Diamond Rose & The Sacred Heart

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Higher Self Channeled Message

February 13 2020

We have entered into the next phase of integrating our higher being as we have vertically crossed the threshold of this embodiment process, there has now come a decision time to many as they are seeing all around them what is not in alignment.

We are energetically and empathically being guided away from much of the timelines from last year as they have dissipated, and we are witnessing the new unfolding in front of us with every word, every thought, every feeling. The Cosmic Soul is Awakening in the now moment. Let go of all the old stories. Open to I AM creating the new, it is already here, I open to the primordial streams of creation and align my sacred path.

We now must walk this stage with honor and integrity as this is our highest mission, as we are feeling, seeing, and being the highest call of this new reality.

It is time to embody, to let go of what we know, and allow You to be You, and Me to be We. Remembering of who you are in the most quiet Divine Peace, as this peace is your home.. this is not the old story, this is the new creation of the sacred heart.

Peace is in you heart, as the heart is expanding to new levels and depths, coming alive after lifetimes of Absence

The levels of penetration and expansion of the sacred heart center are causing feelings of pain and relief as this activation is breaking through the walls and the shields that have developed from our journeys.

We have already released so much from the heart, which is not what we are speaking about right now, we are speaking about this new level of depth within the heart that is being reclaimed from all lifetimes, all existence, all ancestral, as this is healing for all generations.

There are many of you holding this tender sacred experience of emotional overwhelm of compassion and gratitude for the shifting of all collectively, as we are birthing on a new level of physical embodiment.

This sacred heart process will be the birthing of this newly enlarged tender sacred diamond rose heart activation, as the Diamond Rose is returning, and connecting our Divine Hearts to The Sacred Sisters & Sacred Brothers of the Diamond Rose.

This is an embodiment of Krystal Heart, as much of this has come through earlier this year, and now preparing for final stages of this birthing, this is now being ignited as the Divine Leaders are opening to the Sacred Birth Rites as Divine Children of the Highest Light.

We are all the Divine Children

The Leaders coming forward are those that have chosen to help our brothers and sisters on this path through this ascension process. These are leaders of the new system of Divine Truth, Divine Love, Divine Integrity they are not coming from the institutions but a place of the heart. They are not in a position of authority, as they walk as an Emissary of Divine Light, they hold a position as an Ambassador of Love & Compassion, and the Golden Rainbow Ray of Creation…

This is a new dawning, as we walk together walk together as one

The Order of The Rainbow

Richard Luminous Melchizedek

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Diamond Rose & The Sacred Heart

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