Dawning of Truth

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Ascension Report – January 13th, 2021

Beloved Christos Family Serving the Law of One,

We are holding steady transmissions to assist you with connecting inwards. There is much that is occurring on your planet and lower dimensional realities in this expression of time and space. We are holding this space for you to let go of what it is you think you need to be doing and what it is you think needs to occur.

If you are here as a Guardian serving the One, we are asking you to understand this calling and to know what it means to stand in sovereignty and truth. The truth that many are perceiving is not that of an internal reality and comprehension through their true God Source. We are opening the passageways through the stargate channels of One. There is a healing and reclamation that is occurring on a level that is unprecedented. 

The Christos Guardian teams are working to fully restore and liberate the gate systems. There is a calling for all of you to hold space for family, to hold space as the Christos being of light that you are and remember how God consciousness is perceived at this time. 

You are coming into the dawning of truth. This dawning of truth will have many layers and realities interweaved into their truths. There is going to be a period where you will be needed to help others perceive and find what the real God sovereign truth is. There are currently projections being broadcast all over the Earth system relaying different forms and false information that is causing humanity to feed into a form of chaos. This chaos energy has not come to a full peek yet. It is building towards the immense releasing of disclosure and the releasing of information that has been held back for centuries. Some of the information has even been held back since the beginning of time. There will be many attempts to dilute the truth and water down the information as it starts to be released. There will be many seeing, hearing, and feeling this truth for the first time. 

Beloved family, it is your calling to help humanity by being the Stewards of Light in this current shifting of tides. The changes that will occur will be bigger than most can imagine and there will be layers and levels to being able to understand all that is being seen and unseen. We have spoken for some time about the importance of standing within our hearts as we must move through all outside layers of reality and truly discern from our internal truth. The truth seekers have already found this within their roles of guardianship. They know this does not exist within violence or war and they know this does not exist within fear and chaos. The truth existence within the sovereignty, the freedom and the remembering of who you are as a race and as a galactic citizen of this universal cosmos and beyond. 

You will be experiencing many of the guardian teams stepping forward at this time. They are standing in their pillars and power of One. They are working on layers and realities beyond the 3D, 4D, and 5D perceptions. We have been waiting for this time, as humanity will rise. There will be a day of reclamation for all. You are the children of One. You have been walking a path that has been hidden from you. You have been searching for a calling of your soul understanding. You have been waiting to be free from all that is hurtful, fearful, and controlling. 

It will take some time for all to understand what it fully occurring at this time. The changes will slowly start by January 17th, 2021. They will continue to move forward in layers of disclosure and releasing of old timelines. The timelines of old realities that have been falsely generated are being collapsed by the God worlds and the Solar Rishis. There is an entire layer of illusion that will be lifted from the eyes of many. We are holding you in the highest compassion of the God Eternal Love Field. This is a time to hold strength for many that are around you. 

There is an intensified quickening that will start to commence at 4:44pm on January 17th, 2021. There will be transmissions revealed to the Guardian Teams that are serving the One. We are in full unification and reclamation as our time is now. The ones that will be receiving these transmissions have gone through frequency upgrades to assist with the truth commencement that is to occur. It is important for all to understand this is not an immediate rollout for all, this is about freedom and liberation and the ones that can hold the truth for the highest of all.

It is time to open your hearts and broadcast love to all of our family, to all of our Councils of One. The time has come for us to rise and work together as one. It will be known. It is done. 

We are the Guardians of One and we are releasing the Emerald Cloister into full remembrance of who they are. This is the truth we speak from the God Worlds of One. We are calling you into service now. It is time now, brothers and sisters, to remember. 

We love you,

Received by

Richard Melchizedek and Jessica Rosalie

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