of the energy systems, you will see that they are manifested into a microcosmic fractalization. This micro fractalization opens a window into the Universal Time Construct that is the human experience. The human experience is an experience that can be as small as the microcosmic or as big as the macrocosmic. Having awareness of the macrocosmic creational systems, templates, structures, and geomantic patterns of light hold the keys and the building blocks of life. Accessing the macrocosimic templating creates change throughout the entire system. 

You working through the energy and frequency that you are able to perceive at this time. You all have the perception of what you are able to feel. Now if each one of you are to open your hearts and enter into a frequency of love, you will shift the entire reality as you know it. Now the perception that you hold and how big this shift can be is what will guide your transformation and also how impactful your transformation will be. 

Believe in your own life and energy as a reality that can bring the greatest shift in all of the timelines that have unfolded throughout the human and multidimensional experiences within this universal system. If you are able to do this you have begun to discover the potential of the reality that you are able to truly hold as being human. You all have a template that can support the greatest changes for all of our realities right now. 

The information that is being presented and the confusion that is playing out on the Earth right now is attempting to keep many of the population from opening their hearts and remembering who you they truly are as creational beings of this Universal System. 

You have families of consciousness that have forgotten who they are, they have forgotten their power, they have forgotten their ability to bring all of life together into a harmonic alignment. 

It is time for each human to accept their responsibility to create energy that is supportive for their life, for their families, and for the planet. Now if you continue to fear change in your life, and fear the decisions that you will have to make to create the change within your lives, then you will be energetically creating the energetic reaction to the fear that you are holding. If you can create the change necessary to be loving, and open your hearts to embody and surrender to the macrocosmic connection of your universal being, then your creational fields and templates will support you. In doing so you receive the engetetic upgrades, and downloads to guide you into what has been called the Golden Age. Each one of you has the an energy template that can open to this. You are here to bring in the Golden Age, to be the beacons, guides, and wayshowers of unity consciousness. You are all here to create the shift within your collective consciousness that has no choice but to anchor love and to hold a field that is unified and can only find truth in unity. 

Remember that you have an energy that is like a silent language, it is speaking to the holographic universe at every single moment of your existence. Your ability to perceive this language of your energetic and cosmic consciousness is how we are communicating with you right now. Most of you have been looking for the answers within your mind, within your books, or within your fears. We are energetically reminding you that you are creating signals that are communicating with Source and Source communicating back with you. You are creating a synergy of communication that is being relayed back and forth. This is occurring throughout all hours of the day, you are constantly communicating. If you bring an awareness to this communication and a perception of the kind of energetic language that you are expressing this is the energetic code and the light information that is streaming to you. It is responding to your energetic creational alignments from micro to macro.

We the Arcturian Sirian Council have been opening our communications with many of you at this time. We have been responding to your energetic communication that has brought in a request for support and assistance with understanding the energetic architecture that is being awakened on your planet at this time. We have been helping you to open your frequency to communicate in a more unified understanding of your consciousness. We have also opened our fields of communication to be able to receive your communication to assist in the universal and planetary evolutionary ascension cycle that is occurring throughout this system. 

We are opening our remembrance of the human experience as we also have an integral part within the bridging of this energetic field of unity consciousness. The unified field connects to the future, to the past and throughout all of creation through many universes, through many universal systems, and throughout all of our timelines which we perceive to be an absolute truth. We have opened our understanding to help humanity remember that they are here to achieve this for all of our Families of One throughout creation. 

Now we are very careful in how we communicate and whom we communicate with. We also know that it is open to those who are open to receive this communication. You will all start remembering that you are for more than you have been told, you are far more than what you have already learned, and you are far older than what you have thought. You have everything you need, and that you require to bring forward the greatest evolutionary change throughout the entire universe that you are in. You are starting to see the impacts of your universal dynamics and you are remembering that the universal creators are here on Earth at this time to enter into the universal calling to bring our creational field and families home into unity. 

This is going to be an energetic shift for each of you to step out of polarity, to come together and remember who you are, and the universal impact you can have on consciousness when you open to your heart love field of the Omni Love Presence. The Omni Love Presence is your true sovereign language of freedom. This is one that communicates with all of our Families of One and is something that is being awakened and remembered through this transmission today. 

We open our hearts to our Families of One,
We open our wisdom to our Families of One, 
We open our fields of peace and love to our Families of One, 
We open our unity encodings and light resonance to our Families of One, 
We open our fields of support to our Families of One,
We are the Arcturian Sirian Council and we open our unity to you as one. 

An Update on Avatar Training:  Only 5 Spots Left!

Jessica and I have been working with our teams and families to further open and anchor the embodiment processes through our universal emancipation, freedom, and liberation projects.  This is a Spiritual Initiation for The 144,000 as Angelic Humanity Rises.

Through the returning of the sacred trinity of the Holy Mother, Father, and Krysted Child and the creational templating of our Solar Kryst Masculine and Solar Kryst Feminine Family Lineages we are initiating, activating, and awakening our Maji Grail Kings & Queens, and our sacred family lineages to the Arthurian Consciousness and Templating. This is the return of Angelic Humanity with the resurrection of our Holy Rose Orders & Christos Families birthing their Diamond Sun Templating awakening to their sacred calling at this time.

As we enter into the next phase of ascension we are activating the templating for our Krysted Families. Our Starseed Calling at this time is to enter into our Rainbow Silicate Diamond Crystalline Bodies and to hold our Crystal Consciousness of One Source Omni Love to anchor Unity Consciousness and to prepare the next wave for the Great Transition as our Families are awakening all over the world. 

We are here to help our families step forward at this time, we are here to help our lineages step forward at this time, we are here to open and anchor our templating to its Divine Radiance and re-evolution as Angelic Humanity, Maji Grail, Rose, and Christos Tribes awaken to soul service and remembrance as we guide our families into the Golden Age. 

We are opening this initiation for a small group of 12 that has felt the soul call. It is in love that we prepare for our next stages of spiritual initiation to embody our Solar Kryst Masculine and Feminine to usher in the transition to our heavenly realms being anchored here. 

There are only 5 spots left! 

If you want to be in on this journey with us book your call now.

Cosmic Blessings and Love,
Jessica and Richard

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