Channeling of White Lion of Antares

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What is it you want to tell those having an human experience?

I express to those having a human experience that it is time to understand the significance of the role that is being played here during this monumental orchestration of the universal alignment. Each human carries the unique DNA that many are trying to corrupt and have been corrupting over many human life times, you all have the ability to release, let go and unlock your Divine Lineage, as you humans are truly a Higher Dimensional embodiment, you have the soul of the Royal Lineages and must Awaken To Your Being, as what you seek already exists, and is to be remembered from within.

What are the royal lineages?

The Royal Lineages are those that have been given the highest frequency of Divine Creation that were created with the intention of becoming the Master Builders, the Master Creators, Master Embodiment of the Divine Perfection.

What can be expected in the coming months for the human experience?

Those having the human experience are awakening to higher dimensional consciousness, as well as a monumental shift in frequencies, abilities, experiences, contact, and light quotient, this will create a grouping of frequencies. Those with higher light frequencies will group with others having higher light frequencies as this will be a higher dimensional timeline alignment , as the light frequencies increase and are creating quantum jumps and pairings of vibrational experiences , the human experience with denser frequencies will group with other lower frequencies, they will go through a quickening or quantum fall to release the densities and shift the whole group carrying those frequencies, this will continue and regroup until successful, this will be an awakening to release the programmed human experience, this photonic light will come in the form of blasts of light that will come sweeping across the Universe activating the holiest of grails, It is the time for contact.

White Lion what council are you from?

I am from the Andromedan Council and Royal House of Antares, I am from the Antares, Andromedan galaxy I hold seat around this table and I am the voice of light overseeing this for you.

Do You have other names?

Yes I have many that cannot be pronounced through this means of communication but through the language of the soul I am also Atta Ra.

Do you have any gifts for me?

This is your gift you are activating your highest mission and holding keys and codes of the divine order, we are the bringers of light, we are the Guardian Alliance supporting the ascension

Are you part of the Guardian Mission?

Yes I am of the Guardians and we are here to support this mission of enlightenment returning as galactic citizens releasing from the timelines of slavery and false creation, it is time.

What codes are coming in?

Diamond Ka Ra Sha KA Codes

What are the diamond Ka Ra Sha KA light codes?

These codes are for activation once the next wave comes through you will be activated fully as many of these codes are already present and just require an increased Solar Flare to activate.

Should there be anything for us to focus on?

We are asking that your energy is clean for us to work with you, this is the mission as we are ready and waiting for you as you are carrying the keys that will be activated for many this is a massive call to action for you, we have given you keys and are activating them.

Richard Luminous Melchizedek

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