Ascension Report – Tuesday, March 23, 2021 – Emerald Order Melchizedek Cloister

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Ascension Report – Tuesday, March 23, 2021 – Emerald Order Melchizedek Cloister

Beloved Family,

Today, we are here with you to speak about some of the ongoing issues that are arising within the collective consciousness. We have been working with many of you to assist in a deep level of soul retrieval as we have been repairing fallen timelines from Lemuria and we are reclaiming consciousness that has been trapped within the energetic grids which have started a massive soul retrieval in the Earth and solar plane.

There is an initiation that is occurring for all solar dynasties as they are holding their true Christos Flame and remembering of their identities. We want you all to know that you are loved so deeply, and it has been quite a journey for many of you. We have been anticipating the retrieval of these soul layers for an extended period of time to assist many with the relocation and identification of finding the true organic paths. This supports many of these soul fragments and identities in finding their true sovereignty and God-conscious lineages for them to be returning to.

We ask you to open your hearts to energetically be able to receive this transmission as you will feel the light code sequences that are coming through these words and organic sequencing to support your highest soul growth. This is not by coincidence that you have tuned in to read this today as you are ready to heal a deep aspect of your heart. You are holding a light within you that is starting to realize that it is being restored into its sacred unified field of zero-point consciousness. Many have held frequencies in the heart chakra that have kept them in a form of polarization and were not able to attract the light that is their own reflection. We are opening the channels of love within the unified field of one Source to help you with this realignment.

We invite you to place your hand on your heart and to breathe in feeling the Amoraea Flame igniting within the chest and the three founder tri-wave frequency alignment being remembered within your heart space. Take a moment to honour yourself.

Now that you have taken this time to honour yourself, we are going to share with you some information that is important for your awakening. You are here as the Guardian Families of One and we want all of you to remember that you came here to bring forward an initiation of love for all of humanity. Each one of you holds a very special piece of this love and Christos light. We are honouring you for all that you have done up until this point. We are now asking you, at this time, to step out from the shadows of the feminine, the shadows of the masculine, and to hold the true solar embodiment of the Krystic beings of light that you are. You are rising up for what is right at this time and creating an energetic truth that is rising up within each one of you to hold firm your sovereignty and to hold firm your energy. You are here to shine your light and to illuminate the darkness that has been hidden in plain sight.

We are asking you to speak the truth that is within your heart and to be ready for changes when they start to unfold. You are being asked to hold your hearts, to stand up, and rise for what is right for the highest of humanity. We are not asking for any of you to fight, we are not asking for any of you to conduct separation; we are asking you to speak the truth that is within you and to not wavier from that soul connection that you are holding within your heart. You will be coming across many circumstances as a collective consciousness and as the human race to begin a major healing for your planet and all that are on this planet.

For the ones that are able to perceive the layers of reality that are shifting beyond all linear comprehension they will be able to hold their truth and shine their light on all that needs to be exposed, turned up to the surface, and cleared for the highest of humanity. There is a day that is coming where many will have to face their acts of unconsciousness that have created deep levels of suffering and pain and has caused this planet to fall into the depths of the shadows. Now that we are rising, we ask you to maintain your inner values and virtues of sovereignty and be alert as there are still many deep layers of wounding that are playing out within the surface energies on this current timeline.

The Guardian teams are assisting humanity with working through the interdimensional timeline sequences and clock rotational outputs to locate the fallen Annunaki regimes that have been warranting timeline manipulation and DNA genocide of certain Christos lineages. We are asking you to be open to receiving this information. For many of you this may be new and for others you are well versed in galactic origins and history. We are informing you that there will be much more information coming to the surface populations and it is important that we are open to receiving another version of history than what has been reported to many of the mass population. There will be a day where we come to the makers of this creational system, which will be a day of disclosure, this will be difficult for many to understand if they are stuck within a mindset that is unable to perceive change. We know that all of you are wanting disclosure at this time however, we are still working to repair the universal architecture, stabilize the stargate systems, and assisting with the planetary emancipation gridwork projects.

Disclosure will come for all of you within this lifetime. It may be when you are crossing into the next dimensional planes to make your way into the God Worlds, or it may come through various speakers on Earth that are being prepared to make the announcements. When there is a systematic releasing of information this will be done in a very intricate and organized layered approach. For those who are ready to understand will understand first, those who are ready to speak will speak of this truth, and those that are not ready will be surrounded by many that are able to support them. There are still two or three possibilities for full disclosure, this is not completely anchored as of this moment right now. There will be a deeper understanding of this once the architecture has been healed and we can deliver the instruction sets to the Christos beings, the 12 Tribes of Humanity, and the 144 thousand. We will be awakening the 144 thousand with the disclosure timeline to fully anchor all for humanity.

The 144 thousand Angelic Representatives of Humanity are starting to come into alignment. This has been a very challenging and difficult process as we have had to repair many different DNA lineages. We have had to do a full reclamation and completion of the Kryst Michael, Golden Seraphim, and Golden Avian lineages as their DNA had been spliced and re-created through artificial intelligence and many cloned variations of the Angelics. This has required the Guardian teams to hold many genetic identification and reconnaissance missions throughout all dimensional realities and timelines; through Earth, Gaian, and Taran Matrices, all the way back to the original Angelic Holocaust known as the Essene Divide.

We are asking you to let go of all expectations and to understand this will come in a very fluid manor for you to be able to receive and understand the pieces that are coming through. We had mentioned in the beginning of this transmission that it is an energetic encodement that is assisting our family to awaken and rise to the truth at this time. We are speaking of love in the highest form of communication. You are all to be listening to your heart for guidance at this time. Anyone that is speaking with guidance from their mind cannot be trusted to lead humanity into the Solar Passage of unconditional love.

We are experiencing a massive expansion in the retuning of the Christed Solar Consciousness through the rising of the Magi Grail lineages as well as several divine masculine and feminine Hierogamic completion cycles occurring. This has initiated the phase of Avatar consciousness which is the Christed embodiment returning into true love and unity consciousness. This is a solar King and Queen union that is being felt through all realms of creation. The merging that has occurred has turned the tables of consciousness and sent our ripples of unified love through the Solar Rishis and into the tri-wave braided alignments that are coming into the Earth Plane.

We are asking you all to take what resonates and to leave the rest, to hold your hearts and to feel the truth that resonates with what you read and with what you know in your hearts. You have an obligation at this time to speak your truth, to speak your love, and to come together for the highest of humanity.

We are now going to speak on the consciousness split which has occurred. The splitting of consciousness is not a permanent split in consciousness. It is an understanding of the spiralization that occurs within the consciousness fields. As we have opened new dimensional layers, this has allowed an expansion for those that are holding a very high frequency. This has created a higher spiral for humanity to move into the higher consciousness fields that are on Earth at this time. With this shift in consciousness, many are moving up the consciousness spiral to the higher dimensional planes that are releasing the linear restrictions, and this is what has created the appearance of a reality split. Those who have moved up the spiral are starting to operate beyond all time and have a different set of energetic rules that are applying to them. Those who have not moved up the energetic spiral of consciousness are still functioning in a very limited third-dimensional reality where their entire living is very predictable and programmed.

We are asking all of our family that are holding the higher conscious awareness to pray for their brothers and sisters to awaken and find the strength to move up the consciousness spiral of creation.

We are now asking you all to take a moment to say a prayer for them:

Dear God,

We pray for our families; we pray for our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, and all of humanity that have been stuck within a very limited understanding of what human reality is.

We ask for each one to receive the energetic support and to have their holographic realities shifting for them to guide them onto their highest paths.

We are asking for all ego traps, greed, lust, addiction, violence, destruction, and service to self-programming to be released for all of humanity.

We are asking for our family to remember the true consciousness that they came from, the true lineages of creation that are created from love, and for them to break free from their programming and the illusions from their mind.

We are asking for them to love themselves and to discover the love that they had when they were a child coming into this world.

We are asking for their innocence to be restored and for their hope to be rekindled.

We are holding space for all of our families of one to take the energetic journey up the spiral of consciousness to break free from all linear timeframes and realities.

We ask for all NAA agendas to be removed and for all mind control to be released. 

We ask for them to see humanity for the true loving consciousness that they are and that they
let go of the material wants and pursuits.

We are asking for the freedom of all of our beloved family and that they gain the strength and the clarity to navigate through the changes that are occurring at this time. 

We pray that they stand up and find a reason to love themselves enough to make their lives better for the highest of all. Beloved guardian families, we ask for your support in guiding them up the creational spiral to freedom at this time.

It is with love that we send this message to the Solar Rishi and ask them to bear witness for all to make this journey.

It is through the love of our sacred heart that we seal this prayer into the light and let it go into the solar realms of creation to be answered for the highest of all.

Aho, namaste, blessed be, so it is, so it is, so it is, it is done.

-Emerald Order Melchizedek Cloister

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