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Ascension Report July – Solar Kryst Michael and The Emerald Order

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Ascension Report, Channeled | 0 comments

Ascension Report – July 29th, 2021

Beloved Family, we are honoured to be here with you all today. 

There have been many unfoldments since the 5-5-5 portal. We have all been experiencing a rapid acceleration of timelines. On the 5-5-5 portal, the Emerald Order and Blue Ray Families began their return to this Universal System. With the return of the Emerald Order, this means the 6-6-6 Quarantine Fields are beginning to lift for the Christos Families. 

We want you all to understand the level of amplitude in which we all have been assisting for this unfoldment to occur. This has also been made possible with the assistance of many groups all over the world to open the fields to support the universal architecture and templar systems with increasing its architecture and capacity to anchor the Emerald Order Guardian Founders into this Universal Construct. With the Return of the Emerald Order, this is a reason to celebrate as we now hold and reclaim all Emerald Order Coding within this entire universal system. We have finally begun to remove the inorganic Emerald Coding that had been used in the fall through the fallen Emerald Tablets of Thoth and the Blue Flame Sword initiations as well as the alien hybridization of our Fallen Ascended Master Matrix.

The Emerald Order has begun to open our frequency fields to access the Amenti Stargate Records and the Universal Clockshield is being realigned to remember the organic Source Coding that this entire system has been built on. We will be releasing massive plasma wave instruction sets that have already begun landing into the Emerald Krystal Core. The Dragon Ley Lines are being given an energetic and morphogenetic release of its energy systems and templates that are holding a lesser frequency to Aurora New Earth re-encryption. 

There is a Timeline and Unity Wave healing calling for all Solar Kryst Michael Families to awaken. They have begun their reclamation and many of the lost parts, pieces, and bodies of the Kryst Michael Lineage are being reclaimed. With the Kryst Michael lineage beginning to hold its full embodiment now within this Universal System the entire evolution of ascension is about to amplify a massive sequence for integration for all of its families to fully awaken. We are speaking of the Solar Kryst Michael Dragon Family. This is the returning of the Solar King to help restore and open the unity field acceleration timeline. There is an energy template that is beginning to come online. Leading up to the 7-7 portal and after we continue to see massive planetary changes within the plasma rings and the core stabilization of the tri-wave frequencies and amplification of God current through a series of energy calibrations within the heliosphere, the magnetosphere, and the diagonal ley lines. 

We have also completed a seraphim healing for the Golden Avian Families that have had consciousness trapped within the Golden Eagle Grid System. They are returning back to their God World domains and they are preparing to return through an Avatar embodiment as they support the Seraphim Families awakening to their Guardian Mission and Ascension integration of the New Earth Councils. 

There are many challenges at this time for all of our awakened family to maintain a steady sovereign alignment and to fully remove themselves from the fear matrix. The Unity Field is opening which will be bringing through the biggest upgrades for Angelic Humanities DNA restoration and can support a New Earth that will be able to hold a Hierogamic Unity Field. 

We have opened to align the Creational Council of 14 with an energy template to complete the Kryst Michael embodiment and to realize the Sacred Family has risen from the depths of the energy system that had entrapped its consciousness for millennia. This returning of the Solar Kryst is bringing with it a new era for humanity as the Guardianship of New Earth is entering into its tri-phase alignment. 

We have honoured all of our Families in the Ascension Cycle. There have been Millions and Billions of Souls that have been helping the Ascension of Aurora New Earth enter into its Unity Timeline. The field that is opening blesses all of you with following your sovereign freedom and beginning to help our families to be re-educated on the Galactic History and guiding a healing container for all that are coming forward to awaken at this time. 

There is a rehabilitation that is occurring for some of the lineages that have chosen to begin to cross through the Unity Timeline Wave Field and to open their coronal mass ejection into the original seed point of pre-fall Tara, pre-fall Gaia, pre-fall Marduk, and pre-fall Tiamat. This is something that is a little more difficult to understand as we are working outside of time to heal the past, the present, and the future. There is an original Organic Unity Field that is being re-birthed into its existence as it all occurs simultaneously and the bleeding through of these effects also occur simultaneously. 

As we begin to remember our true sacred lineages and where they have come from and when these sacred lineages are restored into their full embodiment it activates a creational alignment overiding all of the fallen code. We have the Emerald Order Guardian Teams removing all fallen timelines, all fallen architecture, and reclaiming all Krystic architecture for this Universe to anchor its correctional alignment into the 144 dimensions. As it begins to take its place amongst this Organic Alignment there will be an energy synthesis that will bring through the God World Domains for once and for all into full existence here. 

We are continuing to support the field over the next several months to remove all inorganic overlays and artificial frequency hubs that are being used on the Artificial Timeline. We have begun to deconstruct the artificial bi-wave patterns.

We are opening through a deeper connection to connect with each one of you to help align and bridge the ascension information that is coming through at this time. Many of our soul families are entering into a deeper evolution of soul consciousness. We are encouraging each one of you to remember that holding your discernment, your sovereignty, and being a pillar of truth at this time is what is needed amongst our families. We have always held a very high level of compassion as the Christos Family as we open and honour our journey as the Kryst. As you graduate through your Krysted embodiment process, there is a graduation that is occurring for many of our family within this lifetime. We are releasing all of our energy templates and energetic systems that are not aligned with the Krysted embodiment. We are all learning to fully embrace the journey of this graduation into the higher realms of consciousness. 

Now how do we know if we are in the graduation stage of our ascension calling?                               

Each one of you that is entering into a graduation stage will be entering into your Hierogamic containers and unions to hold a higher frequency and role. During the Hirogamic union, there are different levels of initiation that begin to occur for each partner. The partners will eventually come together into a fully merging of consciousness which enters into a harmonic convergence of soul identities that accelerate the creational embodiment, the universal templates of ascension. This allows you to enter into the Golden Embryo of Creation which will then birth the Golden Children of Ascension. This will be known as the Golden Children of the Sun returning to the Earth. The Golden Children of the Sun graduation phase is bridging a portal alignment for all universal mechanics for interdimensional bridging of consciousness with the Holy Mother, the Holy Father, and the Holy Child benign fully healed and restored. This will be the re-birthing of Angelic Humanity upon the Earth and we are hosting this through the graduation stages of Hierogamic Unions to enter into their true God World alignments as they remember, reclaim, and embody all that they are. 

We honour each one of you that is on the graduation journey. There are many layers to the graduation journey. For today we just wish to speak about the Hierogamic Graduation that is occurring for the Universal System. This is also occurring from a place of Au-Ra-Rishi Consciousness. We have all been waiting for this stage to occur. This is the beginning of the sacred stage of ascension as we are all now moving towards the March 22, 2022, to April 4, 2022 for the Unity Wave alignment that is entering this universal system. We have already begun the preparation phase over the last 1.5 months. There has been a mass transiting of souls and entire lineages that have begun to transit onto the Origins Founder Timeline of Creation. The output has been amplified to accelerate several lineages and their soul consciousness which is allowing them to be able to reclaim their identities and remove themselves from many inorganic and fallen timelines. 5D Tara, Gaian Matrix, Tiamat, Marduke and many other planetary consciousness fields are being re-seeded into a unification. This is also helping our families reclaim consciousness. Now some of the souls are required by contract to come back into this phase of graduation which is to embody their original soul’s identities within this Universal System and to reclaim all DNA from this timeline. 

We have begun to release some of this information to our families here at this time to help you understand what is occurring during ascension. This has been a deep remembering phase for many of you as we have begun to heal the wounds from our fallen timeliness. The wounds from our fallen timelines are what have been able to keep the consciousness trapped within a lower state of stasis for all beings on Earth. We are breaking free and many of you are processing deep emotional wounding that has come up for you to bear witness to and to further help you understand this is a higher dimensional version of you that is returning back into its original soul embodiment and first origins within this system. You are healing the wounds for this to occur. 

Now we want each one of you to take a moment and to feel the energy and the alignment that is occurring behind these words as you read them. Feel the love, feel the liquid living organic light and begin to breathe into your heart consciousness. Open your heart to receive and integrate this transmission today. You are entering into the next phase of your journey, you are all being asked to open to your calling at this time. You are opening your heart soul core resonance and the Omni Love Field to truly be able to feel the plasmic wave integrations within your luminous body. There is a massive energy upgrade that is coming in for many of you and the level of graduation that you are holding will be reflected in your plasmic wave induction and your Kee-Ra-Sha Fields. 

We know for each one of you to truly find your way on this journey you have opened your hearts and are removing the limitations of this journey. Avatar consciousness is opening up an energetic frequency field on Earth that will begin bridging the dimensions and accelerating the core reconfiguration of the Gaian Heart Matrix. This is also entering into a frequency hub field to further awaken the Aurora Guardian Safe Zones and Krystal Architecture which are entering into a trinity wave field which are opening the hubs to further support the Guardian Plasma Ships and awaken the Solomon Shield to further repair and rehabilitate the Ground Crews and Families of Kryst that are embodied on the Earth at this time. We have opened the Timeline for each one of you to truly come home and be with your God Self. Each one of you has an opening within your core being to feel your energy align to a sovereign zero point, to access your internal Stargate Systems, and to begin your journey of the Kryst. 

We have entered into a creational calling to serve our highest embodiment of consciousness and to open to our Families of Origin. We are bringing the disclosure timeline through each one of us as we awaken. There is going to be information coming to the surface and it will be important for everyone to stay within their hearts to compassionately witness the atrocities that have occurred. As the information will be released in frequencies that can be understood for our awakened family to hold the truth. This will only be held by the ones that are in their sovereignty. The spiritual communities are also going to be going through an energy shift as many that have been leading the New Age Ascension Communities are coming out of resonance as they are not holding the embodiment of God Sovereign Truth, Freedom, and Liberation for all of humanity. 

There has been many layers of deception throughout all of humanity to truly water down, to corrupt, and to mislead our Starseed Families from finding their internal embodiments and their Krystic Architecture to awaken their lineages. This is opening for our Families and it is important that you hear the call to begin to find your Organic Krystic Containers that are serving your harmonic alignments and the remembering of the Kryst within. Most of our families have gone through DNA hybridizations and alterations and it is time for us to truly rehabilitate, restore, and re-educate ourselves to our sacred History and open to our Solar Kryst Michael Family. 

This is a Solar Ascension Cycle that is occurring for our family. As we remember our Solar Kryst and find our God within and God above we ope our Krystic journey of One. May you all hold your hearts and we hold God Sovereign and Free blessings for all.                           

Emerald Order and Solar Kryst Families 

The below section of the Ascension Report came through in Starseeds School last night.

Beloved God, Holy Father, Holy Mother, We are opening our Krystic Container. 

It is in our Emerald Heart that we hold our Holy God Source. It is in our Holy God Source that we Hold our Emerald Heart. It is in our Heirogamic Union that we are together as One. It is in our Oneness that we hold our Sacred Truth. It is in our Sacred Truth that we hold our Architecture of Oneness. We are opening our Krystic Container Fully Now in its God Source Alignment. It is done, so it is. Anchor lock and seal. 

Beloved Family, 

Today we are here to express to each one of you the deepened responsibility that comes with being a Krystic being at this time of Ascension. Each one of you has been growing immensely. There is a new understanding that has been awakening within each one of you as your energy fields are continuing to open to support your integrations and for you to become aware of the Truth that is happening within your field, within this system, and how you are to hold yourself as a Sovereign being. 

Please take a moment and truly feel what it means to be a sovereign being. Sovereignty is helping each other and ourselves to truly awaken to the God within us, the God throughout us, and moving with God’s intention in all that we do. The true Krysted action, the true Krysted initiation, and the Krysted embodiment is your journey. 

We understand the time that you are in and the difficulties that are present with the constant shifting and changing of your realities, the level of shedding and letting go of everything that you have known throughout your lifetime, continuously. You are here to do that very thing which is to let go of everything that you think you’ve known, that you have learned, and that has been ingrained within your being through a lowered formed energy and misqualified vibrational field that you were conditioned from. 

You are the Christos Family Collective Consciousness and this is the rising of our Christos Family. At this very moment, we invite forward our Christos Family Collective to come into this space and to anchor all around us to honour our families and to begin to awaken into that innate knowing of our Truth that we hold within us. There is a Truth within you that is beneath all of the conditioning, programming, and traumas. This Truth is going to challenge everything that you know, or have grown into within this Universal System. 

You have been misled and fed information since the moment that you came into this world. This energy system is no longer holding its integrity, it is crumbling moment by moment. Our frequency fields are expanding, opening, and holding a higher resonance of Krystic Light than ever before. You are moving through many parts of your reality that will continue to fall away, this is where it is important for you to understand the spiritual initiation that you are walking on the planet, at this time. 

We want you to feel the resonance of your calling to understand the importance of you being here at this time. You have been waiting to accomplish and have been planning for this for lifetimes. There will be many things for you to re-discover, re-learn, re-educate, and re-awaken to as the information, the energy, and the frequency that you are stepping into is truly a sacred experience. For you to receive the most out of this we want you all to understand how you are awakening and what is occurring for you to awaken. Each one of you has received accelerations to begin your ascension journey. This was done through the creational fields as our Christos Family, Collective, and Consciousness began to restore the Timelines and release the Inorganic Energy Systems throughout the Multiverses. 

We have been assisting our Family to restore its energy templates and DNA through many dimensional realities. This has been occurring from a future place of time where we were able to go back into the Time Matrix and Fallen Systems to begin to remove the energy templating, the frequency fences, and the beings that have been in control of the fallen energy systems. These beings are now entering into stages of eviction and this is continuing to move and push your energy forward. We continue to clean up the universe, soul system, and the shadow networks within the system. 

We have been opening energy support fields that have been clearing out the denser energies and you are all opening to these fields as this is able to amplify through each one of you. You are all serving, at this time, as an energy conduit for Ascension, remembrance, releasing, and shifting the Atomic and Particle Wave Patterns through the planetary body, your personal 12-sphere grids, and the universal templates that are aligning. Some of this may be difficult to understand but each one of you are serving as a transformational beacon at this time. You are transforming the energies that are all around you and through this transformation, you are awakening others to transform as well. 

Now as the planetary body is going through its regenesis, it is creating a field of support that is releasing energies through the Earth’s Biosphere and the Electrical and Magnetic Fields are amplifying your own resonance which is assisting you in holding a higher frequency. The Earth is going to continue to send out rapid pulsations to each one on the planet. This is creating much turmoil. There is a certain level of consciousness that is able to perceive the energetic shifting within the terrains and the empathic nature of the changes. There are also many that are not able to perceive these due to the frequency resonance that they are holding within their bodies and within their mental and emotional trauma that they are carrying which is also weighing them down. These beings are entering into a deeper field resonance for purification which is the causation of what is occurring on the surface right now. There is a lot of confusion as they are not able to perceive what is truly happening. They are opening to another bifurcation event which will be transmuting their fear consciousness and begin the releasing process of the layers of mind control and manipulation that the masses are suffering from. It is going to take some time for them to embody the understanding of this. There are also split realities on your planet at this time. There is a relationship between True Organic Christ and God, the Unified Field of One, and then there is a reality that is still operating within the lower frequency spectrums of the fallen linear time matrix. 

Now you are being guided to remember and let go of linear time and letting go of the many things that you have known. You will see the Krystic Families are rising into harmony, rising into their soul embodiment, and bringing the unified field of creation fully into existence here. You have an energy that is waiting to be freed. You are the ones that are freeing it. You are the ones that are here to teach people how to be free. This is the energy that has always been within you. This is the Krystic Light that you hold. All limitations must fully be released so you can perceive the level of consciousness that is Truth. This Truth is only going to continue to grow. It is a beacon of light within your heart center. The heart field consciousness has been going through massive upgrades and activations to support the bio-luminous plasmic fields that are awakening within your light bodies. You are most likely already feeling the awakened plasmic lotus heart within your light body. This is operating as a Krystic Beacon to assist in energetically aligning and supporting your fields for the creational frequencies and energetic integrations for your luminous fields. You open to a deeper gnosis within your being through this area.

We encourage you to honour your journey and treat this as a sacred time, to be excited and humbled about the new relationship that you are discovering within yourself, within your being, and within your perception of what is tri-wave frequencies and energies as they are being fully restored into the universal system. The split in consciousness is happening because some of the Earth beings are still in a bi-wave frequency and they are not opening to the tri-wave energies yet. You should be able to feel the difference within your own field when you are in a relationship with someone that is in a tri-wave alignment compared to someone who is in a bi-wave alignment. Anyone that is in a bi-wave energy alignment is going to have a parasitic relationship with their energy fields. This means that their energy bodies are looking for energy, looking for Source Light completion, and they are using your field, at times, to return their energy to Source. This can have many implications from this relationship. It can provide a high level of healing for these individuals and begin a transformational process for them. This can also be parasitic in nature if they are not able to return their energy to Source due to the level of programming, conditioning, implants, artificial intelligence, and energy siphons and drains within their etheric fields and being.  This will cause you to be exhausted, tired, and drained, as they are open through their fields to distortions, inorganic, and artificial energies. This relationship is parasitic and can leave you feeling depleted and confused. 

It is important for everyone at this time to truly understand the energy relationship we have with ourselves, with our planet, with Source, and the energy alignments that we have within our relationships. This information that we are sharing with you is to truly help with what is occurring within the unseen energetic world. We want all of you to make sure that you are regularly recharging your fields within your Christos 12th Dimensional Light. If you continue to build your energy and your light bodies this will not be an issue for you. If you do not have energetic boundaries and are not discerning with where you are going and where you are sharing your energy then you may be moving through many more challenges. Your integrations will be more difficult and this will create confusion within your knowing. 

We are going to being an energy alignment for each one of you now as we begin to remove by locating and identifying through your energy bodies, systems, and templates all areas where you have attachments or open permissions to beings, entities, people, and fragments of consciousness, where you are losing light from your bio-energetic fields. 

We call on our Beloved Christos Family, we call upon our beloved Krystal Star Families, and we begin the Bio-Rejuvenation of our Light Bodies and Bioluminous Fields. 

We begin to remove all:
Inorganic Frequencies and Energies  
Artificial Frequencies and Energies  
Alien Machinery 

We enter into our Sovereign Zero Point. 

Beloveds, remove now through all time, through all space, through all dimensional realities, through every single layer of the light body field. 

We ask for a full clearing, recalibration, and balancing to amplify our Sacred Trinty Fields, to remove all false light and all false energy templating. 

Open our heart field resonance to accelerate our amplification. 

We are releasing all now. 

We are removing all now.   

We are opening into our fields for bio-regenesis, bio-plasma, and bio-amplification of our luminosity. 

We are opening into our fields for bio-amplification of the hydro-plasmic atomic and cellular release and clearing of any particles, frequencies, and neurotransmitters that are infected now. 

We ask and initiate the full restoration to organic Christos Blueprint and Kryst Code. 

Activate our Hydroplasmic Luminous Krystalline Cells, our Transmitters, and Neuroreceptors. 

Begin to sequence its true harmonization with the Unity Field Intelligence with the Christos Light Intelligence within our Kee Ra Sha Field. 

We integrate our Krystic Energy Templates and open now to Sovereign Zero Point. 

Amplify. Amplify. Amplify. 

Feel all that is unfolding. 

Tri-wave Field Unity Alignment. 

Energy Systems Activate and Come Online. 

Feel the heart expansion as you open to the Kee Ra Sha. 

Light Body Systems and Fields Calibrate to Kee Ra Sha now. 

We want each one of you to remember that you are aligning to your Sovereign Zero Point. 

We are amplifying through Soveirgn Zero Point Unity, Trinity, and Unconditional Love.  

Feel yourself opening to your creational alignment now. 

We will continue to calibration this through light language and to integrate this into your frequency resonance. 

Light Language 

Integrate. Integrate. Integrate. 

Finalize Record of Statement in Time

Completion of Session recoding to Re-encryption level:

Please take this through the Outer Levels, Mind Grid, DNA, Karmic Contract, Core Soul Level and Beyond. From Beyond the Moment of Self to beyond and through the Earth, Transmute the Negatives at the Moment of Self, Past, Present and Future timelines. Through all dimensions and realities, all chakras and Chakra complexes on all Levels. Take this through the Morphogenetic Field and subtle energy systems all levels and components of the Being. Fully, Completely, Totally, Irrevocably and Permanently. Anchor Lock and Seal through the Hologram. Anchor Lock and Seal through the Universal Time Matrix. Anchor Lock and Seal throughout all of creation. Anchor Lock and Seal through all stations of identity past, present, future, and parallel. AS witness of One I seal this into the Light of Union and Wholeness in Service to the One Self. And So it IS. Beloveds, We thank you for this Opportunity. It is with great joy and reverence we are Home in the Diamond Heart of God. Our Infinite Stream of Love is with you in ALL ways.

(This was completed in Starseeds School Last night)
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There is an Emerald Guardian Alignment happening on the 8-8 Lion’s Gate Portal that is repairing the Human Tribal Shield and Activating The Shield of Solomon for full restoration sequencing of the Magi Grail Families. Solar Kryst Families are Rising!

Cosmic Blessings,

Richard and Jessica

Thank you for your continued support!  Together we are making a difference. ❤️

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