Ascension Prayer – Rainbow Soul Tribes

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Ascension Prayer Rainbow Soul Tribes
Dear Source/Living Light,

Today we wake up,

We enter deeply into our hearts,
We feel the love that is within and throughout,
We ask our sacred heart to bridge our sacred mind,
We resolve all layers of ego,
We ask our egos to step to the side with love,
We let go of all conflict with our egos and our highest Christos Selves,
We come into full service to our highest God Source,
We are here to bring Sophianic love in service to oneness and everlasting life,
We are standing in our honour, 
We are the Rainbow Soul Tribes,
We are ready to receive today,
We are God Sovereign and Free,
We feel our channels clearing with this effervescent light,
We feel love for our Christos family as we embrace you in our hearts,
We feel the warmth of the rising Diamond Sun,
We are glistening and radiating in her photonic rays,
We have activated the Diamond Christ Coding,
We walk as one Christos family in Sophianic rainbow love
We are here in service as God’s Perfect Light,
We honour this as sacred and the end to the night,
We consciously choose love as Conscious Creators, 
The Christos Family has returned,
We remember our Divinity,
We reclaim and fully restore our sovereignty,
We remember our service to the Christo Sophianic Mission
We have returned as the True Diamond Rainbow Light,
We shine through all kingdoms,
We shine through all multiverses,
We collapse all fear timelines and step into the organic light,
We are the keepers, bringers and guardians of this sacred time,
We are the full restoration, 
Heaven is here, 
Heaven is here, 
Heaven is here,
We birthed it through our diamond sight,
We have activated our Double Diamond Sun,
We are blessed with Gold, Emerald, Aquamarine, and Violet Plasma Light,
We walk with our honour, integrity, compassion, and gratitude as our saviour,
We walk with our hands behind our back, so our hearts lead first,
We lead this era of light and great time of change,
We know this within our hearts, 
We are Divine,
We are claiming our independence and freedom for all,
We are here to bring love in this mission for all,
We are calling all family,
We are calling all tribes,
We are calling all light warriors,
It is the time to feel this for all,
We no longer consent to anything accept God, Sovereignty and Freedom for all,
We have chosen as the Divine Family to bring this to all,
We call all Rainbow Soul Tribes to unite in oneness, unity, and community,
Let’s build and walk the rainbow bridge,
With strength, courage, and love, as the foundation for change,
The Christ Guardians Teams are here,
We Can Anchor This For ALL,
We are in full service today for the highest of all,
We are the Ascension Teams, Ground Crew, and liberators from the dark fall,
The Divine Starseeds have awakened,
We remember our mission,
We know our love will change this for all family,
It is time now to honour yourself,
It is time now to love yourself,
We are the pillars and beacons for all,
We model the love of the Sophia and send it to all,
Dear Christos Sophia sends blessings of eternal and everlasting life,
This is an Ascension Calling to all,
Step into your hearts,
This is where you will find the answers to all,
Aho! Namaste! Blessed Be!
So it is! It is Done! 
Forever and Always in Eternal Love!

By Richard Melchizedek

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