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Hello beautiful souls,

Through the diamond purity of our hearts and the true unconditional omni loving presence of the God Source within we are sounding the heart call to our New Earth Tribe. We welcome you with open hearts to join us in this sacred container and initiation of Hieros Gamos. 

We are the New Earth Seeds that are blossoming through the unity consciousness field. Together we are remembering how to hold and embody the highest secretion of the liquid living eternal light (Divine Father) and harmonic (Divine Mother) frequency bands to support our evolutionary journey. 

The internal alchemy is a sacred process of our divine masculine and divine feminine presence coming into unison with our original Source creatrix. We hold this through our sacred union and each one of you holds this too. We are here to help you, guide you, and support you through this sacred journey of awakening the deep eternal connection to your Omni Love God Presence. 

Each one of us carries the New Earth Seeds that are being planted through the harmonious nature of our Angelic Presence. Our natural innate beingness is awakening which is bringing forward the living light transmissions from Source Consciousness. Through our inner temple, our holy of the holies, we awaken our Omni Love Gardens and begin to grow that which is truly pure and giving life to New Earth. 

We encourage you to come forward if you are feeling the call to make a difference, to embody a higher energetic aspect of yourself, and quantum jump into the unified field. This will be a 12 week journey of learning how to open to our internal gateways and sacred sanctum of unity. 

We will be holding a sacred cacao ceremony after the first class to initiate the journey of the heart and the healing of our relationship with our own masculine and feminine. This is a healing and embodiment journey. 

We are excited to be holding the unified field for the sacred collective consciousness of ascending humanity to step further into their path. As the Seeds of New Earth our being planted we are beginning to fertilize the garden and usher in a new level of consciousness for our planetary body, cosmic body, universal body, galactic body, and the internal union through our star body. From within and throughout and from internal to eternal, we will ignite the inner alchemy of Hieros Gamos. 

Hieros Gamos is a sacred alchemical process where we come into full balance, harmony, and alignment with all aspects of our consciousness unified through love, peace, grace, harmlessness, and compassion synthesized into the joyous liquid life force of our Source Creation. It is a celebration of the remembering of our fractalized journey from Source, ascending the polarity consciousness into the oneness of all. The transformation that will occur just from being in an unconditional love field is pure healing through Source connection. This is the doorway to New Earth; enter here. 

If you have any questions about the upcoming training please reach out to us. We know all of the souls that are coming forward are ready to co-create in this sacred unity container.

From our hearts to your hearts, we hold the Omni Love Field within and throughout, we are one. Spread your wings and open to receive the abundant blessings of the New Earth and to show you the mountains that we have only dared dream of.


What is This?

A Live Group Ceremony & Activation

Where Will This Be?

On Zoom Live Stream Video, 

How Can I Be A Part of This?

Sign Up and you will get the link to join!

If I Miss a Live Call Can I Still Receive?

YES, we will have this available! Although if you can make it Live, you can receive it now and be directly part of the activation.

Will There Be a Replay?

YES, for all who sign up.

When is This?

Tuesday, December 6th – Tuesday March 7th at 8pm est / 5pm pst

What about Christmas? 

There will be time.  off over Christmas to allow for all the holiday fun.