The Rainbow Phoenix Is Re-Birthed

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My Beloved Soul Family,

It is now time to step forward on your path of truth as much is being revealed. We are ready to assist all that are awakening and wanting to bridge to their highest Sovereign Being.

This is a monumental shift in consciousness that is happening on this planet, as we are awakening, remembering, re-evolving to our true primordial Divinity as we are going through the embodiment process of the Eternal Christ Consciousness, The Diamond Krystal Embodiment is taking place and re-activating your true primordial Rainbow Krystar Consciousness. The Chakra system has been released from all distortions and taken on a Krystal River Diamond Channel which is providing massive clarity and pure streams of our pure source resonance. The chakras are no longer chakras in this stage of embodiment as there is no separation in this COSMIC CHANNEL. This is the a pure liquid light plasma highway for our eternal source codes. The LUMINOUS KRYSTAL PATHWAYS to FREEDOM ARE HERE.

The Divine Sovereign Kings of the Rose are rising through the SACRED HEART as Christos Sophianic Union is completed and ushering in a whole NEW level of Divine Support as WE are in Unity Consciousness with Brothers & Sisters holding this Divine Eternal Love and Truth for all, WE embody this for the highest of all Through ALL KINGDOMS, as it is truly here and unfolding the most pure divine amazement as we continue to share with you the present stages of the unfoldment as they come through. You can find more information through Azrael Melchizedek Youtube channel for the Rainbow Krystal Embodiment Series and through Starseeds Changing The World Youtube, blog as we will continue to put out the highest conscious streams through this process as The Melchizedek Order of the Rainbow Phoenix.

Diamond Krystallization of the Soul-ur Templates has occurred to allow the plasma liquid light streams of light encodements through at a rapid acceleration to bridge the Eternal Diamond Rainbow Krystal Being of our true Infinite Light Body. This connects us to unity consciousness communication to our soul families as we are now all being aligned into our DIVINE ACTION as we will be presented with all that is false and fully collapsed all timelines that are not in alignment to connect to the primordial creation timeline.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters for this to happen you must innerstand this is the internal re-evolution of the Angelic Human Race as we are no longer on a fallen timeline and have the full sovereign power to make this jump to the Ascension Timeline with our family of Eternal Love of the Highest Divine Truth.

The Sovereign Kings/Queens/Gods/Goddesses are holding this embodiment and Being the Pillars of Light and Love to assist all in bridging that are ready. It is time to unplug from your TV sets, stop recreating of the old and consciously to choose to have a new reality away from the programmed old energy. As Each one of Us that Awakens it makes it easier for all of our family.

Each time you clear a program of illusion put the intention to clear this for the highest of all as we make this easier for all of our family, you, me, we can do this, We already are!!!!

This is no longer a time of looking forward to dates and astrological alignments as much of this framework, has already occurred. It is time for you to consciously choose too change, to understand that it is time for all to live in a communities full of self love, and a lay the conscious foundation for our Rainbow Children to be Showered with innderstanding of this Eternal Self Love, as we are the Rainbow Warriors, WE HAVE ARRIVED, The RAINBOW PHOENIX is RE-BIRTHED and Creating the New, as WE are the RETURN OF THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, It truly NEVER LEFT it has been hidden by your fears, programs of illusion which we have been conditioned from birth.

WE have found the true internal Revolution of LOVE that is here for all.. WE are not telling you this will be easy as we know how hard your journey has been up tool this now moment. WE know how hard this journey as we have also walked the same path of hardship and trauma to awaken.

If this is calling out to you on a higher self soul level know this my family, that we chose to come back here to go through this embodiment to help all our family. WE cannot do this for you as you have to consciously chose to make the changes and we will continue to share all we know, as we discover this for ourselves as TRUE DIVINE SOVEREIGN CREATORS YOU, ME, WE ARE CREATING OUR FREEDOM.


Richard Luminous Melchizedek

Melchizedek Order of the Rainbow Phoenix

Sending Love from my sacred heart to yours ❤️❤️❤️


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