Beloved Starseeds,

We warmly welcome each one of you to this next section in our Starseed School which is all about Ascension and the Starseed Mission. 

First, we would like to take a moment to honour each one of you on this journey today and to thank you for all that you are doing to assist our family. It is by no coincidence that you have found yourself here, and have felt drawn to this Starseed School, as it is your soul who knows that you have come here to Earth with a unique purpose and mission to fulfill. We know this because we feel it is part of our mission to help Starseeds awaken to who they truly are and to assist you in expanding your level of consciousness and activating your unlimited potential during this time of ascension.   

In this section we will invite each one of you to open to the possibilities of who you are as you continue to open up fully to your Starseed mission. Each one of you have chosen several missions and agreements that are of the Starseed ascension timeline. There are a lot of you that have been here going through life, for quite some time, waiting to be activated. Many of you have already chosen your activation dates and a path that will assist you in remembering who you are and how you are going to help in shifting the densities into higher frequencies of light. 

Throughout this Starseed School, you will begin to engage deeper into your Starseed identity and activation. However, it is important that each one of you know and understand that you are the ones who are activating yourself on this journey. The facilitators of this program, Richard and Jessica, are here to guide and bring through the higher dimensional information for your higher selves to interpret and activate throughout your own energetic systems. It is important for you to continue to reclaim your self-sovereignty as we move through these next modules and know that you are the ones who are consciously choosing to awaken and activate yourselves. 

We are so honoured and excited to be on this journey with each one of you and we hope that you enjoy this next series and activation in this Starseed School.

Much love and gratitude,

Richard and Jessica

The Classes

Class 23: Starseed Genetics in Ascension

In this class we will be discussing the Starseed Mission and the importance of Starseed genetics. We will be connecting into your 12th dimensional angelic human blueprint and activating your Starseed genetics that are within this blueprint that will assist you in your role here on Earth at this time.

Class 24: The 12th Dimensional Angelic Blueprint

In this class we will dive deeper into the 12th dimensional angelic blueprint. The 12th dimension holds the foundational keys, codes, structures of reality, and how we are to come into form. The 12th dimensional blueprint also holds all of our energetic qualities with the understanding of the conscious intention and expression of who we are as a multi-dimensional soul being. In this class we will also be working within the blueprint for the Starseed mission. The Starseed mission is embedded within the heart frequency, the soul signature, and the 18th strand within the DNA. We will be activating these areas in this class today. 

Class 25: The Arcturians

In this class we brought through a live channeling of the Arcturian High Council to answer some questions that your fellow Starseed classmates asked during the live call. Here are some of the questions that the Arcturians answered:

  1. How do we connect with our own councils? What can I do to hear them, see them, feel them or know it’s them with me?
  2. Has the future (let’s say the next 6 months) already been decided? Are we just playing it out? 
  3. Our lives are changing as we awaken more, how will our surroundings change with it? How will these new changes affect the political status of the countries and their borders? 
  4. What is our collective focus as we are closing out 2020 and heading into the new year? 
  5. Is there any information you can give us on any challenges or potential timelines we will explore or experience in 2021?
  6. How are past traumas like that experienced in the fall of Lemuria, Atlantis, and the Orion Wars still influencing us at this time and how can we begin to heal this moving forward? 
  7. Can you describe to us what New Earth might look, feel, and be like? 
  8. Is there a date where all who is meant to awaken will be expected to awaken by? 
  9. Are there any Arcturian ascension codes that Richard and Jessica can bring through at this time that will assist all who are here on this call now and in the future?

Class 26: Jehovian Seal Removal, Implant, and Tag Removal 
The focus for class 25 is to increase our divine channels to our highest God Self. Each one of you will undergo a level of crystallization within your divine channels to support an increased communication aligned with your higher self. For us to do this in the highest way for you we will also be conducting a clearing of your lines to remove any implants, tags, layers of infiltration and artificial intelligence. We will go through a 3-stage clearing – starting within the divine channels to remove all implants and tags. We will also remove all Jehovian Seals within the order 1-7.

Class 27: True Heart-Soul Signature Recalibration

Today you will experience a big shift with the frequencies that are coming through for you in this class. You are all coming into an energetic expansion and awareness of who you are as an awakened soul being on an ascension journey to achieve planetary freedom and liberation for all. You are beginning to enter into a new phase of this journey where you are trying to figure out what reality you are in. In this class, you will be encouraged to step forward into a new reality. You will be letting go of the old and feeling the sense of freedom that can occur from releasing your mind from its past cycles and traps. Each one of you are becoming more consciously aware of all that is unconscious within you and around you. You are going to feel and see many changes in your life the more energetically in tune you are becoming with your heart.

Class 28: New Earth Frequency Band Activation

In this class we will explore deep within our subconscious minds. We will expand our awareness and understanding that our subconscious mind is a band of frequency resonance that is able to hold together patterns and controls of our human condition. We will look at this frequency band and ask ourselves, what is the frequency band separating? What is this frequency band filtering? What is this frequency band inhibiting? Is this frequency band supporting, encouraging, activating, and bringing through higher subconscious beliefs that are supporting our soul growth and cosmic connection to the universe? In this class we will be programing this frequency band to support a new energetic lifestyle that is assisting us in creating and navigating our New Earth ascension journey while attracting behaviours and consciousness that is supporting the great awakening.

Class 29: Ata-Yana Body Activation for Tower of Light

In this class we will open our hearts and awaken to the comic portal that grows deeply within and throughout you. We will activate our Ata-Yana body and open it for low, mid, & high Yana. 

This will call forward the true activation of our crystalline soul resonance of light and bring online our highest alignment during this time of ascension. We will activate our remembering, let go of all that we are not, and come forward to open our hearts as we let go of all that is not our light. We are ready to transmit pure source frequencies of love and open our hearts as crystalline beacons of light. 

Class 30: Journey to the Crystal Caves of Lyra 

In this class we will be working with the Lyran Royal House.  In this transmission we will recall the past tragedies that occurred on Lyra when the 12th dimensional Stargate was destroyed. 

You are going to be given an activation to assist you in healing the trauma of this separation to support you in remembering your original divinity, to let go of the Earth identity, to open to your Galactic Sovereignty, your unconditional love for the universe and a heightened awareness for who you are as a Starseed. You are also going to receive an activation from your higher dimensional self in this class today. 

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