Return of the White Lion from Royal House of Antares

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Message from The White Lion of Antares

You are going through another window there is going to be big shifts coming after the recent reshuffling in the galactic realms.

We are supporting new missions and timelines as things are taking place at a much faster pace than anticipated over the last couple weeks.

It is now important to understand your creations and the energy they are put into. It is time to create from your heart and from a place of infinite love, one with no attachments, the shift from me to we.

There is still a lot of people refusing to look at that their lessons which will be intensified for them to look at, all of the humans that are projecting their internal suffering out onto world are going to be accelerated with the next round of ascension waves coming through, as there is energetic realignment that has occurred which is shifting the consciousness on the earth, more people are waking from there sleeping states with the questions of why, and how did we believe we were meant to feel so much pain and suffering.

We forgot our true divinity, as time and energy is shifting, there are many now who are choosing love, and remembering they are far greater than they have ever been told, that all of the information and resources cannot come from the average book, or the teacher in school, but the teacher of the highest self, the master which they are, as they have already learned this, it is a matter of remembering who we are, we are perfect, and we chose to be here assist the others in waking up, it is a time now as the next missions will be coming for those to start the new earth projects, to clean our oceans, to speak the healing sounds and codes to the dolphins and the whales, to go into the forests and speak to the tree people, to upgrade the genetic codes and memory consciousness of the wild forest, a home and eco system of the mother, we usher in the light frequencies to reset the patterns of fear consciousness, and return back to connecting with the magic of the nature, as we return back the power that was taken from the plant people and tree people, you are awakening to the importance of hearing these words, as we are awakening, our words are activating frequencies of light, which are re-energizing the harmony, as we are now choosing to not recreate lack but to create something powerful out of love and with the highest mission for we, as we shift, as we see, we are creating a new understanding of how powerful our energy is and where we choose to put it will change the world, as now more than ever it is a mass awakening that is happening, an internal revolution of the journey within me, which allowed me to find we, we the universe, we the Ascended Masters, from the present and the future, we the White Lion Of Antares who will be coming to you in dreams, in your meditations, in thoughts of consciousness as the missions for a difference to change this world as you are the light keepers, you are the creators that are choosing to create from the heart for we, as we no longer to choose to create for me, we are the future, we are the builders, the architects, and designers of the new earth, as we are creating something new where we are whole, as the separation does not exist as we have chosen to not create lack, we choose to honor we as the the universal galactic soul being that is far grander than me.. it is time to go within and release all that does not belong, as all of the Separation is an illusion, all we need to see it is me is far smaller than we, it time to make changes and speaking our tue voice for the changes we need to see, and we will heal all of the generations before us as we and the ancestors are ready for unity.

Richard Luminous Chambers

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