Arcturian Council – Unity Consciousness Portals

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The Arcturian Council 07-13-2020 Unity Consciousness Portals

We are the Arcturian Council,

We are asking each one of you to take a moment today and to look inside. We invite you to feel the level of energetic activations that are coming through for this planet at this time. Each one of you has the ability to tune in to your Galactic connections through your hearts. We are broadcasting a transmission to you as you are reading or hearing this. This is energetically encoded with Arcturian councils unique light signature that we have created to emanate the frequencies of love so you can identify our unique coding. We invite you to feel this now. Feel the levels and layers of warmth within your heart and the different intricacies and subtleties that you are able to feel and sense the energy that is existing within you and the energy that is existing outside of you. Now feel the difference between the Arcturian frequency of love and your own unique signature of love. Honour yourself in this process and know that you have all that you need within you. You have a love frequency of Divine creation within you and your frequency of creation is what connects you to all the Galactic races. 

You are an energetic conduit for the entire universe. You are able to connect with what and whomever you choose. Please keep in mind, to only connect with those that are operating within the unified field of one and understand the eternal love that exists within each one of us. We ask you to stay within that divine frequency of love and let this be your beacon. You are able to connect with all of the benevolent races by sending out a calling with the frequencies of your heart. We ask you now to go into your hearts again and to send out a calling of love to your Galactic brothers and sisters of the unified field of one. We are here in service as you are supporting the universal mission of ascension. We want you all to honour all that you have accomplished here on Earth. It may not seem as if you are succeeding with all of the turmoil that is happening on the planet at this time; we are here to tell you that you are succeeding, and you are coming into a new time on your planet. 

There are going to be a lot of changes coming. You will be witnessing events on your planet that have never been seen before as there will be many great awakenings occurring. Many humans will start to wake up with open hearts and question all that is not love. This is a time of evolution for Earth as you are going to feel much beginning to shift within the upcoming months. We have been waiting for some time for you to come together as a collective, as a race, on Earth. We now feel the larger impact of what unity consciousness can create on the Earth. You each have the power to create a future that has never been birthed into existence there. Each one of you holds your own keys to ascension and each one of you holds the keys to unity. You are able to step forward into a higher stream of unity consciousness which will be coming through to the planet in the coming days or weeks. As your timelines are shifting there are energetic portals being held open by the Arcturians to assist with this unified field. 

We the Arcturian, as a race, want to honour all of you and ask you to come together into your highest timeline as you have the ability to shift war, poverty, violence, suffering, discrimination, and step into an era of light. You are ready to join the Galactic civilization within the unified field of one. For this to occur, we ask you all to let go of the past, to let go of the history, and choose to create something new; something that will help you have a clearer conscious understanding of how to forgive and to come together. There needs to be a clean slate given for all of humanity, this is something that will only come through the journey of your heart and the unified field of one. 

We are offering you help and assistance along the way. To connect with us, go into your hearts, let go of all thoughts and feelings, and come into a natural space, come into that silence that exists between your breath your heartbeat. In this space, this silence, is where you will start to connect, with intention, to the unified field of one. This is a neutral zero-point field of existence. Once you have achieved the zero-point felid, send out the most divine frequencies of unconditional love. 

Repeat after us:

I am generating unconditional love within the zero-point of my heartbeat. 

I am releasing unconditional love into all areas of the universe. 

I am a generator of unconditional love in its finest form of creation. 

I am using my unconditional love as a tool of connection to the unified field of one. 

I am generating a deep understanding of Galactic communication through unconditional love in the unified field of one. 

I place a calling through my heart in the zero-point of the universe to the Arcturian council. 

I ask the Arcturian council to communicate back to me through the unified field of one as I am connecting in the cosmic-source-frequencies-of-oneness and I am ready to receive a transmission today. 

Send me frequencies of unconditional love and support back as we honour you and connect our communication channels through our hearts at zero point. 

I am ready to bring contact forward in my life and for the human race. 

We are ready to work together in unity consciousness, to achieve the highest outcomes for ascension, and the evolution of our planet. 

We call out to you as galactic brothers and sisters and beings of love. 

We ask the Arcturian Council to bring through a light encoded transmission through their energetic portals supporting unity consciousness on the Earth plane. 

We ask you all to hold this frequency in your heart now and to receive in this moment in your zero-point. We are the Arcturian Council, we want you to feel your love for all, we want you to feel our love for all, and we want you to feel unity for all. We want you to feel the power of your love and we ask you to love now, love this in your heart, throughout your being, throughout your home, throughout your city, and throughout your planet. Send this love out to the unified field of unity consciousness and anchor this in for your planet today. 

This is the Arcturian Council, and we are beginning to synchronize this unity field to all that are open within their heart and all that are unified to one source light. We will let you enjoy your love that you are feeling throughout your being and we are going to continue to transmit through the portals that we have opened to support your unity process. You can connect to these at any point following these methods. This is one way how we can help your unity consciousness growth and support as the conscious evolution of your planet continues. We ask you to honour the light within you and to send forgiveness out to all. It is time for your planet to heal. We ask you to think about all that has come through in this transmission and to incorporate these techniques in your daily practice. You have the gifts and knowledge for unity within your heart. 

This is the Arcturian Council and we support your unity consciousness growth. 

Channeled by Richard Melchizedek & Jessica Rosalie

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