Ascension Report – Activating Our Inner Stargates

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Ascension Report – Activating Our Inner Stargates.

We are honouring all at this time that are feeling the calling to serve. It is in deep gratitude that we share our feelings for all of you as the Krystic embodiment is continuing to awaken for our family at this time. There has been energetic light encodements coming through the universal template system to bring a higher frequency wave spectrum and interdimensional band alignment.

We are opening the plasmic channels for this transmission today as we are entering into a deeper place of consciousness to support the evolutionary growth that is occurring for humanity at this time. You are all entering deeply into a transition phase, there will be some who understand this, however there are still many that are not able to see or feel the energetic changes and reality shifts that are occurring.

The inner stargate system has been opened and activated into a dimensional awareness that supports traveling throughout this system. This is not something that can be perceived in a linear way of understanding. Starseeds are going to start to open to their inner exploring that will reveal many truths about our realities and how consciousness works. Everyone has been integrating so many different layers of this evolution over the last several weeks. We have been healing the templates for this entire universal system. These templates have been healed to hold the original creational coding that were always meant to be assimilated and weaved into its foundational fabrics of universal constructs and instruction sets that make up reality as we know it.

As you continue to read and feel into the energetics of this ascension report we want you to be prepared as this conversation is a very massive undertaking to comprehend in one sitting and it
may take time for you to fully integrate all that is being shared. 

We want you to know that the universal template system has been given a restructuring which is opening up to support humanity, human consciousness and its evolution. The creational
templates have also been recoded to support the genetics of humanity in their original creational format. This means that human consciousness is about to take an evolutionary quantum leap. You have all been waiting for this to occur for a long period of time; we want you to know that it is here. You must access this through your internal stargates system as they are ready for you to travel through the inward domains and realms of consciousness.

We have maintained and stabilized the templar mechanics and the Albion light body to hold this maximum safety and security through your own genetic coding. Your own genetic coding is the key that you require to access these internal stargates and to move inter-dimensionally through the realms of consciousness at this time. We are already seeing many of you traveling this way. Starseeds that are doing the majority of the travelling right now are not actually fully aware or conscious that they are doing this work as they are doing it in a lucid or theta wave state and some are accessing through subconscious or dream realms. Now that you are aware
that this is possible, we are expecting to see many more travelers through the internal stargate systems. We have been waiting for humanity to reach this point where they are able to take the
next evolutionary leap.

There will be some changes occurring once you start to do this inner journeying. You will be required to let go of much of the information that you hold as it is irrelevant to inter-dimensionally time travel. You must have a very open awareness and ability to move in a very fluid like motion as your energy needs to move through the stargate systems and the mechanics of the universe that will not be achieved in a linear format. Through this process of
inward journeying there will be deep layers of remembering for all that are able to travel clearly. Clarity in the mind is essential to move through these mechanics without creating confusion. There are many that can access this right now, but they are not able to travel due to their lack of ability to hold freedom within their mind and an energetic fluidity within their state of consciousness.

You will start to see many stargate workshops and training becoming available on planet Earth in the next several years as this information slowly starts to come to the surface. We are encouraging each one of you to know that this is a very personal experience for all of you to go on. You must be ready to open to truth, to only hold truth, and to let go of anything that is not
truth. The discovery of this soul embodiment and calling at this time is to be able to let go of all of the information that has overloaded your mind. The clearer in terms of frequency, brainwaves, heartwaves and bio-energetic intricacies you can be to operate your bio-energetic systems, the easier it will be for you to step into the greatest window in human evolution at this time. Those that are able to hold God Consciousness, in its true original form, will be able to travel clearly through the internal stargate system. They will be leading the foundational pathways for all of humanity to reconnect into Source.

We have now entered into a tunnel of light that was opened within this system on April 4th, 2021. This was opened by the Creational Worlds and Kingdoms of One that hold the unified field. There are energies that are starting to increase the hydro-plasmic waves that are bringing through a recalibration to the internal systems within humanity. There is a need for many to let go of all of the chaos that is appearing within their external life at this time. We want you all to know that this chaos is NOT who you are. The chaos that is appearing in your world is an external show to keep you all confused and divided from your own understanding of who you
are as an energetic creation of the unified field of one.

These internal systems are opening to support you and there is nothing, at this point, that anyone can do to prevent this internal ascension from occurring. We have opened the stargates. Now this is something that many may be wondering; is this only an internal journey? This is an internal journey to achieve universal freedom. There will be an integration for humanity that will be bringing in a deeper sense of knowing as the energy outside is starting to come out of resonance with the energy that is inside. You will start to see and feel major shifts coming into your external reality when you are able to integrate the true frequencies and resonance that are coming from within. Your bodies are going through a transmutation, a trans-configuration, and a bio-luminous integration to support its true frequency resonance and its capabilities as a galactic hub for universal consciousness. This is a very simplified way for us to explain human potential at this time on Earth.

We are holding humanity with us as they continue into the birthing of their beautiful fields of creation. We are opening our harmonic universes to support humanities evolution. There is more than just the story of humanity that is unfolding here; there is the story of creation that has been attempted to be altered and overridden by beings that do not live by a creational understanding of what is means to be one. We are one.

The harmonic universes are holding the energy spectrums that are required to do the full re-alignment and re-structuring of all of the inter-dimensional realms that are humanities template systems and constructs for them to work through an organic system that supports evolution. There is a new harmonic universe which is known as harmonic universe 9. Harmonic universe 9 will be supporting inter-dimensional travel for humanity. Harmonic universe 9 is created out of plasmic energy and plasmic instruction sets that are bridging an inter-dimensional template system for traveling freely. This is God World energy that is coming through the stargate systems to support the energy that is required for dimensional travel. This will be easier to understand if you have the energetic clarity to move through this with a level of emptiness or zero-point resolution. This means that the zero-point of humanity is shifting into a higher more expansive field of creation and the zero-point will hold the gateway to the genetics that have been lost for quite some time on Earth.

Humanity is going to begin a sequencing that is changing their internal structures and mechanics as they begin to deeply open to the plasmic micro-mechanics of the universe. The plasmic micro-mechanics of the universe will be how you can travel through the stargates in a fluidity that moves and bends beyond all time and space, past, present or future. To have an awareness of what is occurring you must be able to see that you are going where you have not gone before. This is something humanity has difficulty with as they are not able to let go of identities or information. They are to move into the hydro-plasmic mechanics with an identity
that is free from who they are and to hold their genetic information for what it truly is. We know that our thoughts and energy shift and change the information within our DNA and alter our energetic output. You will start to learn that the DNA has a capability to activate within the stargates for what it truly is and for what it has always been and that is a genetic key for you to travel inter-dimensionally. You have a key that needs to be unprogrammed and hold a transparent genetic sequencing that is pure. To do this you must let it be, for that which it is, and not what you think it needs to be.

You have awakened something very deep today within your creational sphere. There is a birthing that is emerging, and the seeds of this birthing will start to grow. The more you are
able to water them with neutrality, you will find the garden will grow and you will open your stargate systems to new dimensions that you have never seen before as humanity.

Now we ask you to be open to receiving this in your highest energetic capability to discern this information on all energetic levels of reality. You must be able to discern information to enter the stargates. The stargates are holding truth and only those who are holding truth will enter them to the higher levels of pure creation. The stargates are opening for many, if you would like to truly achieve a high level of dimensional traveling, you can only move with truth, integrity, and freedom as a soul within the plasmic understanding of creation, to be fluid within your perceptions and your energetic capabilities to move. We want you all to know that you are one and that we are all one.

Now you may be wondering, how does this interdimensional travelling support humanity at this time?

Interdimensional traveling will support humanity in many different ways. It will be a new learning and evolutionary window for growth. You will start to realize that the world that you have been perceiving is only a fraction of the reality that is available for you to be living, breathing, and birthing. You have all been held within a very low understanding and perception of what reality truly is. Through inter-dimensional travel you can see more than you have seen in a lifetime within a single moment. As consciousness shifts, reality shifts to support that consciousness.

Now that you know that you can grow through this process of inter-dimensional travel humanity can grow very fast and very rapidly in their understanding. The interesting part about this journey, is that only those who have the keys to do this within the purity of their being will be the ones who can access this first. Humanity has all of the keys within their heart and the ability to achieve their greatest evolutionary leap. Interdimensional stargate travel will start to
breakdown all of the boundaries, restrictions, and separation that has occurred throughout many cycles; this is the reconnection back into Source, this is the re-connection back into the lost worlds of Avalon, and an integration into New Earth. It will be more profound than what we are going to energetically express today, but we want you all to understand how to do interdimensional travel and to understand the level of sovereignty it takes to be able to have
full access. You must be ready to let go of everything that you think you know up until this point as we assure you that much of your awareness will all change instantaneously within your first stargate trip to New Eartha Andromeda, to New Earth, into a higher dimensional parallel system, or into Avalon as it has been re-birthed into its original remembrance.

Now we do not want to shape, mold, or create for you, as this is your time to free humanity. You have a heart that will lead you home; we want you to feel your guidance coming from this
place on all parts of this journey. This will be the only thing that will lead you fully into peace and freedom.

You may be feeling an energetic activation coming through this transmission today as it is starting to stir some energetic remembering of what it means to be free. You may start to
remember and reconnect a trust that you have had with your heart that was the deepest friendship and commitment that you have ever known. This is what we hope you remember
through our teachings today.

We are the Aurora Guardian Families and the Councils of New Eartha. New Eartha are the Andromedan families that are supporting you. This is a conversation that has come from the
future, this is what inter-dimensional travel is. You have bridged New Eartha and we are communicating through the stargates.

We are honouring all that are ready to receive this information, we are honouring all that are still learning their way, we are asking for all to start to open their hearts and to come into a heart resonant field that is free from distortions so that you can clearly receive your heart support and guidance at this time.

May each one of you find your highest truth and heart resonance through this transmission today. We love you, we honour you, we hold you within our heart and within unified field of one.

With love,

The Aurora Guardian Families & the Councils of New Earth

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