New Earth Sovereignty and Union Within

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Channeled Message: 06-26-2020

Andromedan High Council –.

Beloved Family,

It’s time for each person to look into their hearts and see the kind of person they are in this moment. Think about what it is that you want to create and where you see your future going. We are going to ask you to think of what it would be like to fully love yourself. To hold a love so deep within you that you do not need to find love from external sources. We ask you to hold a level of honour and integrity when you think of this question and to answer this with the truthfulness of that feeling within your heart. Each one of you can make a huge difference to shift the momentum and to expediate the ascension New Earth process. We ask you to love yourself and to find the real answer to this as this is not something that will come from your job, come from your surroundings, this can only be found within the healing of your core traumas and the knowingness that the true answer only lies within.   

We ask you, dear ones, to stop buying what everyone is selling you. All the external solutions you are being offered tend to be a mirror or a smoke screen for your internal resolution. You must come into a divine knowing of your being as a sovereign creator and know that you came into this lifetime with a big mission and a big purpose. Along your journey you have become distracted and forgotten your passion for your soul fulfillment. Your soul came here to answer a clarion call. You are here to change this world and bring forward a new era of light that has never been seen before. This is the time for you all to start to answer the call and to start to put down your differences as these differences are only a reflection of your own lack of self-love, as you judge others you really have been judging yourself. 

It is important that you honour your life and you honour your energy as you have full control over how you choose to use your energy. We are guiding you to turn inward and to be accountable for your energy. Your energy is one of the most powerful weapons when it is misdirected and guided in the wrong direction. As powerful, creator beings, your energy has always been intended to be directed inwards on an internal evolution of love and for this love to positively affect all others around you and to change your internal and external dynamics. We want everyone to know that they have the choice in every moment and every second of the day to come forward with this light and with this love and to be the beacon of light to hold this so strong that they start to see your own self-love and your own self-worth and an understanding of your own journey here during this time of great change and ascension. For the next stages that are coming you won’t be able to find happiness within your money. You won’t to be able to find happiness within exterior solutions. Happiness with come for all those who open their heart and find the rekindling of their spirit and take back their power with the full understanding that each one of you has the choice to do this within this very moment. 

We ask you to place your hand on your heart and repeat after us: 

Dear Guardians of Light, Christ Consciousness Creation of the One God Consciousness,

I am ready to receive in this moment the full understanding that I am a conscious creator and a being of infinite love.

I hold within me the keys to open my heart.

I am ready to make the conscious choice to let go of all the gossip, to let go of all the fear, to let go of all the worrying.

I allow myself to feel my internal light of Christ consciousness. 

I am here in this moment, fully present and aware.

I am choosing to go within my heart as I no longer accept external happiness.

I choose to open my heart to my true Divine Source.

I am a being of infinite light.

I am coming alive in this moment.

I am feeling my heart beat.

I am feeling my heart radiating with electromagnetic frequencies of Divine Love which are creating a propulsion of electromagnetic light all around me. 

The energy within my heart is transforming all of the densities within this very moment as I am ready to let go. 

I know longer choose suffering.

I no longer choose sorrow.

I no longer choose hurting.

I choose to awaken to my soul calling.

I came into this lifetime with a purpose as a Starseed. I am awakening to that calling of my Divine Truth of who I am on a soul level. 

I have ignored my soul for too long and in this moment, I am reactivating my Divine Calling my DIVINE CODING. 

I am stepping forward into the light.

I am here as a beacon of truth to bring forward the highest frequencies of love.

I choose to feel this union within myself as I choose to let go of all conflict with myself and my 


I choose to open my heart to my Divine Source.

I am ready to awaken on my spiritual journey and embrace the light of the One Source God Consciousness.

I am going to BE love from this moment forward as this is who I truly am.

I choose love within my Sacred Being as my Sacred Birth Rite.

I am fully tuning in to the First Eternal Love Field of Conscious Creation.

I am activating this throughout every cell in my being.

I am a Child of One. 

I let go of all separation.

I am ready to make the conscious choices and decisions with my energy for my highest soul purpose, for my highest divine alignments, and for my highest divine outcomes.

I am stepping forward on a journey of self-liberation.

I am ready to heal and let go of all that is not of the First Eternal Love Field.

I have been given the gift of hope which is being activated within my heart and I am feeling free within this moment as I take back my power to choose who I am within my sacred heart and who I will be, stepping forward in this moment.

I am here as a Divine Starseed and I came here to return the light. I am going to shine this for all so we can come together and unite.

We have one purpose in this moment and that is of unity for our brothers and sisters and to see the love within each one of us.

We must let go of all the storylines as none of these are right. There is only one answer and that is for us to unconditionally love and to find this love within ourselves.

We must honour each other, we must honour our Planet, we must take back the sacred ways of understanding and working with the Divine Light.

I am ready to open my Sacred Heart.

I ask for full support from my highest Divine Christos Avatar Self as I carry all that is needed to awaken my light.

I have been given all that is needed, and it is time for this to ignite as I activate my Sacred Heart as I feel the Krystic Flame within my heart shine bright.

In this moment I choose to be free. 

I am God Sovereign and Free.

This is my decree.

I am awakening to this now. 

We want you all to sit with this for a moment and have the energetic understanding that you have the change within you, you have the powers within you, you have the light within you, you have the unification within you, you have all that is needed within you. You have the choice to decide what your future will be. It is time for you to create New Earth and your sovereignty. We want you all to awaken and feel the Divine Love, to honour this process and take back your Divine Power. You will no longer need to find external happiness as this will be a by-product of your self-love. The more you can honour yourself and love your brothers and sisters you will find your happiness will be a by-product of that if you choose other than this you will receive the by-product of that.

We want you to open your heart and create love, create what is right from your heart, and take back your power. You have the power to alchemize all that is in your life. You are alchemizing this entire planet with the power of your hearts. This is the most important thing for you all to know. The One Source in us honours the One Source in you. The Eternal Love in us honours the eternal love in you. This is a calling for you to come together and to be the change you wish to see. You can do this easier than you think, one heart at a time. We love you.

The One Source in us honours the One Source in you. The Eternal Love in us honours the eternal love in you

Channeled by Richard Melchizedek w Jessica Rosalie

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