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Ascension Report: Tuesday February 23 rd, 2021

by | Apr 10, 2021 | Channeled | 0 comments

Beloved New Earth Humanity,

We are honouring all of you for your service at this time. We have been making enormous leaps within the timelines of our consciousness.

We are asking all at this time to bear an open heart and witness all that is occurring on Earth as there are many eyes and ears, all over the planet, that are assisting the Guardians and the Rishis in interpreting and seeing all of the deep levels of injustices that have occurred.

As you may be aware, there are major energetic shifts that are occurring on the planet and within the planetary core as well as through the universal architecture. There has been a magnetic alignment within Universal Quadrant 3 which is opening a pathway into the higher time realms of this system. This will further support the ongoing rehabilitation to the rod alignment for all architecture which is starting to be re-established into its pre-fall Taran formation. We are maneuvering through the cosmic layers of infrastructure that are supporting the Earth, at this time. The heliosphere, at this present moment is going to start plasma wave inductions that will emit solar frequencies to cleanse and clear the energy systems of your environment. There are chemical and biological markers and nano technology within the Earth skies that are being cleansed through the plasma fields and solar storms that will be released through atmosphere in the coming months.

We will be assisting the element of air to regain its organic templates and creational stations. There will be a re-habilitation of your skies but, there is not a concrete timeline on this to begin as much is fluid within the timelines. The anti-particle layers of the earth mothers’ body will begin its rejuvenation. We are grateful for all that have been bearing witness to see the level of disturbances within the Earth’s atmosphere.

There will be some changes coming to your temperature and weather systems as we start to remove the layers of ionic distortions that have been manipulating weather formations. To do this we are asking you all to bear witness to chemical trails within the skies and to call on the Guardian Councils of One, the Solar Rishis, and your highest God Avatar Self to see what is occurring through your eyes. This is a time to hold truth and to hold all those who are accountable for violating organic God Sovereign Law of One within this ascension cycle. When you bear witness to all that is occurring remember to do this in the Krystic way which is to hold unconditional love and a natural observer perspective for all.

You are all moving into a higher alignment within the ascension cycle as there has been a cleanup within the architecture within the lower realms. We have removed many beings that have been supporting the fallen timelines. This will continue to play out over the next few cycles of the Galactic Zodiac as there are still multiple timelines that are being broadcast. We are holding the organic ascension timeline, which is the true organic timeline for New Earth to rise and for you to bridge your future reality. This is something that we have seen on many levels of creation already and we are working within the higher realms to support this level of transition which is opening the cosmic center and aligning this to the universal womb. This womb is being replenished by the Guardian forces at this time.

There has been a magnetic shift within the polarized fields and within the universal centers. There has been a layer of mirrored reflection which has now been aligned into its true intergalactic connection and stabilization through the auric fields of the universal body. The universe has gone into repair mode as it is being restructured on the outer realms. The outer realms have been breached for quite some time and we are now moving closer to reclaiming the fallen areas within the outer realms. This means we will be starting to call forward ancient builder races to assist with the repair and restoration within these higher timeline signets to assist in gate alignment. We have seen this timeline now emerge through recent layers of information that have been relayed through the Guardian Teams in understandable and
mechanical scenarios for the Rishis to support this alignment. There is nothing that is absolute at this point as there are many different fluctuations within realities as we are working to stabilize the time space continuum moving it into a higher synergetic alignment for the required synthesis that needs to occur throughout your Matrix.

We have asked all of you, our beloved Christos family, to move into the truth stage and to open your awareness and perception of what this is to hold truth from a Christos embodiment. We are asking our beloved Christos family to hold their hearts and to not get lost within the disturbances, layers and fields of deception that are playing out on a surface level, at this point on your journey.

There will be a shift occurring if we can maintain this high level of compassionate witnessing by all ground teams at this present time. You are all working with your Guardian Team aspects in the higher realms of consciousness that are able to perceive though time. It requires a signature stamp which, to clarify, means you are opening your eyes and witnessing what is a violation of God Sovereign Law at this time, what is a violation of free will, and what is not in the highest for all. We are asking you to not engage and to hold witness as the eyes of God, as the eyes of the Solar Rishis, that are witnessing and revealing all.

It is important for each one of you to really discern truth within your hearts at this time. There are many of you that are assisting us, and we are forever grateful for your cooperation and for honouring your Guardian missions. You have already done a great service for all of Angelic Humanity as there are many slowly starting to awaken to their true Krystic origins. There has
been an emergence of the Emerald, Gold, and Amethyst Orders who are clearing areas within the convoluted time field wars. The time field wars are turning into a higher level of probability to recover the fallen sequences that are keeping looping signatures of deep seeded fears and programming through the time space continuum.

There are many of the Guardians who are working through the time space continuum to stabilize this in the future by going back through time to re-anchor the true sovereign zero- point restoration of all frequency re-patterning that had created fragmentation and disconnection from the evolving field of one. This means now we are able to perceive and see things through time that we had not been able to do for quite a long period. There have been cycles of teams moving backwards in time to repair these networks and release the fallen agendas holding onto an outdated Source coding from the pre-fall Taran timeline. This means with the restructuring and re-pair we are able to loop in and loop out to activate the releasing of harmonic compression that is spiralizing through reversal signatures within the time matrix. This is creating a major destruction to the alien machinery that has been supporting reversal fields as the energy cycles and life that are feeding these systems are starting to hold on to a lower frequency band and it is nearing collapse. If you are able to continue, hold witness to timeline architecture.

There will be an intensified releasing of Guardian Teams to support the restructure of the time matrix as we are continuing efforts to fully retrieve all fractalized areas of the system. We are asking all to be truthful to who you are on the beloved Christos Mission assisting with the destabilization, restructuring of the heliosphere, and recognisance mission for ascension which will move into a frequency jump if we are able to continue holding this amount of light on the planet at this time. It is going to be very activate within dream states for many of you as you have been called into full service on the timeline healing and quadrant restructuring. There will be much coming to the surface however, it is important to not focus on the surface information as this is acting as a distraction for all of you at this present time. It is important for you to be aware that much of the mass media information that is being broadcast is attempting to re- create on older timelines to keep humanity in a looping cycle. Once again, we ask you to try and bear witness to all violations and ask for support from your God selves and Guardian Teams.

We hope this information will be integrated within a peaceful and loving way. We are moving into a new energetic direction as the polarization that has been corrected will open to the Gold Order returning into the system to further support Amethyst guardianships. Let go of how you feel this needs to unfold as the timelines are very liquid and fluid at this time until we have full stabilization. This means there may be bleeding through the parallel systems at this moment. Which is why there has been a continued effort to stabilize this.

Beloved Family, we are entering into a higher integration and calibration for you to find your love fields within your heart consciousness and coherence. We are opening the heart codes to help you to connect into your internal gateway systems. You are all beautiful beings of God Source that have a divine intelligence and unity intelligence that is operating through this heart coherence. You are being called to move into your hearts and remember the Sophia Mother as she is re-emerging on the planet at this time to provide support through your inner hearts in the 8 th gateway.

There is a new plasmic signature field that is starting to awaken within the hearts of all that can embody the true restored sacred feminine, at this time. The plasmic field that is awakening is going to be releasing an energetic signature to help calibrate the field and stabilize much of the releasing through the subconscious layers of the energy bodies. There are many of you that are processing deep healings; you are healing so much for all of your families. You have been given the task to restore the true feminine within yourself as she is returning. She will be asking for you to surrender into the heart fields to hold your power within the field of one. You are awakening a unity field on a micro-cosmic level which is also activating on a macro-cosmic level.

We are asking you to hold this signature to support all of humanity. You all have received so much about your past, which is not true. We are asking you to let that go and to focus on the new higher timelines of love and stabilizing these fields. The sacred feminine restoration is creating the New Earth timeline. This is synchronizing with the organic ascension timeline into a higher merging for full reconciliation of our love patterns and frequencies as they are opening to an unconditional love that has been erased from this system for quite some time. You are opening to this and it will begin a major transformation sequencing that is starting to unfold.

Hold the Sophia within your heart and hold the heart of the Sophia. When you do this, know that you are holding the heart of one, you are embodying the heart of one and you are holding the Sophianic connection to all others, unifying at this time. You have healing from the sacred womb of the mother that is bringing life back to the Earth’s heart at this time. There are so many deep levels and layers that this ascension cycle is starting to play out. This is a calling for the love of the highest timeline to be fully emerged within reality. We are holding this vision and frequency for humanity and holding the connection for you to anchor this now. We are going to repeat this again, there are many timelines that are weaving within this moment and we are working to stabilize them into a higher alignment for all.

Beloveds, know that you are being supported on all levels of creation and you are being assisted throughout all realities within this moment. Take some time to energetically feel what resonates as you will receive from this message what is meant to be integrated and what is meant to be heard. Thank you for your highest service supporting unity consciousness and the evolution and restoration from the fractured timeline consciousness.

We love you and we hold you into the Heart of One, as God Sovereign and Free, we are one.

With love,
Richard Melchizedek & Jessica Rosalie 

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