Ascension Update

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We have a message for all Lightworkers. 

We are entering into the next stage of this journey. You will be coming into a new understanding of this universal system and the Galactic Truths of how consciousness is held together within this ascension timeline as we have turned a corner within the past week as you will start to feel another major clearing has occurred.

We ask you all to open your hearts and come together in unison as there are many right now that have their own agendas. We ask you to let go of the agendas and open up to the pure Christ creation of one source living light. 

This is for the highest for all. Come into this feeling of love and bliss within your sacred diamond heart accessing your Krystic Coding and honouring your Sophianic Body and Christos Spirit. We know you are feeling as if you have been through quite a long journey and this is true.  You have come from all over to assist during this time of monumental ascension. 

Rapid changes are starting to occur as we are going into an increased stage of quickening. This stage of quickening is calling forward all into New Earth roles. New Earth energetic alignments of their true heart resonance.  We ask you to feel your mission within your heart and passion for this next stage of evolution.  After all, this is what you all have been waiting for. You wanted to be awakened and reach a higher conscious understanding which comes through the energetic opening and alignment of your Sacred Diamond Heart and connection to the Krystal Star Diamond Consciousness. The Krystal Star Diamond Consciousness is your source connection for this universal system and is anchoring in your true ascension codes for all that are opening to the unified love field which exists within all Christos beings.

Feel this message in your heart as your heart is going through a process of activation within this moment as you are feeling the energetic coding come through the Krystal star network and the clearing of your divine channels. 

There will be a lot of information coming to the surface and this information is going to make many of you question your beliefs. We ask you to be open to receiving your highest conscious understanding of all that is occurring and to not be held in patterns of limitation by certain belief you have become attached to. 

Love is always the most important frequency to hold to embody your soul purpose. This is to assist for the highest of all in reclaiming sovereignty as a mass collective for our Christos Family and uniting our unified love field as one source cosmic consciousness. This is the most important aspect for each lightworker to hold right now. You are a child of the one source living light of all creation.  We ask you to help provide this support and energetic alignment to all of our family that may not be able to perceive this at this moment in time. 

There are many more that are about to awaken in the coming month starting with the Sirian Gateway and leading up to the Lions Gate. We ask you to tune into the First Eternal Love Field and send unconditional love radiating from your diamond hearts to all. Especially the leaders of this world. We are not speaking of the ones you may see on TV, these are the ones that have been doing their sovereign work and starseed missions within the higher realms of consciousness to bridge through anchoring points. The higher dimensional frequencies  are being integrated into the density of Earth to allow further assist this ascension cycle. 

Gridworkers, we ask you to let go of all old programming and start a new level of grid work bringing forward the Diamond Crystal Consciousness and the Krystal Star Network through Earth. This is being bridges through the Inner Earth Portals and out through the Crystalline Grid Systems. We have enough capacity to flip the NAA control over some key strong holds and much of their black cube system has been crumbling and can no longer contain its hold. We have removed many of its anchor points and this is an opportunity to blast these systems with the highest frequencies of light they have ever felt. 

You are of the Christos Family and we ask you to look deep within your hearts. Feel your connection to the Krystal Star and deep love to your Solar Christ Self. Activate within all your knowing the Diamond Crystal Consciousness Coding to liberate this planet.  

This is already occurring, and we ask all of you to come together as One as God Sovereign and Free. You have all the Krystic Coding within you to bring through some of the most powerful transformations to have ever been felt here on Earth during this organic Ascension Timeline. 

We want to let you know that we are only operating merely as guidance as this is something we understand very well as we have been able to hold the level of oneness, compassion, and unity, for quite some time within our system as we know the importance of each one of us as an eternal being of Christ. 

You are going to feel many shifts as you start to hold this higher level of coding within your Sacred Diamond Heart as you are here as a representation of New Earth. You are the New Earth alignment which is coming into fruition. We are going into a major energetic realignment of all systems as there are purging, clearing, cleansing, falling down, and being realigned to the highest Organic Timeline supporting Eternal Love and Everlasting Life.

Remember that light triggers all darkness, and this is why you are seeing so much change happening at such a rapid pace all over. This is not something to be fearful of but understand the level of light influxes that are coming through are brining all to the surface, shifting, clearing and you will see the fruits of this labour within the coming year as 2021 will be the biggest year to ever happen within this ascension cycle. 

All you have been waiting for will occur within 2021. We want you to be open to change and to feel this sacred shift that is happening as this is not something to try and figure out within your mind. This is only guided through your heart and within the One Source Living God Light of all creation. We are going to feel much as the energetic sensitivities of each person is going to increase. Each one will become more empathically in tune to their surroundings and they will not be able to be around ones that do not fit their energetic alignments. You will want to feel love, you will want to be feel compassion, you will want to feel joy. 

You will be known for your internal enteral energy. This will be your exterior vibration which will be the same as having an energetic identification anytime you meet someone you will feel them. There will be no more deception as an open Sacred Diamond Heart will be shining though all. 

You are ready for all these changes we speak of as you all have been working on this for quite some time. You are going to see much love come through at the beginning of 2021. This is going to be truly magnificent. 

We encourage all of you to do as much inner work as possible and remember who you are on a soul level. This is why you came here during this time of ascension as this is key to feeling and seeing love and passion in all that you do. 

We all have a mission to help our family and bring forward the greatest era of light known. This is the Angelic Human fully restored. This will be a beautiful process and you are to truly honour yourself and to not give your power away to anyone as you are the saviours, you are the ones that have come here for this great transition. You are all doing an extraordinary job. It is time now to move forward in your hearts and be ready to bridge a new dawn as you have all the keys and codes needed to make this happen and the full support of the Christ Guardian Teams as you are of the Christ light. 

Christos family, we love you and we want you to continue loving for the highest of all. This is starting to come to a peak, stay strong as we feel ascension coming. Remember your portal is through your heart. WE love you and this is the end of this transmission. We honour the One Source within you and the One Source within us.

The Andromedan High Council & The Christ Guardians of One 

Channeled by Richard Melchizedek

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