Welcome to Starseeds School!

We do not walk this journey alone.

We’re pillars of light for each other and by joining our collective hearts, we remind each other of our inner power and fierce love for all.

When we all share our authentic voice and commit to embodying our unique soul song we empower one another to shine even brighter than we could possibly shine all on our own.

You’re never alone. You’re part of a tribe of light that is here for you always. It is time to return home and truly be held.


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About Us

Jessica and myself, Richard, were guided to provide a sacred space for you, the Starseeds, to feel comfortable and supported during your ascension process. In the name of community and unity, we’ll hold weekly Starseed classes to share from our hearts what’s coming through collectively. It’s time for our family to come together and share this sacred heart space so you can safely blossom to your true potential.

What a profound environment for higher consciousness development- being surrounded with like minded souls! Jessica Rosalie and I, Richard Melchizedek, are both Divine Light Language conduits and we work with these sacred languages to channel healing, activations, alignments in the name of unity, and love for our brothers and sisters. It’s our intention provide an energetic container for you to feel loved, nurtured, and supported in all ways.

Meet the Instructors


To all my soul family:

It’s time to walk the path of your true Divine Sovereignty. We are embarking on a journey of the Sacred Heart.  I overcame my own aspects of the soul journey, from illness, addiction and near-death experiences. I found a way to navigate through these traumas to honor and transmute these experiences as sacred messengers along my path to put me into highest calling of full service to help others awaken to their highest Divine Path.


 Through opening our hearts fully that we can transform as love has the ability to heal all and bring us back home to who we truly are. As an empathic intuitive and divine feminine I connect with the frequency of unconditional love and bring that energy into the work that I do. It is through my own journey of self-love that has enabled me to have such an open-hearted approach to all that I do. When I began to recognize that my sensitive nature was not a weakness but truly my greatest gift I was able to empower myself to guide others along their journey. I now believe it is part of my mission to assist in empowering others on their path to help them reach their fullest potential and awaken to their innate gifts and abilities. When we connect with our hearts and choose to release all that is no longer serving us we can begin to peel back the layers of programming and conditioning within ourselves that never really were us to begin with. I believe that our hearts holds all of the answers, as everything we need is inside of us, and it is through love that we can create Heaven on Earth. 


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