Arcturian Council – Emotional Intelligence and Unity

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Channeled Message 07-14-2020

Arcturian Council:

We ask you to think deeply about the thoughts of being happy as happiness is the human understanding of joy that exists in one’s life. We feel that many of you have lost this connection to your happiness. We are going to invite you to come into your hearts and feel a time in your life where you were happy and feel that sense of belonging that was present in that moment. 

Now we ask you to create a new moment, a thought of love that will create happiness in your heart. Let this thought bring the feeling of joy and acknowledge this within your core being. It is important for your race to be happy and utilize your emotions for raising the frequency of the planet. You have been given so many beautiful emotions to work with. You are able to tune into a wide variety of emotions and conscious expressions. These conscious expressions allow you to raise the level of hope on your planet. 

We now invite you to think about what this means, why have humans been given such a gift of emotions? You all have an ability to be incredibly in tune with your feelings and your frequencies. This is a great blessing to be able to experience all of these different ranges. We encourage you to think about the power of change you can make through your emotions. Your emotional frequencies carry a bio-electric charge through your energetic fields that change the electricity of the environment around you. 

As energetic beings you are creating in every moment. This is only one small piece of the puzzle which seems to be overlooked continuously within your population. You all have the sovereign right to be happy. You all have the ability to experience this. We encourage you to think about the power of happiness and what this can do for your planet and what this can do for your own personal journey. 

We Arcturians are not able to display a level of happiness to the sincere extremes that you are able to. We are able to hold a consistent frequency of unconditional love which is aligned with certain aspects of joy and this allows us to hold a high level of communication within our telepathy.  We mostly communicate through telepathy. For us to communicate through telepathy it is important that we have a consistent emotional range for our communication to be unified as each one of us feels each other and each one of us knows each other. This level of unity consciousness is of the highest level of the unified field and we are able to remain a synchronicity between all of us. This is a newer concept to most of you at this time as this is a truly beautiful experience being able to share every moment as one beautiful family working together on the same mission. 

We invite you now to think about what humanity is achieving in this moment, what it is that humanity wants to accomplish during this time of universal and galactic ascension?  How do you see humanity coming together through this time of change? We suggest that you observe and think about your emotions and the emotional intelligence that you are displaying on this planet at this current time. There are many of you that are coming into a high level of communication field of emotional intelligence. This is a form of unity consciousness. This is unity consciousness on an energetic level which is the first stage of integration for your unification. Through our observations, humans tend to have an emotional response when meeting each other. This is an emotional reaction whether your energetic fields can communicate on an emotional level as there has been a level of emotional manipulations within many of you where you are not able to control your emotions at a predictable and steady rate of increase. The councils have offered many tools to work with to help your emotional intelligence and to assist you in becoming a more unified field. 

We will now ask you to place a hand on your heart and, with intention to come into your emotional field. Now come into a frequency alignment with the unity consciousness portals that are opening today around the Earth. Tune into the feelings of emotional peace and allow yourself to feel how happy you can feel for being in this present moment. You can be happy by just creating your pure conscious intention in this moment now. Let this happiness be unified throughout your emotional intelligence and your emotional bodies and radiate this throughout your auric field. Feel the level of change in your next human interaction where your energetic field will be ready for an awakened emotional communication with the human being you are interacting with. Feel how deeply you can change your energy and understand this. You are doing this by merely thinking about it. 

We are now going to send you a transmission through the unified field of consciousness. When you are in a state of happiness and joy it is easier for us to communicate with you so open your hearts, sit peacefully, and receive the transmission that is coming through now. It is time for you to integrate this into your hearts and into your fields. Feel your energy shifting even deeper now as you are letting go of all confusion, all feelings of loneliness, and open to the feelings of connection as we are bridging this to the one source living light of eternal love. Humans you must know we love you and we are excited for you to rejoin your galactic brothers and sisters as we feel a special calling to assist and offer support at this time. This is an unprecedented event which is occurring, and the human collective has achieved some major accomplishments within their light working forces. Humans are coming into an era of light which will be changing all as you know it. For now, we leave you with the understanding of the powers of your emotional fields and your emotional intelligence. Become a master of your heart and your light.  We are going to let you integrate now as we ask you to send love out to all of your brothers and sisters as we send love to you as the unified love that we are. We love you all as one and honour you all as one as we are all one source together.

Arcturian transmission is concluded. 

Channeled by Richard Melchizedek and Jessica Rosalie

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