Richard Luminous Melchizedek

I’m here to assist you on your soul’s journey

in releasing all separation and return to wholeness

and love for yourself.

It’s now time to rediscover

your Eternal Love and Embodiment

of the God Consciousness!

My Mission

I speak from a place of Divine Truth to help you on your spiritual path of learning.

 It is our soul’s deepest desire to truly love ourselves.

 My authentic passion is to connect with pure love on a soul-to-soul level and be others’ guiding light.

My Background

To all my soul family:

It’s time to walk the path of your true Divine Sovereignty. We are embarking on a journey of the Sacred Heart.  I overcame my own aspects of the soul journey, from illness, addiction and near-death experiences. I found a way to navigate through these traumas to honor and transmute these experiences as sacred messengers along my path to put me into highest calling of full service to help others awaken to their highest Divine Path.

It is time to wake up

to your true embodiment of this new earth

and break free from all you used to believe.

My Training

As a Diamond Krystalline DNA Activator, I want to be your Ascension Guide during your journey. I feel qualified and ready to assist you on your journey of Ascension.

If you’re reading this, it is by no chance that you were divinely guided to be here in this NOW moment! 

My training includes Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki (Reiki of Compassion), Co-Creation, Multi-dimensional communication, Divine & Galactic Channeling, Intuitive & Physic Development, Shamanic Journeying, Munay Ki Rites

In 2018, I was attuned with Pure Source Transmissions of the Diamond Krystal Consciousness, Quantum Light Language Energetics, Sacred Keys & Codes and The Rainbow LightKeepers Rites.