Master Christos Collective Blood Purification and Resurrection

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We are bringing through a massive clearing tonight with our beloved Master Christos Collective, Emerald Order, and Aurora Guardian Teams. This will be a huge clearing and reclamation for the blood and life force energy:
Here is an excerpt from tonight’s call:

We ask for the Rainbow Diamond Plasma Amplifiers to begin to clear, dissolve, remove, dismantle, and revoke any consents to any harmful toxins, harmful bacteria, injections, nanotechnology, heavy metals, nano-metals, artificial intelligence, biological warfare, any poisons,  any energies or entities that are usurping or blood harvesting, and DNA that is being usurped, stolen, or harvested through our blood. This is being fully reclaimed, restored, and replenished in the name of God.” 

We are CALLING IN ALL STARSEEDS for this one as the more of our family that can hold space tonight the greater the impact, not just for yourself, but for ALL of our Beloved Christos Family. 

Let’s RECLAIM, RESTORE, and CALL BACK that which is rightfully ours!

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1 review for Master Christos Collective Blood Purification and Resurrection

  1. Pixi

    This is a powerful blood clearing. Loved it!

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