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This Is The Time of Planetary Re-Education

by | May 31, 2022 | Ascension Report | 0 comments

Beloved Family,

What amazing times we are in right now. We have been waiting for a long time to have reached this point in evolutionary consciousness.  We are literally quantum leaping and accelerating on all levels for a massive transfiguration of our entire planetary system and universal time matrix.

I have been reminded lately that there is still a massive portion of the population that are still unaware about what is really happening here.  

Every 26,000 years (roughly, time is fluid) there is a time window that opens that allows us to expand our templates, blueprints, and instructions sets. Think of this system going from a closed loop system to an open loop system. This is where the time matrix unlocks and we have a massive opportunity to up level, and upgrade (ascend). We are reaching an energetic peak cycle that supports us to grow, expand, embody, graduate, write and create our future our true highest reality for the next 26,000 years. 

It is pretty amazing to think about that; you all are here for this cosmic show that is unfolding right in front of your eyes.  

Part of this process is dismantling the old architecture that has supported the finite system and finite codex. We are returning back to the infinite codex and architecture that will always support the deepest most organic experience of consciousness evolution.  There is a blossoming of the infinite harmonics, plasma, and rainbow diamond crystalline matrices that are creating a super conscious highway from the God Realms that are being weaved through all. 

Our mission is to support as much of this as possible during this ascension window.  This will allow a lot of the corrections and suffering that has occurred here on this planet and universal system to come to end.

Each Indigo, Starseed, and Wayshower that are here, are paving the way for what we will experience for the next 26,000 year time cycle.  

Most of you have witnessed a large portion of the masses are completely unaware of the changes that are occurring.  

The planetary body, solar body, star bodies, universal body, and universal time matrix body are going through some major changes through this transfiguration, transmutation and reanimation. The God Body is coming online.  

Since the fall of Lyra we were not able to achieve the full reclamation of this system and bring its reconnection back through the 12D Gates and into the Solar Rishi Body; into the God World Domains.

Our Teams have been working on this for a very long time laying the foundation for this current cycle that we are in now.  Many of you have been here for a very long time on the Christos Paliadorian Covenant, also known and Emerald Covenant.

If you want to know how to help this process and support the evolutionary cycle understand that your healing is the key to move forward.  Each individual holds a piece of the puzzle.  Each trauma, each pain and experience you have endured whether good or bad has been important to mapping out everything that has gone right and wrong in the old finite system.   

Now as we are building and moving forward we must understand that the teachings, religion, and society built from the old finite has not held the true story of our existence.  It has held only pieces and parts that were filtered down and only the bread crumbs that were left for us. This is to tell us a story that we would believe to buy into the finite system and continue the perpetual suffering and misery loops that have been held in this system for so long.

This is a war on the heart. This is a war on consciousness. This is a war on all that is truly organic and sacred to our true nature as an Angelic Human. Now this war ENDS.  

Each individual can continue to play into the old energies, religions, belief systems and structures or you can open to the re-education that is unfolding on this planet right.  If you choose to not do this right now, because it is challenging everything you believe and know,  that’s ok. It will be too painful for some of our family to understand that everything they have been told their whole life is a lie. For those members of our family that cannot handle the shift due deep trauma or emotional fracturing, or addiction they will go into re-education at the time of their crossing.

All beliefs, all ego desires, all wants and ideology must be looked at to move forward. An open mind and an open heart will set you free.

We are here to bring unity consciousness forward.  This occurs through our healing, awakening, and moving towards being a highly emotionally intelligent society; empathically aware of the energies we are creating or projecting.  

Illumination is a step towards healing.  There are deep layers of shadows that each individual is learning to move through.  When these shadows are illuminated through your triggering, looping, excessive thinking, and trauma behaviours like (addictive, suppressive, repressive, or avoidance patterns) each individual is do their best to not project those onto another.  This is what we call the victim/victimizer software that has plagued humanity and kept us in lower fractualized forms of unconsciousness.  We are to be 100% accountable for what we are experiencing, perceiving, feeling and speaking. 

Recently we had an experience with an individual who was expressing their own unique experience in a group container and projecting that onto us and other members of our family.  This is great case study for us to understand the importance of illumination. 

When you step into a space of purity and love that is held through Hieros Gamos architecture it will hold such a pure field that it will illuminate all that has been unseen.  The shadows will be brought to light.  You can have each individual within the container having a completely different and unique experience depending on what is being brought up within them.  If the individual can take responsibility for what they are experiencing, they will have a profound opportunity for healing, expansion and soul growth. 

If they are not able to take responsibility for their unique experience it will result in projections which leads to divide and conquer tactics that actually promote further fear, division, and trauma within communities.  This is one of the biggest challenges right now for spiritual communities that are doing authentic and organic service work.  

This all goes back to releasing a lot of what we have been taught or born into in this lifetime to truly be able to set the highest organic timeline.  We personally mostly work within our own private groups and communities because they are given the tools and the training to support them in navigating their own healing journey.  It is important to learn and develop spiritual maturity within your life through the healing of the negative ego and pain body.  This will provide the necessary tools to move into the higher frequency bands.  

The more you grow, the more you release and the more that is illuminated.  Light always finds the darkness.  Being uncomfortable is part of this sacred journey.  You have to put down the baggage that you are carrying to see through a new lense.

On this journey there will be times where you feel tired, where energy is pulsating throughout your body, and you have big emotional releases with the tears streaming down your cheeks. But through it all, it is even more important to find the beauty in your healing and to find the beauty in your re-education.  That is why you are here.  You are the path finders and path cutters building the bridges for our children, for our planet and for our universe.

You were never meant to only perceive the 10% of reality. Imagine walking around with the dirtiest pair of glasses on thinking that is how our world truly looks.  It is time to take off the lens of trauma, of suffering, and dive deeper into your healing and re-education.  

You have the power un plug from the matrix.  

With Love Always,

Richard Melchizedek

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