Guardians of The Light

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Channeled Message from the Andromedan High Council

Loving family, 

There is much occurring within this current shift in frequencies,

We want you to be able to navigate through your challenges with the highest integrity for the next coming stages of ascension,

There is going to be more dramatic and energetic shift coming for humanity,

It has truly come to a place where we must honour our highest path,

This is going to be difficult for many as we have come accustomed to living for material values,

This will no longer fulfil the deep need for wholeness within you,

There is an increasing capacity to feel a deep feeling of love within oneself and to achieve this Fulfillment, this is Ascension.

Spiritual Ascension is coming into alignment with one’s highest soul in full service to the living light of the one source cosmic consciousness, 

Universal Ascension is the multidimensional universe coming back into galactic alignment to stabilize the core of our universal infrastructure to support spiritual ascension of the energetic living light consciousness of the one source of all creation,

Through the process of ascension it requires us to physically be able to to hold a higher frequency of light, 

Your energy is the most powerful tool you have, the energy you choose to put out into the world, the energy you choose to engage in, you are creating with every thought, every word, every feeling, every action, this has always been your choice, as we all have free will to choose,

You have the free will choice to choose what collective energy you want to play in, one of chaos and dysfunction, or one supporting the organic living light of all creation, the eternal love field that exists within all,

The natural laws and sciences of oneness and unity consciousness are fully supporting all those that are open to aligning their life with one of expansion and higher conscious choice to choose, what is for the highest soul growth for all involved,

The time of bypassing ones own self love for artificial and outside happiness is coming to a close, as we are all being seen for our internal energy, all that is unresolved will be mirrored in all aspects of your life, 

You can choose to navigate through this ascension cycle by understanding the power of conscious choice, conscious healing, and conscious energy that you create which has an energetic response to all that you have created, this leaves a holographic imprint of all your creations, and this will be mirrored back to exponentially,

It is time to take all as sacred in your life, and see this as a sacred path returning to the true divine alchemy of transmuting all densities into light, by the love you create from your heart, the compassion you carry for your brothers and sisters, the divine unfoldment within each moment,

This is increasing in frequency within each moment and each day, as more are being triggered by the light to see all that has been holographically imprinted within their creations, this is being presented to each one uniquely to energetically experience all that is being brought into alignment or that is energetically out of alignment and needs to be unweaved,

As we are all conscious creators, whether conscious or unconscious we are all creating a collective and an individual reality, or storyline to play out or unfold, 

The major change that is occurring is the speed of light quotient that is increasing exponentially coming from inside Gaia, and through the galactic core, 

This is creating an ascension escalator of the increasing light quotient, to keep up and not feel the collective or personal overwhelm, we must release the holographic imprints that carry density from our creations, and this allows our systems to process more light, and keep up on the escalating ascension, as we will calibrate and synchronize our cellular systems, and light bodies to the increasing light, this is like a ship that this trying to stay afloat it must remove all weight to stay with the rising water, accept the weight is traumas, illusions, programs, and we are not speaking of rising water but that of the rising plasma light,

It will come to a point where those that never Innerstood this will not be able to keep up with the light,

All it takes is to be willing and accountable for ones sight, one light, and ones creations as a being of this light, to step out of the shadows and into the light, 

This is the Great Awakening it is the time of the LIGHT,

Eternal love is here, it exists within each one of you, you must look within and find that inner light, the union of the Christos Sophia, you are the God Consciousness, you are the living light,

It is time Rise as A Guardian and Steward of This Light 

by Richard Melchizedek 


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