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Channeling – Emerald Order on Ascension

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Channeled | 0 comments

Channeled Transmission 06-03-2020 Emerald Order Breneau

Today we are going to speak on ascension.

This process is happening throughout this entire universal system. We want you to know that all are going through this. Ascension is the realignment of the galactic core through this universal system into Andromeda and bridging the 7 levels of heaven and creating a deep trans-harmonic alignment for all within this system. We want you all to know this requires a great deal of changes within all that does not serve the one source living light of all creation. 

The living light is being anchored through all within this system increasing exponentially by the second. This is causing massive upheavals on an energetical level as all is coming up for full re-alignment. 

This means that there is a level of turning over all that is not considered sacred to expose the deep core wounds. We are going to ask for the understanding that this level of wounding that is being exposed is for the intention and purpose of healing this false light and coming into an understanding of what is sacred. 

This is a major shift that is occurring, and you will be experiencing this one for quite some time as all is being turned over and will be created into new light. This new living light is the sacred connection to the one and it is up to all of you to find that sacredness and to heal the wounding that is occurring. This is part of the re-alignment as we go higher and deeper into this galactic ascension. 

Earth systems will need to be purged to fully birth a new understanding and awakening of what is the highest for all, what is serving the one source living light of all creation, and the sovereign laws of divinity. It is important to come through this with an expanded awareness and understanding of your heart as your heart is truly the only guide you have through this period of great expansion. 

We want you all to remember that contraction usually takes places before mass expansion. This is what you are all feeling right now as there is much uncertainty for what is occurring in this present moment. There is much that we have to learn from what is happening on the planet Earth as you have all been unconscious for quite some time. You are now waking up to the reality that change must occur to bring in hope, peace, and liberation from the suffering that has been playing out for far too long. 

We encourage each one of you to feel the energetic importance of your role that you have. Each one of you has a monumental task of being a steward for the living light of all creation as this is what truly serves the universal law of expansion. As all is expanding you will need to expand as well. You will need to expand into a role and steward of this light and love and honour this journey that you are embarking on. 

You have been given many tools within this lifetime and it is time now to use these tools now to understand who you truly are. You are a divine, cosmic, sovereign creator and it is time for you to create. We ask you all to go within and to connect with your heart and to look deeply into it. The heart is the one place you will find the truth you seek and the freedom and liberation you want. In your heart, you will find your gifts and infinite potential.

Create from this space deeply with pure intention of the living light of all creation with the level of support through the eternal love field. This is key to guiding you through this ascension process as there is much to understand, there is a lot to learn, and there are many physical changes that will be occurring within your cellular systems and structures.

You will go through a series of bio-plasma upgrades to support the level of frequency increase and to come into alignment into a higher source frequency resonance which will enable you to function at a higher level of sovereignty. These bio-plasma upgrades are being fully returned to you as there have been many major events in the last 7 earth days. 

We have witnessed great changes throughout the universal system which have taken down major webs within the matrix mind control systems and have opened up a channel to return the bio-plasma from all NAA and to return them to all of you fully restored. This will occur within the July 18th to July 21st window and will continue through to August 8th. This is a major victory as this will allow and open a higher level of security to withhold your true divine sovereignty as we have officially reclaimed some key elements within the divine framework to open up the access points for this universal ascension cycle which will now start to quicken for all. 

What is the quickening?

The quickening will be a rapid energetic occurrence that will take place causing all to upheave and bring light to much hidden information that will be coming to the surface. This information is key for understanding the deep levels of deception that have occurred for quite some time. We are now entering into a time and age of truth where divine truth and divine integrity will be leading the way. The quickening that is occurring is on such a high, energetic, plasmic level that it is not one that will necessarily be seen but one that will be felt through the entire existence of Earth and all the inhabitants on Earth. 

We guide you to go into your heart and to allow the changes to take place, to embrace them with an open heart, and to honour yourself so deeply as a divine being as you truly are a divine child of creation. We honour you and know the ones that read or listen to this are going to feel the energetic impact within your heart. Your heart is a sacred diamond chamber. This diamond chamber holds all of the keys and codes you need to fully activate your sovereignty. You are a sovereign being from the highest levels of creation and you came here during this time to be an emissary of light for ascension and to step forward during this time of the quickening as you will feel a call to step out into your role.

The Roles Coming Forward.

The roles coming forward are going to be fast for all of you. You will feel and be given a calling to step into a certain area of work for this sacred time as you are a steward for this next phase of evolution here. You are witnessing a monumental occurrence taking place within this universal ascension. You are going to be accessing much higher levels of information streaming through into your heart as we are activating many of you into a whole new level of understanding. We have activated you all over the planet. 

You are coming together now as one. This is a plan of oneness, a plan of unity, a plan of ever-lasting life and hope for all of humanity. You are serving a role of hope, a role of light, and being a steward ushering in this next phase of evolution. You are an evolutionary keeper of this sacred living light. You will honour it fully as you will honour the responsibility of what it means to be one. You will be coming into many changes in your conscious understanding and all that is not aligned to this will fall away from your conscious perception as you will be feeling so much throughout your heart. You will have the deepest levels of compassion and the deepest levels of unconditional love. You will feel this is the only way to act and to show all around you this deep energetic impression of what it is to be part of the universal oneness and evolution of the cosmic Christ creation. 

You have all been waiting for this for quite some time as there has been many levels of confusion and deception that has occurred. This time of deception is coming to an end. We already see this, feel this, and know this. It is time for you all to feel the oneness, to step forward into the cosmic creational Christ light, and into the unification of the eternal love field to be infinitely and eternally supported with the deepest frequencies of eternal love to support this next stage of expansion. 

What is Means to be Love.

Love is an energetic frequency and encodement that exists within your original Krystic coding within your heart and within your DNA. This original love coding is being activated with the restoration of your bio-plasma as you are going to undergo a major undertaking of frequency. This frequency will be such an increased vibration that it will only be downloaded to those that have awakened to this call as they have been chosen to walk through the next phases as emissaries and guardians of the Law of One. 

We will be integrating this through numerous stages as it can take much overwhelm on the human system to be able to fully carry the Krystic light. We are going to do this in a way that will be so intricate and divinely mapped out that you will not be able to fully understand the level of complexity that needed to occur for this to happen for the highest of all. Be assured that this is happening. 

This is the great awakening and planet Earth will never be the same. You are going to see so much love beginning to occur on the planet as there will be many spreading this throughout. They fully understand their roles and have been waiting to step forward as it is time now for them and they are going to be activated into this. We must not forget the changes that are occurring are bringing up the wounds that need to be healed. Once we have healed these wounds, we will blast the deepest levels of light the Earth has ever experienced. There are no more strong holds that will be able to withstand this higher frequency of divine love that is coming through. 

You will experience changes that you have never imagined or dreamed of to be possible. This will take some time just know we have fully activated the forces of light and the guardians of the Law of One. We have heard the calling and we will not stop until all has been set back into divine right. We are here to fully answer this call. 

This is a time of great light. Please understand that love is coming, and you will see the end of the night. It is time for you, dear ones, to feel this deeply as you have always questioned everything and always fought for your beliefs. We know how special you are, and we know that you are ready now. It is time to come together for the freedom of all. There is no stopping this as we will activate this into an age of freedom for all. You will witness this, and we will liberate all as you will no longer be confined. We will see this for all. You have to be ready to embrace oneness for all as we are the one. We are here serving everlasting life and eternal love through all. This is all for this transmission. You will have to wait for the coming transmissions and activations from the Breneau Council of the Emerald Order. 

Channeled Transmission byRichard Melchizedek & Jessica Rosalie Querin

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