Spiritual Teachings of Antares by White Lion

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The path that is taken to Ascension is the path of learning how to love. We are evolving in our consciousness and our understanding of love. Love is that of the Ascended which is one without attachment in how to love. A love that is unity consciousness. It is One without judgment or prejudice, it is a feeling of wholeness, a feeling of constant expansion, where the energetic fields are holding the infinite feeling of “we” as “we” is the unity and the whole, and a knowing of the highest compassion United in love.

It is time for you to step forward and teach with the actions of your heart. You are the “we” who can change the systems, change the communities, and be the “we” to become the leaders of love in the new earth as it is shifting, you are shifting, you are ready to learn the secrets of the heart, the heart is the most pure light to shine through all deception, as it is time to shine the light on all that is not serving the love for one another, as it must now be evident, that the illusions are not being believed, the teachings of separation are no longer hidden, it is now time for the teaching of “we”.

We are the ones that love, we are the ones that teach you how to love, as the love is what you have come from, you came here as the perfection of love, the love that exists through all the dimensions, this is your purpose, you are a teacher of love, we are a teacher of love, you are stepping into a new reality, one where the illusion is contraction, or it was a teaching of imprisonment, teachings that showed all to forget their love, and to search endlessly for it, this will no longer make sense, as the new earth is here, the new earth is love, it is energetic and runs through the crystalline cells, the crystalline grids, the light bodies breathe this liquid plasma light, it is connecting you to the frequencies of the Ascended.

The Ascension is here it is the returning of the Divine Blueprint of Luminous beings, you are reaching a new understanding, as the ego has no place in the Plasma Light, the ego is your tool of separation, the ego is being upgraded to the Divine superconscious, this is radiating within you, as you know it is truth, for all of you that are glowing right now as you integrate the LIGHT CODES with these energetic teachings, as you are expanding, and ready to take the rolls of your Divinity, as this is not a belief, it is as physical as it is energetic.

We are you and you are we, The Divine is being activated within, as it is the TRUTH, the TRUTH is LOVE, all those that don’t lead with love, will not understand the connection and will be seen as straight through, as the heart is the leader, as one heart can equal the strength of 100 minds, as 10 hearts is the infinite power to cause ripples through the universe. It time to activate your stargates within you, your diamond crystal generators and the Photonic Light, we are teaching what you already know as this what you are.

Light Transmission by

Richard Luminous Melchizedek

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