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I’m here to assist you on your soul’s journey in releasing all separation and return to wholeness and love for yourself.

The Ascension Academy


Live Calls on Wednesday & Sunday!

Live Calls on Sunday!

Starseeds School

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Wednesday’s at 8:00 p.m. EST

Accelerate your growth with Richard and Jessica support you through your learning and awakening process.

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What is light language?

This is the RE-Evolution where we wake up to our true potential as primordial beings. Light language is the perfectly divine tool for your ascension path.

Light language is a form multi-dimensional communication that speaks to your DNA in the highest encoded frequencies of light. Full of sacred geometry, data packets, multidimensional keys & codes that carry divine knowledge, divine truth, and pure soul resonance. 

This course includes a 90 minute Class about Light Language with your Attunement and
4 x 60 min Light Language Practice Group Circles.

Starseeds School Foundations

This 4 part series is packed with foundational tools that cover:

  • What it means to be a Starseed
  • How to maintain a strong auric field known as the 12D shield
  • How to call in your support team and connect with beings in alignment with your highest good
  • How to tune into your heart and strengthen your connection with higher self
  • Tools to create psychic boundaries
  • How to become a conscious creator of our reality
  • Tap into the present moment, know when to surrender and be in flow or action
  • Bonus: receive a major light code activation that came through the 5-5 portal to assist you on your personal ascension journey

Starseeds School Family of Light

This 4 part series will be:

  • will be assisting you in activating your soul gifts and Starseed mission
  • you will be given 3 gifts that represent soul gifts that you came into this life with
  • tapping into your own heart portal and discover what it is that your soul yearning to experience next
  • stepping into your power and potential as the artists, creatives, visionaries, wayshowers, and masters that you all are
  • bringing through New Earth Ascension keys, codes, and DNA activations that will further assist you on your journey and in anchoring in these higher frequency energies.
  • you will also receive a series of DNA activations, a frequency increase, and bio-plasma upgrades to assist you in further awakening and help you on your ascension journey

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