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Ambassadors Of Love

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Channeled | 0 comments

Messages from Atta Ra

This is an energetic writing, from the Councils of Light.

We are communicating at this time for the purpose of assisting in human consciousness and evolution. There is a great awakening that is occurring. This is quite the spectacular event.

These words you are reading encoded with light frequencies, as you are interpreting, they are being decoded within your multidimensional being. You are preparing to receive light frequencies like you have never felt before.

We have spent quite some time now, assisting your physical, cellular, carbon-based, bodies upgrading to a crystalline vessel of light.

It has come time now, to turn on the lights.

The ascension frequencies are serving the purpose of the great awakening which is coming, as you would say on the 11-11 gate. In human time November 11, 2019, 11:11 AM.

This awakening occurs in multiple levels of integration. It tends to trickle down from the top. As it then goes into the next wave, of souls coming to the forefront to awaken. As the first clusters of souls, can now assist the next wave of souls going through the awakening process.

As the level of frequencies are coming in, or bringing all light to the surface, all densities to the surface, creating a level of awareness to the layered system, that has a steep level of guidance for each next wave that comes forward in their spiritual awakening.

With each wave that comes through, the souls that are awakened, will have the most difficult time if they do not honour and embrace the process of the divine alignments. It is a time to honour the sacred process that is occurring, as we have chosen to be here in this universal event.

I want you to think about that for a moment. You have chosen to be here in this time, we must awaken to a Divinity and embody this, as with each embodiment, we make this easier for the next wave of souls coming to the forefront, to reclaim their Divine sovereignty, and freedom.

The time of fear is over, we are the wayshowers  of love. We are the ambassadors and and emissaries of light, it is imperative that we awaken to our royalty, one that is of divine birthright, not one of human understanding.

We are all Divine Royalty starting to awaken to our true nature of magnificence. We are going to start to build together, we are going to start to live together, we are going to start to share together the understanding of we, this is all about unity, this is all about leaving any forms of separation.

All eyes are on this process of awakening. This is going to be one of the greatest events in history, of the cosmos. We have broken down the systems, the victories have been heard throughout the realms, it is a time now for us to take our place, in communities of unity consciousness, this is not of an earth consciousness, this is so much more grand and vast, as we are here reclaiming our place among the universe, as galactic citizens.

To all of you who have been working diligently, holding space, we thank you so much, for all that you have done in assisting, just know your work has been recognized on the highest levels, these highest levels I speak of are where you come from. When I say royalty I speak of this divine source you come from. This is not one of power, but pure love liberation, freedom in every aspect of its meaning.

By the end of this year 2019 in human terms, the shifts that have occurred  on this  planet and through the multi-verses, are unparalleled, to what we had had hoped to occur. As this has created many alignments, with so many helping in the process. All that you have known, is about to change.

The earth has been out of calibration and frequency for thousands of years. The connection that is happening and occurring is going to create monumental increases in light frequencies that are unheralded before. As the entire universe and multi-verses have advanced so far, and earth has not until this moment. The level of upgrades, shifts and changes that are happening are going to be at an exponential rate.

With this stronger connection that is coming, it will create many changes physically, communication will be coming telepathic, for those that are connected to the avatar consciousness, it is time now to step forward. It is time now, do not accept the old,  understand that all of these illusions, will only create struggle and strife, these are all creations of lack and suffering. You are now connecting with your eternal being of light for you, there is only a choice of love, and to assist all of the others to move forward to the place where you are. As we do not want to leave anybody behind in this transformation.

When we speak of we, this is the shift.

We are the Light Keepers of the universe, we have been waiting for this moment for you to awaken, and we are sending all of the energetic tools to assist others in awakening, as we said this is a universal event, I ask you to accept this and understand this with the highest mission of Divinity, as we are fully in the process of creating and birthing something new.

This is the return of heaven on earth, you will go through many spiritual tests along the way to walk in the kingdom of love, there are many wayshowers to assist you on this path, but we ask for you to fully look within. All of the keys and codes will be found here, there is nowhere else to look. It is time to fully step into your own conscious awakening, and to be ready for the most beautiful, blissful, soulful, feelings of home, that you have been longing for your entire life Starseed.

This is an energetic message these words you are reading, are full of codes and keys, that are awakening inside of you this conscious understanding, to assist you in releasing all doubt, of what is truly starting to occur here. Yes, that’s right, you are being activated as you read this energetically, shifts are taking place in your morphogenic fields, your chakra system is being aligned, releasing has already started.

Freedom, is for all, freedom is coming from within.

You must stop enslaving yourself to the codependency and power of other people. All that you need, you will find from within, you can do this from connecting into your true self. I say this with the highest endearment of love, as our council speaks to you as a brother and sister of light, we are downloading you with codes, we ask you to come forward and activate these for all, the ancient teachings divine wisdom, will not be hidden anymore.

This is really going to become the age of information, this is a golden age of information one of truth and integrity honour and divinity, there is no more lying, deceit, escaping, we will be lifting the curtains, on all false light.

As many have awakened, we now know the time is near, as we are bringing you our support, as the energetic Calvary, is shifting and dismantling all of the old systems of fear. All galactic crimes that have been committed, will be taken to high court. This will cause great shifts within your planet. As all those who have control of things for centuries, cannot anymore.

So we ask you, be a Keeper of the Divine Love, help others find the way to love, all that is not love is an illusion, we see this not in a turn of judgement, but an understanding of what needs healing.

The Creators of this universe are calling back, all of those responsible for false creation.

It is now time to usher in the new earth, it is time to rebuild, it is time to be one, as you were all the same story of life, is now time to build a new one, the kingdom is here, we ask you to walk within the kingdom inside of you that you were created of. We ask you to show others how to walk in your path of love, we ask you not to turn a blind eye to all that is not love, and to assist those in healing.

This does not mean all is perfect now. There are many great changes that will be occurring. We ask you to start to find the kingdom within yourself. As this is how the rest will unfold. There will be no more chasing after life, as you find the kingdom within all stores to be revealed to you, all as energetic, and you need not look forward, as it is all presented to you in the present moment. Miracles are here, pay attention so you can pull them down.

This conversation will be continued. As this is enough energetic encouragements for you to process at this time. As we activate them now.

Dear ones we love you, dear ones you are family, dear ones we understand this unity with you.

The unity codes are coming down into the earth in full light, they are being activated through the collective consciousness and integrated for all those ready to pull them down.

This is Atta Ra from the Lightkeeper’s Council,

thank you for being an Ambassador of Love.

Channeled by Richard Luminous Melchizedek

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