Ascension Report March 9th/2021

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Ascension Report 


We open our hearts at this time, and we ask you all to open your hearts. There are so many messages that can come through for humanity at this present moment. Although we feel we will speak on what is most important for all of you to truly embody.

You are awakening to many different layers and levels of understanding. Each one of these layers releases a new organic instruction set of information which is for you to embody and understand for the stage of inner ascension that you are currently working through. When you are awakening and aligning your inner core templates, this creates an energy of transformation. This transformation then relays an energetic encodement into your morphogenetic fields which release an instruction set to activate within the blueprint and morphogenetic fields.

All of you are going through different stages of instruction set initiation and retrieval of the soul remembering embodiment. The deeper you work within the core templates, also known as Kathara Grid, Krystal Star Tree of Life, and the 12-Tree Grid is how you start to reclaim your universal awareness, your soul embodiment, and your inner stargate initiation. 

It is time for each one of you to understand the initiations that are occurring on earth. As you awaken to these different instruction sets, you are being received into a new initiation of your journey and your remembering. This is an inward journey that is meant to be traveled and remembered by you. You are the soul that is going through the travels to unlock your genetic coding and internal stargate map. There is a map within each one of you, that has been hidden within plain sight. The freedom that you are searching for is within you and in understanding how you are to awaken your 12-Tree-Grid System.

These seeds are planted in helping you understand the layers of growth that are required to occur during these initiation phases to help you in understanding who you are on a universal level. Some of you have been within this system for quite some time and some of you are just arriving here. So whether you are just arriving or have been here for quite some time, it is important for you to know and understand that you are able to make decisions that will benefit and impact your life and the life of all of humanity by working on your inner core templates.

You have all been told to look outside of you for everything in life with the sole reason and purpose to misguide you from what is truly within you. The spiritual soul journey is meant to go through these 12 layers of initiation. The spiritual journey is meant to occur in a 12 layered embodiment just as if you were to perceive the original soul split being within a group of 12. Now all of those that are working on a base 10 coded tree of life is working with an inorganic template that is inverted and holding many layers of distortions. This is also to misguide you on your journey as you have also been given a fallen tree to work with. The reason why we are explaining this is due to the lack of awareness and discernment many are holding at this time. You are to hold a heart resonance that is free from all distortions of the mind and the ego that can help you navigate through this time. When you are able to feel the truth within your heart, you are able to pick up on these inorganic energetic fields. These inorganic fields will not resonate in a truly awakened and soul-embodied heart.

So many of you are holding onto belief patterns that are not serving your highest soul calling, your highest energetic life, and your liberation as a soul on this planet at this time. Many are still operating in service to self-mindset. Being in service to self will no longer translate into the energy landscape that we are moving into. There are changes that are occurring on a universal architectural scale, internally and externally which are supporting a microcosmic and macrocosmic evolutionary shift.

Now let’s take this into slow motion for a moment to perceive all the changes that are occurring. When we are perceiving all through the eyes of the mind, we are completely not engaging in the energetic reality that is occurring all around us. We are only perceiving what is in a linear arrangement of time signatures that are being broadcast in front of us to see. This is a thin layer of reality that is only holding a fragment of the energetic spectrum and reality of
consciousness. It is like taking a snapshot of consciousness and recreating that exact moment over and over again. Without allowing you to step back and out of that photo, you are living within one frame and you are perceiving within one frame, and you are trapped within a reality of a freeze-framed moment; this is a linear explanation of consciousness. Now as we start to move beyond the conscious layers of understanding, we do not want to live within a photo, a limited freeze point within consciousness for our entire reality and lifetime as a human. We want to awaken to these different stages of initiation that unfold through our own inner work and open a whole new understanding to consciousness and the universal realities and dimensional layers that start to be perceived when they awaken.

Now you may be wondering, what are they talking about when they explain my life and reality as nothing more than a photograph? You have been given an opportunity to perceive so many things, and so many of you just perceive a 3 rd dimensional understanding of your world which is think, think some more, and follow what you think. This is a pattern of illusion that is recreating that same photo or outlook on life, you will not open beyond this photo or snapshot until you become consciously aware of all that exists beyond the constructs of the mind. The mind operates like a filter, like wearing a pair of glasses, and when you hold on and wear these glasses enough you don’t even realize that you have the glasses on. After a while, you will not even remember what the Earth, or your reality, looked like before you had these glasses. You will only remember what it was that you were seeing at that time. This is how we perceive your mind; this is how we perceive the challenges that many are facing at this time. There is an entire spiritual journey and process that is ready to awaken for many, but they are not able to perceive it.

However, human consciousness is advancing beyond all limitations. It takes a matter of perspective, awareness, and consciousness shift to be able to step back, look and see, to initiation a next phase or layer of awakening and embodiment. All of you that are ready to accelerate your ascension, and to move into your highest soul calling, are going to have to be prepared to put down the lenses that you have been perceiving life through, to open to an internal journey that will continually change and bring new layers of understanding. There is nothing solid and concrete about ascension and the inner roads that are traveled. You must be willing and able to let it all go with the devotion to awaken your soul, to awaken your heart, and to be able to energetically perceive so much more than what your mind is able to. If you are identifying as your mind and your body, you have some work to do to move through the layers of ego and to create space so that you can accept and understand this journey. If you are not able to do this, you will continue to operate within the limited parameters of the 3D illusion that is being presented to you.

The ego has been embodied within humanity for quite some time. Ever since living within a very dark period on Earth where we were disconnected from our spirit and we were not able to perceive much energetically. We were able to physically see and feel but we were not able to understand on a soul level beyond our mind. The ego was created to hold human consciousness in a limited and programable cycle of life that would inhibit you from awakening to the deeper soul levels of embodiment that you all hold. This is something that occurred after the fallen timelines of Atlantis and it was imprinted upon humanity. This imprint created a way to control humanity and allowed lowered genetic species to incarnate into the human containers to experience life here.

There are many layers to this story that we will not get into full details now. But we want you to know and understand that the ego is a focal point that will keep you looking outside of yourself, it will keep you looking elsewhere, it will not allow you to be free until you start to move beyond its limitations. You are not able to think your way out of the ego; you can only think your way into it. If you are finding this difficult to follow at this moment, just think about the identities that you are holding onto, think about the personas, and of all of the things that you have created a story around. Now think about your inability or resistance to letting them all go; whether it is a title of being a mother, father, child, boss, artist, designer, socialite, or anything that you have held really dearly to that you feel has defined you within your 3 rd dimensional life; these are stories that the ego has created which creates a deep level of attachment and this is what starts to cloud the mind.

These deep layers of attachment to things, that don’t even really exist, have been seeded throughout our entire mental fields in all of humanity. Without the conscious awareness to everything that we are attaching to, each level of attachment is creating that 3 rd dimensional freeze-frame which is keeping you tied to that 3 rd dimensional acupressure point. Each time you tie yourself to a 3 rd dimensional acupressure point, you are creating an inability to let go and perceive a broader and expanded, neutral observer, perspective.

It will be interesting to see how you perceive this transmission today. For some of you, it may be triggering as it challenges your entire existence of being this means that you may feel resistance when reading this. For others, you will have an aha moment and you will start to realize how much time, when we same time we mean attention, is being spent on our physical 3rd-dimensional outlook. We are hoping this will open a non-linear understanding of how the universe is working more in a circular or spiralized relaying of information. When you move

forward, you will see these layers of initiation awakening for you. They will open in more of a universal and cosmic understanding that is happening within you, as well as outside of you, on a macrocosmic to a microcosmic level of alchemy. You will all step into big energetic shifts if you start to unlock the 12 internal tree grid blueprint.

We are asking all of you to really start to tune in to your sovereignty and divine feminine energy, at this time. There are many ebbs and flows energetically occurring; you must feel through these situations to know when it is a time to produce and when it is a time to reflect. This is like the internal process of creation where we manifest inside and then birth outside. You are going into these mini-evolutionary birthing patterns right now where you are being called to go within, to withdraw, to then be able to birth something new. This is part of the understanding of how the feminine energy is calling out to you at this time. You will continue to birth beauty within your life if you are able to perceive these patterns of inner creation to outer creation cycles. The more in tune you are with these microcosmic to macrocosmic birthing cycles, you will begin to see exponential shifts within your life and within your reality. The more
that you are out of alignment with these cycles, with the natural ebbs and flows, you will feel a lot of resistance, a lot of struggle, and a lot of challenges occurring. This is because your internal compass is out of alignment and it is telling you to produce when you should be restoring or incubating. When your internal compass is out of alignment you are in an inverted cycle where you are feeling the desire to produce when you are being asked to rest and then feeling unmotivated when it is time to take action.

This is a big adjustment that is occurring for many on the planet right now as the internal feminine nature is remembering its true cycle, its true alignment with Source, and the incubation and birthing periods of Source. This is something that can be solved with the ability to surrender from what the mind and ego are telling you to do as opposed to what your heart and divine will are telling you to do. A level of surrender and trust needs to occur within yourself and with your highest self that you will be okay. Trust within yourself and having trust with your highest self is another example of microcosmic to macrocosmic understanding.

We want you all to know that you are beautiful, and you are birthing something truly
spectacular at this time; it is there waiting for you, ready for when you are able to perceive it and attune to it. It is time to open your heart and let go of your mind.

We love you and we honour you. We are one within and throughout. We ask you all to hold love for yourself and to hold compassion for yourself. Close your eyes and just start to feel all that you are, all that you always have been, and allow this world to open for you. Allow yourself to dive deeply into the energetic streams of love through this universal construct. We ask you all to take a moment now to receive this energetic transmission for your highest.

With love,
The Andromedan High Council and Emissaries of Love.

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