Deprogramming The Human Condition – Awakening The Cosmic Soul

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Deprogramming the Human Condition.

Let’s start with this, the human condition is all that is stopping us from achieving unconditional love.

Before we get into all of the fear-based, distractions, distortions, false programs, illusions, we must understand that all of this in a way doesn’t really matter, we have to fully detach from it all.

We have to remove the personal attachment, emotional attachment, mental attachments, which create reactions, projections, re-creations. That is the human condition. One that does not allow us to sit in a neutral space. One that does not allow us to use our free will and in a place of pure freedom.

If we were created perfect, if we are all the fractal of the Divine, then why are we so distorted?

Without getting into all the details, we have been conditioned and programmed, to stop us from looking within ourselves and seeing the Divine Light. We continue to look for answers outside. We continue to create lack energy, fragment ourselves, and give away our power. This is the human condition we need to deprogram. Why is so hard for people to look within?

Deprogramming the human condition. I want you to know all separation is a program of illusion which leads to the human condition of lack. So we divide this up into two explanations, expansion which is love, which is creation, which we don’t really need to create because we are already perfect, so all we need to do is stand in our power, not give away our energy, honour ourselves and all others, and create expansion with our words, our thoughts, and our actions, this is love, we can do this just by holding our space, being present in the moment, and open to receiving, understanding all of the magic and miracles are there for us all we have to remember how Divine we are.

Explanation number two, this is the way of the human condition, I look externally for all of my solutions, which means I give away my power, someone else can fix this for me, someone else can heal me, I need help, I can’t do this, I do things for people when I don’t want to but because I have to, or because I was told, I choose to go to a job I do not like, I stay in a relationship that doesn’t make me happy, it’s okay to not be happy, it will get better, why does this always happen to me, it’s not my fault, I can’t believe they did this to me, I can’t do this, I don’t have a choice, this is how we create lack, or contraction, fragmentation, you get the idea.. This is the way we take zero responsibility for our energy, for creations, and we completely give away all power. We have forgotten how perfect and beautiful, most of all we are a fractal of divine source.

Once one goes down this road, which is almost everybody at some point, we must now look within to heal, we must stop looking externally, when we take full responsibility for everything in our life this means we can start to change, we can heal, this means we can choose expansion, this means we can remember our divine perfection, this is the starting of the spiritual journey, deprogramming the human condition, returning to the divine cosmic being, staying in a point of expansion.

We’re not there yet though, first we must get rid of all of these distortions, so now to fully accept responsibility for everything in our life we must understand the mirror. All that you see through your eyes is a sacred messenger, all the thoughts you receive are a sacred messenger, all of your emotions are sacred messenger, the sacred messengers tell you pay attention to the mirror.

We must be able to detach from personal emotional and mental attachments which make up the ego, to look at the situation that has been presented and say what am I am unconscious of here? What is it I am not seeing in this moment, what is the lesson? The importance of detaching is to be able to look at this from a bird’s eye view. This will then allow us to see the sacred messenger that is being delivered.

This situation makes me think and feel violated, angry, the betrayed, now if we can step back not react and honor our emotions and thoughts, we are in a position where we can recognize our thoughts, and our emotions. Then think back to not this particular situation but to the first time, where we felt this way.

This is the mirror, this is how deep healing occurs, the first time in our life we felt, violated, angry, betrayed occurred, which is the same as I feel now… Do you see the relation? This is how we connect the dots. Now I’m closer to finding the root cause. I think this current situation that brought up these emotions, thought patterns, is showing us what we are unconscious of, this situation that happened in our childhood. Now we know that this is a sacred messenger because it can allow us to heal.

Let’s thank this current situation for showing us that we needed healing from a childhood situation. We express our gratitude for showing us this. We heal this childhood situation, as a blessing because it’s really taught us how to heal and help others heal, I’m shifting from a point of being a victim, into a point of this being a catalyst in my life that created the person I am today, one that knows how to heal, one that knows how to help others heal, one that can forgive, now I understand why this was a sacred messenger, it showed me something that I’ve been unconscious of for years, we honour this and we fully release it and we let this lesson go, and we thank the soul for showing us this and we honour them at the level of the higher self, we now realize that the current situation that came up was a blessing, it was to show us there is healing that needs to occur… Now this childhood situation how could this be a positive?

Well it taught me the power of forgiveness, it taught me that if I can heal from this others can too, It taught me to not be a victim and to help victims shift their lives and heal.. This is all hypothetical lessons but you get the idea. Why did I come into this lifetime to learn to this lesson, Eventually it was to put you on your highest path.

Trauma is stored on the cellular level, so when we you wonder why you feel angry, or why you are upset it’s because we have been programmed, we have these memories stored on the cellular level, on an energetic level, and within our DNA. We must deprogram these experiences by not re-creating them, honoring them, and allow them to process energetically, to get closer to unlocking our true soul essence. This happens from going within.

Once you realize you were created perfect, you shift traumas from feeling guilt, shame, embarrassment, and understand that these were the catalysts to make you want healing, searching deeply for self-love, changing everything in your life, that experience though at the time you’re not able understand it was going to shape your journey until you are able to transform it and birth something new. Let’s not forget, your most major growth periods are ones as a soul you chose to learn from. Once we come out the other side and shift the victim energy it becomes our greatest empowerment.

If we don’t learn this lesson, the energy of it will keep reoccurring, creating a frequency loop, it may even break you, or it can completely liberate you to shift to a point of looking within, no more projecting, take 100% accountability for our energy we are creating from this moment forward.

You can choose lack. You can choose expansion. You choose where your energy goes, if we are standing in our energy full, our energy is abundant, if our energy is abundant, we are in a place of abundance, we are in a place of creation, a place of Divine Flow.

Eventually after all of the releasing and deprogramming, all the stuff that comes up doesn’t matter, because we understand we choose not to create lack, we choose not to create the human condition, we choose not feed the ego, we choose not to fractal our energy and create lack we choose to be abundant and full of divine love.

So I guess the easiest way to sum this up, are you creating lack, are you creating separation, are you re-creating on old situations, do you choose to hold on instead of heal? Let me share something with you. YOU HAVE TO LET GO, it’s time to forgive, for yourself, and your Divine Mission, if your energy is lack and you trying to create abundance, love, peace, and help as many people as possible it will not work


Your energy and your words need to be in a space that creates the “Light Choice” within yourself and understand your perfect, sit in the place without ego, and the need to react, sit in the space of neutrality and open to receiving all that is being gifted to you, this is a magnificent time, and remember you choose to be here during this time of ascension during monumental universal shift.

Cosmic Blessings,

Richard Luminous Melchizedek

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