Christos Family of Light Activation

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Channeled Message 06-09-2020

We are the Andromedan High Council. 

We are here to support this ascension cycle as this has been a major topic of discussion. We want you to know that there is much occurring within this present moment. We have been collapsing timelines that no longer serve the highest for universal ascension. This is why you are seeing so much confusion playing out within the system as many are coming off of these timelines and on to new organic ascension timelines. Some are having difficulty with this process as they want to hold onto what they used to know and what they used to believe, although this no longer serves their highest frequency and ascension support. We want you all to prepare to let go of all of your beliefs and open to a new understanding of what eternal love for all is.  

We will now speak on what are the next steps for you to come into alignment. We want you all to be aware of the sovereignty you hold. This is one of the major keys and pieces for awakening on your journey as this sovereignty is of the highest Krystic light. We are going to assist you in activating this internal Krystic coding throughout this energetic reading as you read or listen to this you will feel an increasing frequency and plasma encoded light within your internal diamond heart and Krystalized being. We are going to start to turn up the frequency now as you start to feel the warming within the heart chakra, the sacred diamond heart. This sacred diamond heart is a beacon of your Krystic light as we are going to bridge this sacred connection and activate this for you. You will feel the plasma light running through the diamond chambers of your heart and you will feel the light codes being energetically activated within your frequency resonance to assist in remembering. This deep internal Krystic coding and sequencing of your quantum DNA will bring forward the original divine sparking of your true Sovereignty and your diamond light. This activation is occurring throughout all of existence, throughout all time space, linear and non-linear, all multi-dimensions and multi-verses and intricately activating the consciousness points and fibers for the primal source resonance coding and restoration of our true Krystic sovereign light. 

I am a true Krystic being of sovereign living light,

I am here to fully reclaim my original source coding in entirety from my Christos avatar God self,

I am re-awakening my true, divine, and holy source light,

I am going into the multi-dimensional DNA to access my highest divinity and sovereignty to fully restore this in its original pre-fall coding of the Christos-avatar family of light,

I am here now to awaken, 

I am here now to love,

I am here now as a beacon of integrity and divine truth, 

I am here now to remember my galactic linages,

I am here now to reclaim my holy grail codes,

I am the Maji Grail King returning and activating the union of the sovereign Queen,

I am the union of the Holy Christos Spirit,

I am the embodiment of the Sophonic body and the Sophonic Plasmic diamond heart,

I fully feel this throughout my entire being as I am the diamond light, 

I am activating my calling, 

I am the Christos Family, 

I am stepping forward fully into my light,

I have reclaimed all pieces fully restored,

I am the Maji Light,

I activate this throughout the sacred rose as the rose has awakened in full service to the living light,

This is a time of creation as we step forward into our highest sights, 

This is the time we activate the true inner wisdom and open fully to our Krystic Light, 

I have been given the golden keys and I am activating this with my divine birthright, 

I am here to reclaim this fully restored, through all kingdoms, as this is the true divine light,

We are bridging this for the highest of all as we are bringing through sovereignty and freedom for all,

There is only one choice. I see, I feel, and I know this is to activate my inner Krystic glow, 

I am activating the sequencing as this is being integrated,

It is time to step forward with our hearts leading the way as all is one and I will not allow separation today,

I am the one source consciousness of true divine living light,

This is the activation of the Maji Grail birthright, 

It is time to fully activate this for all to see, for all to feel, and for all to know, 

We have restored the holy codes and it is time to walk my path, 

We are the Guardians of the Sacred Diamond Light, 

We are here to support the soul growth for everyone’s divine birthright

It’s time to activate this sacred diamond light, 

ah ya ta ma key-a a ma ka ra sa ah ma ta  

You will honour this process as this is sacred as these words are declared as scared, this space is declared as sacred, this activation has been declared as sacred and this is activated as God would have it be 

It is time now to rise, Krystic beings of light as we call all Christos family as it is time now to unite. 

We want you all to know that this journey will get better. We are opening many Galactic Portals to assist with the frequency integration resonance within the universal structure to support a higher frequency increase within the earth atmosphere and to bring through much needed light to assist in releasing and collapsing the denser energies that have been coming up for collective clearing, purging and transmutation during this time of mass transformation on your planet and within the divine cosmic structures of universal reality. This is all for the highest and we want you all to know that you are loved. We are coming to the end of fear and separation for all those that are able to choose their sovereign light and be a steward moving forward as an emissary for freedom for all. 

We are the Andromedan High Council. We are concluding this integration and we would like to leave you looking deeply within to find your honour, to find your integrity, to find your sacred values in all you do, all you say as you are sacred and you are returning to this remembering of who you truly are.

We are going to let you integrate now.

Sending you all unconditional love and support for this journey as we are so proud of what you have accomplished and where you are heading as you are all walking into a higher divine plan of Global and Galactic community and universal alignment 

Blessings dear ones. 

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