Your Heart is the Portal to the Universe

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Arcturian Council of Light Channeling Sept 11

We invite YOU to ponder the energy you are creating in the moment of stillness. Are you able to sit within the stillness of the mind? Can you allow the portal of your heart to open to your innate wisdom and the streams of creation that are abundant within you. 

The mind and ego work as an energetic faucet restricting the flow of universal consciousness to and from the heart.  We invite you to think of this as an exercise to increase your energetic perception of your ability to tune into your natural state of consciousness. It is in this state of flow where you will all the answers for, what you need.  Your energy will bring messages to you with your increased ability to tune into your natural flow state. 

There are messages speaking to you in each waking moment. In the silence of the heart portal you will awaken to the most profound feelings of home. The songs of your soul are in deep connection to the multi-dimensionally streams of love. 

Tune into your heart and let go of all expectations and needing to know how, or control this experience.  Allow, Accept, and Acknowledge you.  This is your guidance to your golden path of ascension.  Sit in the portal of your heart and awaken to your true soul, universal essence.

If you are having difficulties feeling with in this moment and finding peace, rest assured it is there.  It is under all of the distractions that are arising for you. This is an indiction on a soul level to let go of the layers that are blinding you from you own abundant streams.  Turn down the ego consciousness and ask for messages of what is in my highest and best in this moment to release.

” I let go of all frequencies, mind chatter, and distractions enabling me to sit in the stillness of my heart portal now.”  

Now picture yourself turning counter clockwise one of knobs n the your faucet of consciousness with the intention to turn down the ego. 

Now with you hand on your heart we invite to picture the other knob on this faucet to be the one to your universal streams of consciousness. Picture your energetic hand turning this clockwise to increase your heart purity conscious flow as the portal to heart opens. 

Now feel in this moment your heart warming underneath your hand. Your heartbeat is glowing and the portal of the heart is opening to your primordial streams of creation. 

The You-niverse is within you.

Sit in this moment and just feel, just be, and let go. There is no need to be anywhere or do anything accept experience you.  Experience the universe flowing through and your heart being the guided light for this journey. Allow the silence to be full of wonder, bliss, euphoria, unity and feelings of deep eternal love.  

Your heart is your golden compass to guide you on your golden path.  It is time for you to awaken the seeker within you.  The adventure of your soul journey is waiting for you. If you can sit and allow it to unfold.

We the Arcturians understand the energy that exists with in the presence moment is the highest form of energetic truth you will find.  We are always are connected to the present connection of the universal energy unfoldment. This is where you will find Unity Consciousness and the all the answers to the freedom you have been searching for.

Your freedom is closer than you think. You have the key within you. We invite you to activate your heart portal and tune into to you inner universal source. This is how you will ascend.

We honour all of today for taking this time to go within and expand your consciousness.

WE love you.

The Arcturian Council

By Richard Melchizedek

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