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Ascension Report, January 26 th , 2021

by | Apr 10, 2021 | Channeled | 0 comments

Beloved Family,

We are here today with news of the changing tides as many upheavals are continuing to occur throughout your 3D systems. It is important for each one of you to hold your heart, stayed centered in your awareness, and to experience the divine expression of God that is within you. You are all awakening to different layers and levels of realities around you at this present time. We want to remind all of you to stay calm and to stay centered.

There are many illusions that are occurring that can play into mind control and ego traps. It is also important to be aware of how you choose to spend your time and what it is that you are focusing on at this time. Each one of you has an ability to focus into a certain energetic field or signature, these energetic fields or energetic signatures can have many layers of consciousness’
within them which could be positive or negative depending on what you are choosing to focus your energy on. We are choosing to speak about this today to assist each one of you with opening to the awareness of how you can maintain a central point of focus.

There are going to be a lot of changes coming over the year 2021. It will be very easy for you to become distracted or becoming energetically engaged in something that is not serving your highest outcomes or the organic Guardian Ascension timeline. This is a time for all of you to come into an awareness of who you are, inside and out. We perceive that the majority of the population chooses to respond by fight or flight syndrome. This is not the correct way to spiritually engage in ascension and overcome the lower densities, layers and levels of manipulation that are being broadcast at this time. You must stand in your heart and be fully aware of how you are energetically showing up in each moment.

Many of you are asking questions such as: how do we get through this time? How do we figure out who to listen to or who to trust when there is so much disinformation in this world? We have to ask you all again to let go of what you think it needs to be. Spiritual ascension will occur for you by making a declaration to ascend, by doing your inner work, and by being devoted to
answering your souls highest calling at this time. Whatever that may be at this time, it will be different for each one of you. There are many things that you are all here to accomplish during this ascension cycle. We have been mapping out the entire system for repair which means many of you are opening to dreamtime work of being within the architecture assisting us in delivering the code sequences and activating stagnant areas that were once infected into a reset for regeneration. As these code sequences activate there will be new layers of light support that come online and assist the stabilizations process of the architectural alignment that is occurring.

There are many of you at this time that are working deeply to clear contracts of your lineages and in removing all of the layers of deceptions throughout the ancestral layers of karmic superimposition that have occurred for generations and generations. There is also a movement within the people of Earth that are awakening to who the Guardians are, the Guardian families, and the Christos mission. We are entering into a period where realities are going to shift very fast; this may not be in the way that you are thinking, but, more in the way that you are feeling and where you are directing your energy at this time.

We have mentioned that the fields of consciousness are being cleared of astral debris and pollution; this includes everything from alien machinery, dark entities, inorganic chemical matter, artificial intelligence, and dark lunar systems that are crumbling. You are learning that your heart will guide you and be a beacon of truth to walk and navigate through these times. You are also learning about the importance of understanding all that is energetically occurring at this time while not engaging in it. This will be a clean-up period that will last for quite some time as we clean and clear through all the layers of deception. There is a truth that is arisin within the hearts of men and women and brothers and sisters, that can only be found within the heart. You will open up and understand this the more you can embody and alchemize these words:

I am going to activate my heart to free my mind and liberate my soul.

I am here to open up to my highest soul calling.

I am ready to be of full service without giving away my personal power, sovereignty, or freedom.

I am opening and embracing a time of change where freedom will be brought to every man, woman and child.

I am going to hold my heart and I do not consent to anyone, to anything, or to any energy that takes me out of a place of heart knowing.

I am the Christos spirit within and throughout. I am remembering my beauty, my sovereign choice, and rights to be free.

I am here as a beacon of light serving the Law of One and the highest conscious expression of Gods eternal living breathing light through my heart, through my words, through my choices, through my intentions, and through my consent.

I do not consent to any being, energy, or any material item that is holding an energetic weight, debt or ownership over me. This is null, void, eliminated and dissolved. I am free as Gods living eternal light.

I am free. I am free. I am free.

I am ready to let go of all of the noise.

I am ready to be the ones that hold their hearts and compassionate witness for all that is occurring.

I am here as a beacon to help all ascend at this time.
I am the living, breathing, effervescent light codes created into manifestation as God would
have it be.

We ask each one of you to take a moment to think about where you have been putting your energy and how you are to truly be responsible for leaving your highest energetic imprint on all around you. If God is to work through you in the Krystic way, you will be the light that shines through all of the darkness for all those that are around you at this time. They may not understand, but you do, and you are to hold that integrity, to hold that honour, and to hold God’s sacred breath of life. You will feel the support from the Guardians as we move forward.

They are calling on you to bear witness to all that is occurring and to revoke consent from all permissions that you have given, known and unknown, and to bring down the false kings of tyranny that have been holding the Earth’s stations for too long. There are many around you at this time that do not fully know or are aware that they are playing into these archetypal roles of
kings of tyranny. You are not to engage but to hold your light and to know that they are suffering from deep levels of trauma, programming, and manipulation. Call on your Guardian families and God as you bear witness, in the name of God, to these false kings of tyranny.

The Guardians are working within the universal construct to remove programing, machinery, and energy manipulation amplifiers, that play into these programs. We ask you to hold space for all of the family that is going through these lower energetic engagements at this time. We are creating a world that will be free from all of this. It does take time for all of this to unfold. The more of you that are able to understand and embody your sovereignty, the easier it is for the Guardians to assist. The God worlds have opened and are accelerating this ascension. It is taking layers and levels of awakening for all of this to occur. Many people are not prepared within their mind, body, and soul for this transition. You are all being required to find your soul calling at this time within your heart. Know that there is a world that is opening to you that you have not known for a very long time and you will find your way home through your heart tone.

This is the Guardians of One. We seal this into the living light encoded sacred breath of God’s Eternal Source. It is in this manner that we now close this in love, oneness, and unity. We are One.

Much love and gratitude,

Jessica Rosalie & Richard Melchizedek

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