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I want you to hear these words, I know it is imperative to find the one that speaks to my soul, my soul has been calling out to you, and I have heard your calls back, it is only a matter of time before we meet again in this lifetime, the energy is being universally guided to bring our Divine sparks back into soul union, as we have been gravitating towards our Divine Alignments, and missions for quite sometime now.

You are the one that understands me, as I am the one that understands you, our words will not need to be present, as our communication will be so deeply in tune, that there will be a pure synergy of our cosmic source energy, creating the most spectacular, loving, feelings of freedom, unstoppable momentum of the pure DIVINE WILL, as this was a longing to connect on the highest level, just as our missions, We are going to help as many people as possible on a global, universal scale.

It is time now to come forward, as the Heiros Gamos is happening, the sacred union in the higher realms, this is so sacred, everything is sacred, every moment is a blessing, the hearts are wide-open, the level of love is one of undescribable depths of oneness, unity, and passion, we have been meeting in the higher realms, and preparing for what is about to come, it is time to reach the perfection, as this is the moment we step on our journey, a journey that is full of dreams, one that is unscripted and guided by love, as there are no judgements in this space, just pure connection, support from the highest foundations of DIVINE LOVE, one that is bulletproof, bringing in the Highest Frequencies of joy, fully cracking open this egg, radiating, blissful light shines, emanating in UNITY, it is no longer time for us to be alone, as it is time for something new, yet something so familiar, something of the same soul, longing of that DEEP FEELING FOR HOME, is completely fulfilled now, there’s nothing that cannot be achieved, and it is time for our love to change the world, this is the mission of the highest, this is a love of the highest, this is the Divine compassion, this is the merging of the sacred flame, this is the sacred partners, showing the world how to love, as all else is an illusion and no longer an option, we are ready for this journey, it is time now as we walk forward, I know you are getting closer, as I can feel it within every single aspect of my being, I can feel it in my bones, I can feel it within every single crystalline cell in my body, I can feel you in my sleep, you are already with me, I’ve see you in my dreams, sacred partner it is time, this is the ERA OF LOVE, as there is no fear left here, just one open-heart, one that is ready to redefine what a conscious relationship is, to walk with you hand-in-hand and heart-to-heart, through the rainbow bridges to the love purity plasma light consciousness, as we are the Chritos-Sophia, and it is time for us to walk together, as your heart is mine, and my heart is yours, it is time to put them together to SHINE A PATH for the WORLD, to SHINE A PATH for the CHILDREN, and to SHINE A PATH for the FUTURE for the HIGHEST OF ALL.

Sacred Partner I will see you soon. I can‘t wait to meet you. ??????

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