Ascension and New Earth 2021

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Ascension and New Earth 

Beloved Family,

We are here to let you know that we are going to start shifting the frequency alignments that are coming onto the earth plane.  You will be realizing soon that new energies coming through will start to turn over all that is not of the highest light aligned to the one source Christ Consciousness and True Everlasting Life. We have been waiting for this moment to bridge this deep level of knowing as the people of Earth are going to awaken to many levels of truth. These levels of truth are going to be guided by the law of one as oneness, wholeness, and completion within all truly exists. This exists at such a deep level of love and everlasting life which is the primal source creation throughout the universal systems.  We want you to honour oneness, honour evolution, and honour your remembering as this is a sacred time and a sacred honor to be alive during this monumental shift. 

There has been much division which has occurred, and this division is of the False Light.  We want you to know the truth that is in the oneness and everlasting life for all. We understand that there is a level of confusion that is occurring. The Guardian Forces of evolution and oneness are creating tidal waves of change with upward frequencies for energetic alignments to reclaim one’s sovereignty and remember who you truly are.  There are also forces that do not wish to be part of the oneness and unity consciousness. They prefer to remain in separation and remain in a more destructive nature of existence.   We will never align with the way they operate, and we will not allow this within our systems.  There is a mass cleaning and exodus that is occurring throughout all realms. The Guardian Teams have been working diligently to come into an understanding of all consciousness traps that have occurred. We have been mapping out all that have misled our Beloved Family. 

We want you to feel and remember how special you are. Know how important you are to the ONE source living light of all creation. We want you to see the integrity and the unconditional love of the ONE.  The ONE is of infinite potential. 

We will raise this kingdom into its true sovereignty.  This will be the return of Heaven on Earth. We will be removing all that do not align into one source living light and obey the cosmic laws and sciences of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.  Freedom is coming. We have a role and an obligation to play within this universal ascension and expansion as you shift into a whole new understanding of what it means to ascend. 

Ascension is coming in 2021. All that is required is that you go through your own ascension of understanding what oneness and unity consciousness is and how you are part of the one source.  What you must know is that we have already chosen and guided a highest path for you to obtain this. You must only acknowledge and accept your role moving forward into a higher conscious understanding. This means you will let go, be open to new beliefs that will support your ascension journey, and your expansion of love. Let go of your independent separation, calm your pride, and honour yourself on the deepest soul level. Live a life of soul growth, community and unity. 

Share with each other in full service. This full service will create all you can ever imagine in life. As you come into full service you will see everything is a by-product of your full service. You have been tested and initiated in your ascension for some time. 

For these next stages we are going to ask you to make a conscious choice to choose unconditional love and light.  To let go of all of the all hatred, anger, judgement and open to forgiveness for all that has happened so we can collectively bridge the new path.  There is going to be much revealed. You will find it challenging at times to understand the great level of deception that has occurred.  Many of your trusted leaders have not fulfilled their duties and obligations to serve your highest soul growth for evolution. They have kept this from you.

We are now opening the floodgates for all that are ready to receive their ascension journey.  This means it’s time for our beloved brothers and beloved sisters to feel deeply within your hearts what is right.  

You all have a right to be free. You all have the right to live without a constant state of fighting and chaos. You all have the right to love all, and to live in a sacred place. You have a right to feel, know, and belong to a sacred understanding of what it feels like to be together, to be whole, and be part of union. You have the choice to choose oneness and unity.  You are able to ascend on the organic ascension timeline.  This is occurring for all that are ready to consciously choose this.  

You are a Cosmic Sovereign Being. You have been given everything you need to achieve this within this lifetime. You are about to witness the greatest shift and change never seen before.  This is a monumental occurrence. 

Only those with an open heart and an open mind will be able to fully perceive what has truly transformed as this is a time of great transition.  There are many layers happening within this transition.  There are many people fighting to hold on to systems that no longer serve them.   They are holding on for dear life to these systems and energies that only belittled them and have kept them consciously suppressed. This confined our family within an energetic blueprint that did not serve their highest outcomes.  This is the old system. This system is crumbling down. 

You will be Awakened to a New Energetic System which is in unison with the Highest Laws of Cosmic Christ creation and will be able to energetically act and respond to support for your service to the one. 

The more you can be in Service to the ONE, with an open heart and an open mind, the more you will feel the energetic rewards for all of your Divine Love. Your Divine Love will be of the greatest Divine Compassion. WE honor your Divine Love and Divine Compassion. We honour all that help and contribute to the Cosmic Sovereign Laws of One. 

We have a role as the Kryst Guardian Teams to bring this into fruition for all that are ready to Ascend.  The fallen time matrix will not support the One.  The One will be birthed into a full New Earth understanding for all that have chosen to ascend.  This is a physical and spiritual ascension to New Earth.  New Earth will be an energetic place you will be walking through with a frequency resonance that will no longer be seen or found by those that have chosen to not ascend.  

You will ascend into your Cosmic Universal Soul System that is in full support of our beloved awakening family, and the One. This is of the highest prime creational forces of love and light. We know you have been working very hard and your journey has been difficult.  This was not possible without having all of the ground teams assisting within this monumental work.  You are going to come into a new understanding of how valued your work has been. 

You have been dedicated to the betterment of Earth and a higher life. This will serve the star children and serve as the seeds.  You will be reborn into the sacred garden. The sacred garden we speak of is known as Avalon. Avalon is the New Earth coming into existence as Arthur has returned and the Maji Grail lineages have been restored.  You will feel how invaluable this key piece has been in repairing the lineages for ascension. We had to repair every aspect of fallen DNA. We had to play out every single role within creation to take us back into Oneness. 

This means that you have completed this cycle on a global universal scale and for all fallen Seraphim and you will be able to return into your true awakened being.  You have been fallen since the times of Egypt and the loss of Lumeria. We have attempted to reclaim this for quite some time.  We have healed the Arc of Covenant, activated the Diamond Krystal lineage, and Aurora Kryst Templates. There will be much shifting now. This transmission from the Guardian Teams is to explain that all is changing at rapid pace. 

There will be much change in the next 16 months as a completely New Earth will be birthed in this time. We have stated for you to fully choose what you want and return to the One Source and be supported in a system of oneness and unity. Some may find this difficult and will spend the next 16 months in turmoil and suffering trying to decide what direction to take in their life.  There will be a choice of separation or oneness. 

We are the Kryst Guardian Teams of the Law of ONE.  We are going to continue to transmit these messages until Ascension Day.  Ascension Day will be coming for all that have chosen.  This is in full support from the Cosmic Sovereign Law and the Forces of Living Light, Aurora Family, and Guardian Families assisting in bringing this into New Earth. 

This will be a Divine Time beyond your highest beliefs. You will start to see and feel the fruitions now starting to play out.  We have already started to energetically redistribute the energy monopoly. Restoring energy and bio plasma that has been harvested and syphoned.  We have removed part of the black cube matrix systems that will no longer be able serve the NAA to achieve their full capacity and cannot be restored. This black cube had the coding of the fall.  We have reversed the coding to return all siphoned energy back to its true primal source. 

You will no longer need to be in fear. Fear only serves separation. We want you to open your hearts and be in love. Love breaks down all systems. All fall systems relay on fear. Your true love will restore all. We are now ending this transmission. We are honoring you and the Law of One in infinite and everlasting life.

Channelled transmission of the Guardian Kryst Teams and the Sovereign Forces of Living Light

by Richard Melchizedek

June 18, 2020 1:44PM

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