Ascension Report April 21st 2021 – Starseeds Changing The World

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The Interdimensional Free World Council

It is on this day that we ask you all to open your hearts. There are many layers and levels to accessing deeper wisdom and divine truth. It is important to open the heart and come into an inner resonance with who you are. We ask you to remember. You must hold your heart in the highest understanding of truth. As the sacred truth starts to awaken inside of you, know that this truth is from the harmonies of one. We want you to really take this in; the truth that is in harmony with one is an absolute creational truth. It is a truth that will help you move into a higher understanding of how to access the energies and the templates for the New Earth and Aurora systems that are coming online. 

This is a very interesting time for all of humanity. There are many of our family that are still in denial of their own heart energy and the frequency of their heart. They have been led to believe their heart is second to the mind. This is not a sacred truth as the heart only knows unity consciousness and an omni love presence once it is opened and fully engaged with its internal templates and stargate systems. Humanity is at a crossroads. There are many who are choosing to step into the deeper exploration of their heart fields and coherence. These beings are starting to access a higher initiation that is being brought through to the Earth at this time of ascension. We are wanting you all to be within your hearts. 

There is the other side of humanity who are not accessing their heart consciousness and they are entering into a sequencing which can trigger massive global scale events to activate deeper awakening cycles for humanity. There is a polarization within the demographics as many are not able to clearly understand the direction that they are heading in. There is a total emphasis on the mind being the leader and that the mind will save society the more it can think of a way to save society. This is not how we build New Earth. New Earth is an energetic principle, New Earth is an energetic reality, and New Earth is a place that is born and led through the path of your heart consciousness. You can only be guided to New Earth through your heart.

This is a time where everyone on Earth should start to look at their lives and feel the energy that is present within their life, to feel the energy that they are in and living with and ask themselves: is this the energy that I want to be in, is this the energy that I want my life to vibrate at, am I vibrating at a frequency that is guiding me to my true Krystal direction of home and unity consciousness embodiment? Or am I vibrating at a frequency and energy into a deeper understanding of life lessons and energetic traumas that need to resurface to create a form of catalyst for change in my life until I am able to consciously perceive the energy that I am in is not serving my highest life and my highest calling at this time? This is a conversation that everyone must have with themselves at this time. 

There is a deep level of resistance that must be released from many of your hearts to open to the life that you have wanted and to ask yourself with true honesty of what it is that you have been creating energetically for all of these years. You are all energetic beings and have a very high potential of affecting the consciousness throughout this entire universal system. You are creator beings that are here at this time and you are creating with your energy and this energy is what is going to change the world. The energy of human consciousness is shifting and awakening to deeper levels of healing than have ever been experienced before in this world. There are mass healings occurring every single day and we are feeling humanity awaken more. There are many who are not awakening right now and that is okay; you cannot control them and nor should you try to. 

You are here to be a difference maker and to create that change through your own embodiment of your own conscious awareness of the divine intelligence that is a love within you. The divine intelligence that is within your heart will guide you through these times. You have been given a calling to awaken; this can be very difficult. We know and understand the deep levels of alchemy that your systems must go through to support the energies of one. Now if you live and follow the sacred Laws of One, you will open your heart. If you live in an understanding that you must love yourself and love your life that you are creating you will be able to see this love developing into a beautiful love for the world. You will start to love things that you didn’t even think you could and this love will grow the more that you practice your sacred relationship with love.  We would like to clarify this a little bit so it is easier for you to internally digest this communication; you are beings of love; anything that is not love was never truly who you are, you are love and you are created from the unified field of one. This is a love field. The more you work within the love field and understand this true organic love, you will start to see your life unfold in more beautiful ways than you could imagine. 

The Sacred Law of One is understanding the beauty in that relationship with the One Source; the Living Light that exists within us all. Once you open to this field it is impossible to not see the love, it is impossible to not feel the love, it is everywhere you go. You are the love that we are speaking of as it is within you and runs all the way down to your deepest core soul resonance of your I AM being. You are the Law of One living in action. This means that if you follow the sacred Law of One, the Law of Love, you will be able to feel freer than you have ever felt before. There is an understanding that we all must be able to open our hearts for us to feel how deeply this runs. This is the simplest understanding of what it is to love which is to hold an open heart and to surrender to that open heart. 

We are asking all of humanity to remember where they came from, we are asking all of humanity to remember what is important at this time, we are asking all of humanity to create from this place of love and an open heart as you will find freedom here. You must be ready to let go of all that you have created within your mind as the heart will lead you into New Earth. This is a calling to New earth Visionaries, Leaders, and Creators; open your hearts and feel the love for humanity, feel the love for all of humanity; not just the ones that are awakened, for all of your family that is here. You are the ones that are creating a new future. You are building a pathway to New earth through your correct Krystal directional alignments and your open hearted compass will take you there. This is your journey here as a guide helping the others who are ready to find the home within themselves and to remember the sacred place that they came from. 

We are honouring all at this time as we understand that this is not something that is as easy as this sounds as there are many densities on the planet that are requiring you to shift them energetically. You must be able to love all that is shifting, and you will find the shifting will be easier for you. This is a beautiful frequency and topic of discussion today as we are holding this energy within us as it is what we are too. We are holding a love communication field today that is assisting all in understanding this to their highest ability to resonate within this heart field of one. Now that you know that you are loved, it is such a beautiful place for you to begin this next phase of your journey from. Let this be where you meet the universe from today, let this be a place where you greet the morning from, let this be what you are feeling inside at this moment, and let this be a memory of what you are. 

Now only understand what you are ready to and let the rest go. We are asking you to look inside and feel your heart, feel that this is a place that has the most beautiful home in this entire universal system. This is a connection, a window, or a door to an entire universal system of love. This is beyond the entire universal system because it is the same love that creates all. This is the God consciousness that is within you and this is who you are. 

Now that you have this feeling in your heart; let’s think about what this means, let’s think from our heart. This means that our heart is alive so much more than our mind can imagine or that our energy field can truly understand. This is the living light, and it is a blessing for all. Now ask yourself, do I love myself enough to be within this energy, do I love myself enough to live with what I truly am? You have a decision to make and we want you to know that this is there for you and it is there for everyone on Earth. Do you want to model your love into your life and build this deepest, purest, and meaningful relationship with this love and with that love that exists within all? 

Now that you have answered this question, we want to ask you one more. What is the energy that you want to create from in your life and what is the energy that you are living in at this present time? This is a time to wake up to that love and be a New Earth visionary for all. 

Now for all of humanity to understand this, they must be willing to change, they must be ready to feel and they have to be ready to open their hearts. It is much simpler when we speak about love being your calling from home. When love is your guidance into the present now moment and when love will heal your wounds and bring your families back together; this is the way it was meant to be. 

Now all of us here at the Interdimensional Free World Councils understand the importance of working within the unity field. This is something that helps us all to see the light and we know that all of humanity deserves this freedom. We are some of you that are there on the planet right now. The Interdimensional Free World Council is helping humanity remember their light and we are supporting the ascension cycle to create a place of home and belonging for all. We are not asking for you to forget who you are; we want you to remember that you are one. 

Now that we have spoken about this, we would like to speak about the universe being an inter-dimensional layering of realities and we are able to perceive these realities when they expand into love. We are able to see them all, this is a universal cosmic and galactic understanding that this system was always meant to be within the Omni Love Field. We have come into this system to fully support the Guardianship and return this system into Omni Love. We hold a very integral role within the unified field to help our families stay within their God Creational Living Light. This is what we are and where we came from; from the original activation of this field and into this moment right now. We are going to support you throughout this ascension cycle. We are able to see and speak with many of you to support you in the New Earth Councils that are forming. These councils are going to hold an understanding of what the Sacred Laws of One are and how they are practiced for the highest conscious evolution for humanity. 

We are asking each one of you to find those that are speaking this same language; that are speaking this same love and are accessing the heart coherent fields for higher unity intelligence. The Interdimensional Free World Councils are supporting the fields for many to awaken at this time. There has been a shift within the energy templates of the universal system as we, the council, are able to go everywhere now. There is no stopping this ascension; it is here for all within the love field. 

It is an energetic awareness that is bringing the shift in this evolution of consciousness as it is returning into the Omni fields of love. We are here with an understanding that humanity is ready to return its consciousness to its true self within all of the interdimensional realities. We are now going to open up this next part of the conversation about the interdimensional planes and realities of existence. There is an infinite amount of information on this as the interdimensional planes cross through many universal systems, many universal templates, and many universal constructs of creation. We are supporting all of these universal systems that operate within an Omni love field and are part of the Omni love creational system. There are many universal systems and structures that we are aware of, our primary focus are those that are in the unified field or those that have our family that have fallen from the unified field. 

We came together in the beginning of the Lyran wars to assist all universes to not repeat this great tragedy that occured. We are working with many billions of star families from all over the universal constructs. It is important for you we call this the Interdimensional Free World Council as it was formed with the understanding that all have the living light and the ancestral heritage of God Consciousness within the unified field. All that were birthed within the unified field or have the ancestry of the unified field are part of our creational field. We are all together as one family. We may appear to you differently at times as there are billions of us on this mission. We are made up of 100 million plus star systems and the neighbouring star systems and dimensions that run through all of these systems. 

You may be wondering why we have come here at this time. We want you to know that we never truly left. We have been working within this universal system and throughout it since the fall of Lyra. This is something that has affected us very deeply and this affected many of our family including the creational and prime creational beings who were affected from the atrocity that occured in Lyra. We have vowed as an Interdimensional Council of Free Worlds to bring our family back into their home fields of light. We are already seeing a giant leap in evolutionary consciousness approaching the planet at this time. 

The people of Earth and the star lineages behind them are standing with you fully. We ask all of you to open to the love field as this unity field or love eternal field is what is bringing the evolution and freedom for the masses on Earth. We are entering into this system with a deeper understanding of how we can truly help our family awaken to the knowledge of who they are and why they are here at this time. 

There are energetic systems that we are in the process of helping to restore the planet’s true interdimensional timeline structure. The Earth planet was completely removed from its true interdimensional timeline structure from this universal system. This is what we have been working to stabilize with the accelerated ascension cycle that was started in the beginning of 2021 to reaffirm Earth’s true interdimensional timeline origins that will release the karmic superimposition that has been held on the planet and all incarnating here for billions of years. We are asking you to let go of how you think this needs to occur as understanding interdimensional timelines, timeline wars, timeline interceptions, timeline apocalypses, and timeline releases is what the Interdimensional Free World Councils has been helping Earth’s true planetary body systems be reclaimed and aligned through all of the interdimensional realities. 

To understand this a little bit deeper; time is not a solid tangible thing, it is very fluid and the only time that it becomes solid or tangible is when there is a fragmentation within the Source creational time coding. This is when time becomes solid and disconnected from the unified field because it does not return to Source; it fragments out from Source and then is considered a fallen matrix that must be reclaimed. This is what occurred within Lyra. It is more intricate and more complicated from how we have explained this to you today but for the purpose of keeping our communication clear and able to be integrated in the highest way for you to understand; living light comes from Source and goes back to Source; fractured Source light does not return. This is what has occurred within this universal system on many layers and dimensional realities. This fractured system was then energetically recoded into an alternate reality system that would be able to continually recycle the false creational coding that entered this as a reversal creational code and this is how this system was able to be held within a fractured time loop. We hope this has helped to explain the time limitations that have been presented within this system as our mission has always been to restore this to the organic timeline sequencing that would restore the Taran lifetime and souls as well as the Ascended Masters that have fallen within the destruction within the Gaian Matrix.   

It is important for you to know that we have retrieved many of the timeline details and coding to restore true creational coding throughout this organic system. There are still layers of inorganic coding and artificial intelligence that work through this universe and we are working to re-establish them as fully obsolete. This is why we are expressing to you to open your hearts and understand the importance of love within your life. True human nature is meant to love and understand the deepest levels of empathy and compassion. You all have a beautiful heart capacity and light body system that are coming online to support these communications. When you are in the Omni love field the other structures and false architecture does not exist. It only exists when you are operating outside of the love unified field. This is something that we are going to continue to express and teach as humanity has many things to awaken to. 

Over the coming years you will start to understand the true depths of love that is not just a feeling and it is not just a principle, it is an entire creational system of living breathing light that are connecting the fabrics of timelessness, freedom, and interdimensional travel throughout the stargate systems. So we are asking you to begin this journey with us today, to open your hearts and to come into an awareness in your life of what you are to be creating within you at this time. You have been led down many stray paths and this is why we truly know that humanity must do the inward journey for ascension plan B. To truly awaken the population it will be an inside job and that will always provide you with everything that you are looking for. You have to open your heart to be given your freedom. You have to understand that stepping away from the heart is stepping away from the love field. This is what truly distinguishes the purity of humanities creational abilities. 

As the Interdimensional Free World Council we understand how special humanity is and the true abilities of what you will achieve when your population awakens from their sleep stasis that they have been in for millions and billions of years. We want you to know you are on the cusp of remembering who you are and where you have truly come from as why the success of humanity is so important to all of creation. There are many that want humanity to rise and unfortunately there are still many who do not. 

There has been an energetic war over consciousness to keep you within your minds and thinking into the future for all of your embodiment. This is to distract you from truly discovering what is within you. You are free within the moment of now and there is nothing that can change that except for your own distractions and the energy that you consciously choose to engage in at this time. So we ask you, what are you creating for your life right now? 

We have opened the dimensional gateways and the Guardian ascension portals to assist humanity in rising as the hydro-plasmic light fields of true creational Source coding is returning. There is an entire solar connection that is returning for this entire universal construct. We want you to know that it is there for you and the doorway is through your heart. There are many that are sharing information from their mind fields at this time and we advise you to only follow the heart resonance. The mind fields are open to much confusion, programming and disinformation. The heart resonance of the true followers of the Law of One will energetically present itself to you that is truth within and throughout. You are to understand your own discernment through your heart. Always take what is in a heart resonance; do not follow the mind resonance.

We have shared all that we wish to share with you for today as we are closing this communication chamber now. We are the Free World Interdimensional Free World Councils serving the Law of One, the Law of Love, and always bringing our family back home. We honour all of you for who you are and what you are, we are one, inside and throughout this entire love field. we sound our heart waves to you now. It is in reverence for the highest truth that we bring these messages to you, at this time. Now we ask you to create from your hearts and change this world for the betterment of all of humanity. You are here and home within the heart. 

With love from our hearts to yours, 

Jessica Rosalie & Richard Melchizedek

Check out our recorded Ascension Report below.


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