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Single Session Calls


Single Sessions

Spiritual Guidance $144.44- Sign up here

Light Language and Blueprint Activation $144.44- Sign up here

Cosmic Soul Journey’s on Sunday(group call) $22.22- Sign up here 


Awaken the Cosmic Soul

VIP Package


The VIP Package Includes:

The Cosmic Soul Journey Bundle- $444

3x 45 minute Mentor Session w/ Richard worth over $300

Access to Cosmic Soul Journey calls on Sunday’s for a year- value at $900

Private Community of like-minded Starseeds

$1500.00- Sign up here





We’ll start with an introductory session to see what’s  unique about your path, develop a vision of where you are right now, and lay the foundation to breakthrough all your limitations to highest unique path of service.  The next 5 session will be Divinely guided by the councils of light to fully activate you into your awakened cosmic soul. This will be a unique process to your individual soul experience.  This is for those already on a path of awakening and want the next level of clarity.

The 12 to 20 weeks really allows for some deep quantum energetic work to bring forward major transformation on your path. This will be a combination of mentorship, Quantum Light Language, Divine Guidance, Deep Cellular Activations, Restoration of the Orginal Diamond Krystal Templates, Krystalline DNA Activation, and individually geared to collapse all false timelines that no longer serve you.  You must be ready to be 100% accountable for your energy and an open heart to join this beautiful journey and soul to soul guided mentorship.

6 week Mentorship- $797.77

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12 Week Mentorship –$1444.44 USD

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20 Week Mentorship –$2222.22 USD

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Let’s connect on a soul level so I can guide you to release all separation and return to wholeness and love for yourself.

I Want to Guide You

I would love to be your Ascension Guide during your journey. If you’re reading this, it is by no chance that you were divinely guided to be here in this NOW moment!

My training includes but is not limited to: Diamond Krystalline DNA Activator, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki (the Reiki of Compassion), Co-Creation, Multi-Dimensional Communication, Divine and Galactic Channelling, Intuitive & Psychic Development, Shamanic Journeying, Munay Ki Rites.

In 2018, I was attuned with Pure Source Transmissions of the Diamond Krystal Consciousness through my higher Self channels to work with Quantum Light Language Energetics, Sacred Keys & Codes and The Rainbow Light Keepers Rites.

I would feel beyond honored if you’d choose me to hold your hand during this journey.

Love & Peace, Richard


Whole hearted love and deep knowing of yourself will make your life become very meaningful.

You’ll be connected to a community of people like you, who are committed to being 100% responsible for their energy.

You will never feel out of place again once you have fully loved yourself to the depths of your soul.

Your life will become purposeful and your actions will come from your heart centered core.

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Eternal Love is the only answer to the pure cosmic Christ Consciousness of the remembrance and re-evolution of the Divine Sovereign Being and Our Birth Rites.