Here’s what’s included in the Starseeds School Family of Light course.


In Class 5 Family of Light


In this class we will be calling in your family of light which includes your guides, ascension team, angels, galactic team, and the councils of light that work closely with you. You will then be guided through a meditation where you will meet them and be able to receive any messages and guidance that will assist you on your ascension journey. During the meditation you will also be guided through a visualization exercise that will assist you in becoming the conscious creators of your own life by helping you to tap into your own heart portal and discover what it is that your soul yearning to experience next. We also bring in many different keys, codes and light language activations that will assist you in fully stepping into your power and potential as the artists, creatives, visionaries, wayshowers, and masters that you all are. 


In Class 6 Starseed Mission


In this class we will be assisting you in activating your soul gifts and Starseed mission. You will be guided through exercises to help you to ground as well as open up your divine channels to connect with your family of light. We will then guide you through a meditation to bring you on a journey to your temple of light where you will be given 3 gifts that represent soul gifts that you came into this life with. In part two of the class we will dive deep into topics such as what is New Earth, how do we consciously begin to choose and hold 5D frequencies, and we discuss how to cope with anxiety and different emotions that come up for you during your ascension journey.   


In Class 7 Andromedan High Council


In this class we will be connecting with and channeling the Andromedan High Council to answer some questions to assist you on your ascension journey. Some topics that we will discuss are how to discern which star beings to work with, how to connect with our family of light, and what are some signs that they are around us. We also discuss what the rest of 2020 may bring energetically, how governments and corporations will be affected as we move through ascension, and what humanity is to expect moving forward on the ascension path. The Andromedans also talk about the Starseed/Lightworker mission, what is it we are here to do, our current focus, and what roles many of us will be stepping into as we continue to raise our frequency. We will end the class by bringing through New Earth Ascension keys, codes, and DNA activations that will further assist you on your journey and in anchoring in these higher frequency energies. 


In Class 8 7th Strand DNA Activation 


In this class we will bring through a channeled message from The Emerald Order Breneau on ascension and the importance of the roles that each of you are stepping into as Wayshowers and Lightworkers. In this class you will also receive a series of DNA activations, a frequency increase, and bio-plasma upgrades to assist you in further awakening and help you on your ascension journey. In the second part of this class we will specifically activate the 7th strand of your DNA to help strengthen your communication with your Family of Light. This will be a major DNA upgrade to your cellular systems and structures. 

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