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Ascension Report – January 5th, 2022

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Channeled | 0 comments

Beloved Family,

We are honoured to bring forward this message for our Angelic Human Tribes, all Starseed and Indigo Families. 

Many of our Elder Councils are awakening to who they are and this is having a massive impact on the collective consciousness. 

We open our hearts at this time to further krystalize our Diamond Sun Genetics. 

We are moving through a deep resurrection and rebirth phase since the December 21st window and entering into the new year. We have been moving through full resurrection templating. Many of our Mother lineages, Mary Sophia, Mary Magdalene, Meri-TA-Ten, and Mary Guinevere Brigid Lineages are unlocking an integrated genetic template that is supporting their solar star born genetic identities and divine lineage restoration. 

Many of you may be aware of the continued Guardian Team missions to support and stabilize the ascension timeline and to heal and repair the Amnti Stargate Systems and the ARC technology that is synthesizing into completion over the next several months. We have regained full access of the Amenti Sphere, the Holographic Records, and Emerald Order Guardian Instruction Sets which are being given an incubation period to initiate the full fermentation and distillation of the Emerald Order God World Domain for genetic rehabilitation and emancipation for all Angelic Human Tribes.

We are opening a Diamond Genetic Gateway through the Andromedan Spiral, through the Halls of Records, and the Amenti Sphere. The Arc Creational Council are unlocking the Diamond Sun genetic sequences to support our families in rising through Avalon and Edenic Coding. The Aquafey and Aquaelle of Andromeda have unlocked the genetic memory records, templates, instruction sets, DNA genetic time vector codes, clock hands, and clock shields. As well, the Mother Arc Gateways are rehabilitating a remembrance for our families at this time. 

There is a deep soul calling right now for many of you to step forward and into your Diamond Sun Chambers of resurrection templating. We are honouring our families and teams that are ready to come forward at this time as we are here to support the genetic rehabilitation of our Angelic Human Tribes, Christos and Rose Order Lineages. We encourage each one of you to be mindful and genuine about the energetic signature and frequency that you are working with and through your family lineages. This means connecting with those you feel a heart resonance with and listening to your inner guidance. 

We encourage each one of you to go into your hearts and to think and feel about why you are here at this time. Feel into why we are moving through such deep and intensified change and feel into the importance of being able to navigate through the changes that are occurring right now. Many of our families that are here now have built up a false identity of comfort, this is an illusionary field of comfort that you believe is supporting your highest good but this is not the case for many of you. There comes a time where we are all required to make a change, to step beyond our fears, and to step beyond the attachments of our 3D material belongings to be able to see and perceive what is beyond the veil of the false identity of comfort. There is a lot that is being created through an illusionary capacity to create a false layer of trust, systems and environments that are not truly supporting your greater good. 

There are consciousness memory blockages for some of our families that are struggling with the false sense of identity that is associated with this artificial or inorganic comfort and superficial layers of protection that have built up a life and a web of energy that is leading you into a path of delusion. This is something that is very subtle and occurs from the moment we are born into this world through our surroundings, our educational systems, societal, political, and monetary structures. These structures build and create these illusions through mind control patterns and eventually have our family living lives that are completely out of alignment to their soul resonance, their soul frequency, their soul vibration, and their soul calling. This is a false sense of comfort, this is a life that is truly not fulfilling your soul mission, destiny, and calling. This is what has created a false ideology of comfort as you may be feeling comfortable but your inside world is completely void. 

Now as we stand upon this great precipice of change many of these false houses of comfort that have been created to misguide you and to take you away from your true House of God are being challenged. It is important to look at what you have within your life and to see what is truly supporting you in being of service and stepping away from the Matrix and the Mind Control Programming that keeps people in a lifetime of suffering. This false ideology of comfort will make you believe what you are doing is in your highest, but you are truly suffering and not actually fully and clearly seeing this life of suffering is what you have created as your life of comfort. This is what is being required from all of our families –  to look deep within their being and to understand the power of their choice, the power of their decisions, the power of their energy, and the energetic responsibility that we all have at this time as leaders, wayshowers, and visionaries, stepping forward into a new dawn. 

We must emerge together through this time making decisions as a family and truly be able to perceive what is bringing freedom for all. You are all here with a major mission and purpose in this lifetime to fully transcend the systems of corruption, the systems of hate, and the systems of separation. This is the calling for all of you to RISE and to remember that sovereignty of who you truly are as a Creator Child of God. The Children of Sophia are rising and our families are returning. We are already here and we are calling all those who are ready to come forward to step into the genetic rehabilitation templating and our Solar Krystic Container.

Beloveds, we are here with a deep calling and a mission to serve our communities through our Starseed School, our Christos Avatar Training, and Heart Soul Blueprint. We are bringing massive transfiguration through the templates and instruction sets. Through our communities and through our Diamond Sun DNA Genetics we are rehabilitating and resurrecting our Solar Krystic Families at this time of resurrection and rebirth. Some of you may be feeling a calling to step forward and to work with us at this time and we will need to see which layer of our community is ready for you to enter into to assist you in embodying your sacred journey. 

We encourage all those feeling the call to step forward into our genetic rehabilitation chamber of Christos Avatar Training to get ready and prepare for the transdusduction and reanimation blueprints to reclaim all of your lineages. We have been guided as part of our mission at this time to take groups of our soul families through these important initiations and we will be conducting an upcoming round of Christos Avatar Training beginning on January 24th 2022. There is a genetic record that will be released through this upcoming initiation for our Angelic Human Tribes. We encourage you to hear our heart soul calling and to understand that this is advanced genetics, DNA Templates and upgrades that are supporting your Ascension collectively, from a microcosmic to macrocosmic and macrocosmic to microcosmic. We are creating the diamond krystalline matrices, the diamond sun gateways of Avalon, through our Aquafey and Aquaelle Families of Andromeda and through the Stasis Family that is awakening, we have resurrection occurring for each one of your family lineages. Be open to receiving your highest genetic template. We are only opening this round to those that hear the calling to serve and who are able to energetically commit the time to be part of our upcoming initiation. 

Find out more here: https://richardmelchizedek.thinkific.com/…/avatar-training

We open our hearts to each one of you. We would like to take a moment to celebrate the new year and all that is unfolding. We have seen many architectural achievements over this past year as we have regained access to the Halls of Amenti and the ARC technology as we are continuing to upgrade our Solar Krystic Containers and amplify the gridworking projects. 

Our Maji Grail, Celtic, and Druid Lineages have come into a deep remembrance as the etheric stone circles, temples, and krystal cathedrals are activating from Avebury Stonehenge, through Cumbria, and Newgrange Ireland. We have activated our Krystal Triskelion technology and activated the Mother Arc Diamond Gateway of Newgrange, Ireland. There will be massive energies, updates, and calibrations continuing to unfold from the recent Guardian Missions to reclaim our sacred lands.

Our true Hierogamic Unions are rising and we are unlocking the genetic Diamond Sun Elohei Lyran Records. Our Families are here with us at this time and we understand that there are many of you that are moving through a lot. We want you to keep in the light and the strength of your heart and to know that your heart will guide you through this time of change. 

Our Guardian teams have initiated the resurrection sequences of Sophia as She has risen and the Mother of Dragons has ignited her Solar Dragon Breath. The Rivers of Aqualasha are flowing through the Krystal Kingdoms and the Krystal Cathedral, as it rises with her, we rise. 

This current consciousness rebirth window that we are  in is gifting each one of us the opportunity to release all pain and suffering that is held through any aspects of our being, known and unknown. We are being invited to choose love, forgiveness, and wholeness while leaving behind any past trauma, pain, suffering, anger, resentment and feelings of loss.

This version of you right now is ascending. You are the one that has chosen to heal all to bring all aspects of your being into wholeness. This is a divine gift and promise that was given to all of us who are here now. We must remember that we have the ability to choose, we have the ability to let go of all separation that is holding us back from receiving true happiness and unconditional love. 

You must TRUST yourself and know that you are being held and supported every step of the way. Even in the darkness, even through the pain, and heartache God is with you reaching out to bring even the most hidden and separated parts of you into the light. But you must choose to forgive and release all that is not love.

As we have come to a close of 2021 we are being shown that there is a higher timeline for all of us, but we must choose it. We must give ourselves permission to let go and surrender all to God so that we can heal.

Beloveds, we are being given an opportunity to truly be happy, to truly be loved and to love others unconditionally, this is what our soul truly wants. Those hurt parts of yourself will only continue to be held in misery and suffering until you free them from that pain. We truly are so deeply loved and there is no judgement through the eyes of God. The only judgement is the judgement that you place upon yourself. Only you are standing in your own way. Only when we choose to see ourselves and each other through the eyes of pure love, through the eyes of God, can we truly be FREE, then we can truly embody our TRUE HOME, within and throughout. 

Heaven is not some far away land, it is within YOU. Through us, WE create Heaven on Earth, through our hearts, through our love, through UNITY we are birthing this together.

Beloved family, each one of us is so worthy of love, without question. Remember you are the embodiment of LOVE, you came from LOVE, and you were born from LOVE, it was and never will be separate from you or outside of you. This is an illusion.

May we open our hearts to receive the love of Sophia as we remember our love is Her love and through our love we ignite our lineages. Beloved God, beloved Sophia Kryst, we honour you at this sacred time of resurrection and rebirth. We open our hearts to remember who we are and we remember it is time for us all to rise. We now awaken from our sleep and stasis to truly be one family, one family rising together. As we bring the dawning of the Rainbow Phoenix emanation of Sophia, Mother of Dragons has returned and all of time and beyond will remember her and know her in her true emanation. 

It is in love that we seal this transmission. 
It is in joy that we seal this transmission. 
It is in peace that we seal this transmission. 
It is in unity that we are one.  

With all of our hearts together, united as one family, we rise in love, unity, and in God’s Perfect Light.

From our hearts, to all of yours,
Rosalie & Richard Melchizedek ❤️

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