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Aquatic Diamond Sun – Mother Kathar/Cathar Diamond Grail Gateway Code.

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Channeled | 0 comments

The Energy & Frequency at the Guardian Hatshepsut Temple is represented in this Code.  

The Feelings of “Home”, “Family”, “Royal” and “Mother” brought tears to my eyes that were felt so deeply throughout my entire being.  My heart almost exploded with the raw emotions of seeing a long lost friend.  A sister that I knew very deeply.

The Maji Grail Queen Crown that is bridged multidimensionally through this Mountain range.   

My beloved and I walked through the sacred lands being drawn to the right side of the temple.  The plasmas and harmonics we could feel in our  bones, our soul, and our infinite source connection.  

We began gridding into the Kathar Diamond Gateway system which holds the source creational Cosmic Mother Heart codex.

This code is to remind you of the frequencies of Love within you.  When you walk upon the lands feel the imprint of each footstep.  The footprint you leave behind is one of soul connection with the land, nature, and mother.  

When you walk with Mother she will hold you.  She will teach you the subtleties of your imprint while awakening the deep force of creation that is within you.  The footprint you leave on these lands, and sacred sites is unlocking a gateway within. Your conscious intent within the footprint is the key to opening the internal gateways that reconnect you to the inner world.  

The temple space that you witness before eyes is very alive deep within you.  Walk between these two worlds to see the internal/eternal God World awaken.  The footprint left within the sacred pathway is an access code to remind you what is inside of you.

I see and witness the Mother outside of me, to truly feel, and be reminded that the Mother within is the true Eternal Creation.  No one is my Mother except for the Mother that is within. She is infinite, She is Eternal, She is everything. 

Many play the role of Mother in the external reality to remind you to look inwards and the Find the True Infinite Mother within.

For most of my life I had always viewed Mother as only outside of me.  Until this sacred journey I was able to reconnect and find the True Mother Awaken within me.  Pure Source Creational.  She is in each one of us.  No one person, or being is your True Mother, accept the one that is within you.  Each Mother role that has appeared in your external reality has been to remind you of what you hold within.  To reflect back to the inward journey of remembrance.  Everything you witness is to reflect back the internal journey of discovery.  This is where you unlock, blossom, and find parts of yourself returning again.  Empowerment is awakened through your self realization.

Imagine for a moment that each one of us holds this.  There is no one greater or lesser.  There are only those that have gone through the adventure of self realization,  Dedication, Devotion, and Practice to turn the journey inwards and being 100% accountable for everything you experience in your reality.  Each moment is a sacred teacher delivering a message to you.  Are you present enough in the moment to witness the footprint that you are making in the ocean of consciousness? Can you feel the ripples moving through the timelessness?  If you ask, and listen it will be shown to you what is really inside.  Layer, by layer, slowly fading away the illusion.

This Code was finished after visiting the Hatshepsut Temple.  What does it reflect back to you?

With Love Always 

Richard Melchizedek

i hereby notify that all rights are reserved to the man; and creator of the artwork known as Richard Melchizedek; Any man; or woman; that duplicates, alters, distorts; changes, this original artwork in any way;  i hereby will consider this a trespass by the way of theft; with the intent to create controversy with i;

i state that this artwork can be shared; as long as Richard Melchizedek is credited; tagged in all social media outlets; i do not consent to the use of this artwork for personal or commercial gains;

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