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With Richard Luminous Melchizedek

Where Starseeds come to ascend!

Discover your true gifts and receive guidance towards your most abundant life.

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It’s time to live a life full of Passion and Purpose, with a deep soul embodiment of Eternal Love and Oneness with the Primordial God/Source/Creator

within and without.

You’ll never feel out of place again once you fully love yourself

to the depths of your soul!

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Make a bigger impact on this planet by being fully embodied.

Your impact is bigger than you can imagine!

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Richard Luminous Melchizedek

I am honoured if you’ll choose me to be your ascension guide along this sacred path of awakening of Diamond Christ Consciousness Embodiment.

I want you to discover your Divine empowerment and assist you in releasing separation so you can return to wholeness.

Each session is divinely guided. I have a unique ability to connect deeply as a divine channel for your soul’s individual needs to enable you to understand how truly beautiful and sacred you are as we connect with the Star Nations.

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