Ascension Report December

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Ascension Report: Tuesday December 8, 2020

Beloved Family,

This is a calling for all of us to come together to see and feel the love of humanity for the highest of the collective. We are preparing to walk through the December gateways and portal activations. There is going to be a big shift coming for all those that are ready to find it. We want you to know how loved you are; it is your time now to step into your light. 

We are reminding you to open your hearts wider than you have ever opened them before and be prepared to be energetically engaged within the moment; learn how to show up for your highest calling. It is time to let go of all the things you feel that you need to do and open to receive. It is time to allow yourself your sovereign freedom, remember that you are whole, you are complete, you are awakened, and you are an infinite being of light. It is time to step into the moment as an infinite being of light. 

We are asking you all to feel into your hearts on a permanent basis as it is time for the next waves of Wayshowers to step forward into this new era. We invite you to let go of all of the identities, let go of all of the personas, and open to the consciousness flow of New Earth. New Earth is unfolding in each moment the more that you are able to become aware of a new way of being, a new way of living, and in a new way of perceiving. Each one of you hold a very important role within the New Earth energetic templates that are anchoring. Each one that holds New Earth within them and who awakens to the consciousness that is living through them increases the acceleration of New Earth embodiment for the human collective.

We encourage you to take a moment to think about what New Earth is and what each role is within a New Earth system; a New Earth experience, New Earth perfection, and how this is achieved? How do you see yourself being New Earth within your conversations, within your energetic engagements, and within the imprints that you are leaving beind? This is something that we want each one of you to feel through, as well as, the energetic frequency of this transmission that you are receiving in this moment, right now. New Earth is an energetic realization of freedom from the illusions that many have been leaving their lives within. You are all able to be the New Earth experience as you free yourself from the illusions of your thoughts and open to the natural ebbs and flows of consciousness that are unfolding and working through you in each moment. 

Many of you are focused on the winter solstice, December 21st window. This is going to be an energetic awakening for many of you, although we caution you to understand that this event is occurring within you and not outside of you. It is important to let go of all exterior fulfillments as you realize the awakening that is occurring within you. These are the actions that are healing the universe outside of you. Yes, there is a galactic alignment that is occurring at this time that is outside of you, however for you to have the true freedom of this alignment, you must awaken to the galactic alignment that is occurring within you. To understand this, it is important to let go of all that is not you and then you will feel the consciousness that is awakening within you is the same consciousness that is awakening outside of you. To deeper your understanding of this, if you were to imagine your divine line as the galactic core with your divine line receiving and activating the portal activations within your own universal system. Then modelling that out into the world this would have a far greater impact then sitting in silence and opening to the exterior activations within the universe. Once you activate within you, you are able to synchronize with what is occurring outside of you as one source. 

As you step into your God Creator light you realize the importance of creating the understandings within you first as opposed to outside first. This recognition is direct communication of cosmic source intelligence that will assist you in activating your internal core intelligence which is your Source/Soul frequency resonance. Now if each one of you are able to activate your internal core intelligence on the solstice window it will create a very high level of change for your reality. You will enter into a deeper sense of knowing than you have ever experienced before. There will be an awareness growing inside of you within each moment of this unfoldment and you will feel that you are not separate from everything that is occurring as you are everything that is occurring. As you hold this higher embodiment you start to feel and know that New Earth is not a philosophy or an idea, it is an energetic awakening of what consciousness that is within you: the opening for consciousness to work deeply through you and for you to be in tune with what is occurring within and throughout you. 

There is not going to be a feeling of separation any longer. There will be a feeling of belonging within the moment as all is full, all is complete, and all is unfolding perfectly. This is what you can achieve by finding your inner compass during these times; the awareness that nothing can affect you, except for you. 

Now we want to shift the focus for a moment as we ask you all to let go of 2020 and all of the stories that you have created during this year and to feel a new horizon dawning as we move into a higher awareness and perception of that higher awareness. It is going to be a beautiful experience for the awakened. As you understand and embody this you will experience it in all areas of your life. There are no other stories except for the divine plan which works through you. 

Please go into your hearts and sit with all of this and feel what it means to you in this moment and allow yourself to integrate this energetic transmission.  

With Love 

Richard Melchizedek and Jessica Rosalie

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