Prayer For Unity

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We are the Hue-man Kind-ness,

We are the Rainbow Light

Dear Beloved God,

Dear Ones, 

Today We Pray for Unity

Today We Envision Freedom,

Let this Decree Be Heard Through The Hearts of ALL, and All Kingdoms,

This is a Divine Calling For Unity,

It is time for you to feel this light,

It is bringing freedom for all,

Let go of your anger and come into love,

Honor this feeling if you want freedom for all,

It is time to feel what is good within your hearts,

We want you to love all as truly Divine,

This is the only solution for your freedom,

WE honour each person, each race, each being as light,

There is only one sight to see, and that is love for all,

We will honor those that cannot see this for themselves,

We need you to be the wayshower of the light,

An emissary of love,

It is time for each one of us to come together and unite,

Let go of all that has us divided,

Let go of all messages of hatred,

We are the people of the sacred stars,

This is the time to see all together hue-man kind-ness,

We are the shades of diversity,

Coming together as one rainbow light,

It is time for us to speak fully in Gods Perfect Light,

What has been occurring is not right,

We have the voices of the people,

We have the voices of the light,

It’s time now to move forward in union and Divine Birth Rite,

We are souls on a journey of remembering,

We are coming back into our Light,

You are created perfect as the stars are above,

You are here to sing the songs of the dove,

Brothers and sisters hold each other in your arms,

You can create a Sovereign Kingdom when you put down your arms,

Speak from your heart and let your pen be your sword,

 A billion united would be heaven restored,

You have the voice, You have the passion, You have the Light,

Stand up for what is right,

You can do this together in love and community,

It is time to bring together oneness and unity,

We are going to help you in seeing the light,

Open your heart and feel what is right,

You are entitled to more as your sacred divine birth rite,

It is the time to love and understand that 2020 is hindsight,

Our leaders must not have egos,

They need to be fully versed in love,

As they speak from their hearts and receive the freedom from above,

Times are changing, we are seeding this from the stars,

It is One Light, One Love, One Source,

The Rainbow Children have grown up,

They have released us from this curse,

New Earth is coming this has already been earthed,

Dear One Rise Up,

You are the love from the stars,

You have the freedom in heart,

It is time to sing it to ALL,

We have been chosen to lead this evolution,

Stay in love and don’t get lost in revolution,

You are here to be ONE, just as the Heavens above,

You are Gods Perfect Child and Hues of Diversity,

We stand together in Divine Rainbow Unity,

Unity is strongest when you hold it in your hearts,

We are Sovereign Brothers and Sisters right from the Start,

It is time now Rise Up, Stand together as ONE, 

I Love You, We Love You, We Have Already Won,  

Unity Brings Freedom and with Love all else will Fall,

As We are the keepers and the bringers of the Rainbow Diamond Light,

Stand UP, Come Together, Shine The Rainbow Diamond Light,

Bring this in Gods Perfect Light,

Lets transmute all, Bring Freedom, It’s the End of Fall,

Victory is Here, Restored Freedom and the Rainbow Hue of ALL,

Come together as The Original 12 Tribes,

Rainbow Warriors have answered the call,

So it is! It is done!

Aho, Namaste, Blessed be, As God would have it be!

By Richard Melchizedek

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