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Richard D. Chambers

I Stand as a Bridge Between Worlds,

a Channel Through which the voice of

Mother Earth and the Celestial Beings resonate.

I Am A Divine Messenger of Love

The Most Sacred Gift is Life

and Within You, At Your Core

Is The Pure Divinity of Source Love,

I AM Here To Help You Remember Who You Are!

It is Time

Awaken The Living Ceremony of Life!

My Mission

 I Am Here As A Guardian of Sacred Life,

The Elders Talk about this New Era 

Where the Dream World will

Become more powerful than the waking World,  

I see this as a Planetary Ascension in consciousness,

My Mission is help humanity to remember the sacred Memory of Life

My Background

Recognized by the Kogi & Aruhaco as a messenger and a teacher of the origin, Richard’s role transcends that of a mere conduit; he is a guardian

of knowledge, named by the Kogi Elders to share the untouched and pure teachings directly from La Madre. His mission is to deepen our

connection with our Great Mother and awaken the divinity within each of us, facilitating a journey of reclamation and spiritual awakening.

It is time to wake up

to your true embodiment of this new earth

and break free from all you used to believe!

My Training

 Richard D. Chambers stands at the forefront of a transformative movement, a bridge between the ancient and the imminent, guiding souls through a time of profound change and spiritual awakening.

His unique blend of roles—Master Healer, Munay Ki Rites Facilitator, Akashic Record

Reader, Shamanic Facilitator, Soul Embodiment Coach, Author, and Messenger for the Mamos of the Sierra Nevada.

Forms the foundation of his mission to heal, awaken, and elevate the collective consciousness.